Friday, August 1, 2008

A relaxing day

August 1, 2008

Today I woke up at 6:30 a.m. and was intending to take a ½ pain pill. The phone rang and I answered it and then forgot to take my pain pill. Then I woke up at 8:30 and my chest hurt. I realized that I had forgotten my pain pill. I then took my 9:00 a.m. med and went back to sleep until I felt better.

We didn’t do much today. It was more of a relaxing day. I was still worn out from the day before. Tess was my bed partner as she knew I was not feeling well. Jeff went out to feed the sheep. Tess was snuggled up on the bed with me and I awoke from my sleep to see Tess half crouched up, teeth showing, hackles at full mast, snarling for all it was worth and ready to attack who ever was at the door.

Then the door opened and she sifted to a better position to leap off and then she saw Jeff. She settled down rather quickly and continued to snuggle with me. Jeff came over and sat next to me and Tess apparently thought he was good enough for the guardian role as she jumped off the couch in search of water and didn’t come back. Each night she sleeps next to me on the floor and when I shift about or move, I feel her nose on me.

I wandered about the house and farm and did my walks. I did feel like my legs were much stronger and I was more alert. Tess was no longer my shadow but hung out next to me in case I would throw the ball. Nan was dancing about also. It’s really fascinating that the animals know how you feel and how they react.

Deb and I hung out and just chatted and watched bad TV. We were complaining the day before how bad the TV was on Thursday but Friday TV is much worse. I had a good appetite and ate lots of small meals during the day.

Mom came over in mid afternoon to stay for a few days. She made homemade Tempura and sushi. It was a great meal. She is such an awesome cook. Deb, mom and I ate well. Tess and Nan got the Tempura shrimp tails as treats from my mom. I do want to point out that Deb and I knew when my mom was arriving as the dogs leaped to the door and wagged their whole bodies in anticipation. Of course, with in 5 minutes of arrival, my mom was feeding the dogs some dog treats. They ignored my commands and just stayed with my mom.

We watched a horror movie and no doubt we sleep well tonight. It was called “The Fog” It has a beautiful lighthouse which is used as the radio tower. Anyone know what lighthouse this is? The island shots are great and we all wondered if the island was one from the San Juan.

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Anonymous said...

The whole movie was shot in CA, although it certainly looked like the WA coast. The lighthouse is the Point Reye Lighthouse, Gulf of the Farallones, Point Reyes, California, USA. Just in case you ever want to go there. :-)