Friday, November 30, 2007

....another dog update.....

DeltaBluez Lucy is at Eric Harlow's getting some miles working his range sheep. Eric runs a huge operations with 2000-5000 sheep....I sent Lucy over in Sept to get a few miles under her belt....

from Eric....he had posted this to a Border Collie board......

>>> I have had Lucy here for a couple months to get miles on her and put her to some "real" work. When she first got here she had some good basic work on her. She was lost on the big band of sheep but it hasn't taken that long to get her going. I look at it like basic training. When I went to basic training right out of high school, I thought I had a good grip. Well after 14 weeks I had done things I didn't even know I could.When Lucy got here she needed some miles. Now she has experience loading three semi-trucks of sheep. Shearing over 5000 sheep and trailing over 2500 lambs down the road to new grass. She also had expereince working with other dogs and still listening to me. She is just the right amount of push while still being in control. She has developed great bite placement without holding on. Pratical work will make most dogs even better dogs<<

His website is:

And he needs help when they lamb out in Feb/march and that link is:

If you can go, do it!! You will learn tons!!


Update on DeltaBluez Jet

.......a report from Jamie....Jet's new owner in Las Vegas.....

>>>Wanted to give you the latest Jet-update. Took her out to work my dogs today, was in between works and had my ultra sweet puppy sheep in the arena so, being totally reckless, I said "what the heck". Jet followed me into the arena, made a few baby steps towards the sheep and then BANG! off like a....rocket jet. She was serious too, tail down, flanking around the sheep and it's a good size arena but she kept up and didn't give up or get tired for a good three minutes. When she got them to a fence, she held them against with her eye and lay down on perfect balance. That was all too good to be true so I grabbed her as soon as I could catch her :). NICE puppy! Of course, I had to catch her by the tail and she hollered bloody murder when I worked the other dogs but I was really thrilled with that. I only expected her to take some baby steps and maybe a little chasing but she was working sheep like an old hand :).


Way to go, Jamie and Jet....sounds like a match made in heaveon


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Update on Tess pups!!

The pups are growing by leaps and bounds....they just turned 2.5 weeks old. They are walking now, eyes open and tails awaggin'. Some try to go faster than their little legs can support them and they pitch forward onto their noses. They have the cutest puppy purrs when they are happy. All eight are huge, fat and very healthy.

Tess is a great mom. The pups are shiny and clean.Her whelping box is clean and doesn't smell. Not only she is a good mother but a very clean mom as well as totally devoted to them. Finally this week, she actually will lay on the floor next to the box than being in it 24/7 prior. However, her eyes are fastened on her pups and as soon as one pees or poops, she leaps in and cleans it up.

Two of the pups are dark gray and the rest are black and white. The female is named "DeltaBluez Rainey" by Jeff (spouse) and she is staying. She is petite but feisty. Somehow I think she will be a spoiled house dog like her mama!! and no doubt, just as a good working dog too.

It's fun watching the pups and seeing how they are growing up. Last night, Terri came over with toys and red Xmas stockings and she took pixs. I'll post a link when she gets them up. Terri was great with the pups and one tried to crawl up her pants leg when she was sitting on the floor. soon she was surrounded by the wee monsters.

Tess was laying next to her, getting spoiled. Tess likes Terri. After all, how can one not like Terri....she brought Tess a duck toy and Xmas stockings for the pups!!

More stories later

Friday, November 23, 2007

Peg (Imp Teg) Welsh bitch

Peg- For Sale

I am downsizing my kennels....I just realized that I am overdogged and need to reduce some numbers. Since I am keeping a Peg pup, (Jade), I am offering peg for sale. Peg is from Wales, brought over by Marion Jones and eventually landed up with me. She is a grand daughter of David Brady's Scott. She was imported about 18 months or so I have been told.

She is a smooth tri coat. Very expressive eyes and kind dog. It took her a bit to settle in but now she is one of the friendliest dogs on the farm. She ever plays with the other dogs and will swim after boys in the pond and bring them (most) of the way to you. She is a good house dog and sleeps in her dog bed, crates well and is a clean kennel dog.

She has a great recall, very loving and biddable. She is not a dog for a Novice person as she is a strong dog to run. She has a bit of eye that may draw her in but she will flank out if you tell her. She has nice, wide outrun and settles behind her sheep. She is the best driving dog, put her on a line and she will drive a straight line. She is on voice and whistle commands.

Peg has done lots of farm work too. She has worked in the crowded stalls, holding sheep and pushing them off the side. She will go between the sheep and wall to move them off.

She also has worked cow but is not a tough cow dog. She will walk up and hit heads cleanly. she will hit a charging sheep but cleanly but is not a gripper. Peg is at the PN level. Her hips were x-rayed and the vet said they were good. Her eyes were clear when she came over to the USA and I had them CERF and she was fine

No loud handler need apply. She will run over a green Novice handler. A Novice handler who has dog handler experience would be fine. She just turned 4 yr in the summer.

Email me at

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Well, Thanksgiving is all done and over...we had Mom and Nelson the brother come over. we had smoked Turkey and the traditional food...we are so stuffed. The house dogs, Tess, Nan and Shiro are quite happy too. They got extra goodies and they think they hit the mother lode. The other dogs also got turkey too. All of the animals got extra goodies, bread, grain and extra alfalfa.

It was a bright sunny day and you could go outside with just a sweater and not be cold. So Mom, Nelson and I took a stroll down to the barn, flanked by Tess and Nan. Shiro was up at the house, supervising Jeff on the turkey preparation. We were swarmed by the chickens and ducks and they soon were fed extra bread by my mom. Imagine 40 pus ducks and about 10 chickens.

It was nice to see my Mom having fun feeding the animals. I am sure she wanted a proper Japanese daughter but instead got a farmer daughter....maybe I was switched at birth? But nevertheless, Mom is happy and I am truly blessed to have a wonderful Mom, a great brother, Nelson and caring husband, Jeff.

Not much else in the news department, we just had a wonderful Thanksgiving and we hope you did too!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

"DeltaBluez Jackie"

"DeltaBluez Jackie"

So as I said before, I will post a blog on the DeltaBluez dogs, so the dog for the day is "Jackie"

Jackie is out of "DeltaBluez Tess" and by "Alta Pete Pleat" ...she is 2.5 years old. she is red and white...lost of white with huge red patches, red face/ears and medium coat. her face is like Pleat, a bit coarse and not refined like her mother. she is her daddy's girl in so many ways...personality, pushy and sometimes just wacky. But she is a very loving dog.

She ran at the Nationals under Scott, tied for 4th on the first day but placed 5th based on outwork and placed 20th overall. On the first day, she ran like a dream and the second, well, she didn't run as well.

I got her back in November and been doing chores with her. she has a lot of push and is not afraid to work the tough ewes or ram...she will not hesitate for a low heel nip, if needed. I got her to listen to down...that was fun!! she didn't want to down but she learned that was far better than not downing. She has fantastic flanks but misses some occasionally. at this point, she is still very immature and will need to do chores to season herself up. So she has been designated the chores dog since Tess is nursing pups. Put sheep in stall to get hooves trimmed, hold sheep to a corner to check a lame ewe, sort sheep for lesson, move the calf to another field and so forth....each day, she is getting better and better and hopefully by end of winter she will be more rounded.

I like how she works (HARD) and doesn't give for all dogs, she has a few holes but we are working on closing them up. I am not going to run her in PN until she is good and ready with me....she was good and ready with Scott but I am a far cry from him!! will take some pixs soon and post them...but here is her website

Monday, November 19, 2007

"Bye, Bye Joss"

"Bye, Bye Joss"

Joss went to his new home last night. Last I saw of him, was his face was pressed to the window while he was the navigator with Ron on his journey to Eastern WA. I think Joss is going to be quite a bit like his sire....already he is longer than his sister, a lot smoother coat and reminds me of what Tait might have looked like as a pup. (Beauty contest material---he is NOT!!) Neither Peg or Tait are the prettiest Border Collies, some might say both are downright ugly, but beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.....both are great workers and Tait is one of the top cow dogs. So did I mention that Joss will be living with his sire too? I am sure Tait will be happy about that.....

Jet is doing well in her home. from what I gathered she got a bath and is learning not to wail in the crate....she is very vocal and thinks the world revolves around her so this will be a rude awakening. Jamie is going to love her spunk.

Jade is her now with no sister and no brother but just with her mother. Peg still pays attention to her but each day, her maternal instinct is fading more and more. jade has a cute dished face and will be a rough much for a smooth tri but she has the most outgoing personality!! The other Border Collie have been letting her get away with lots but I suspect in a few months, that will change too.

I will post pixs this weekend......

Friday, November 16, 2007

" Jet lands in Vegas with a huge roar"

" Jet lands in Vegas with a huge roar"

Yep, Jet (not the airplane kind) landed last night in Vegas and went home with her new owner, Jamie. She rode on her lap the entire way home and then today went to work with her. Apparently, Jet is having a blast wrapping everyone around her finger, eh, I guess that would be work. Jamie will have her hands full with this bold and forward pup.

Jade and Joss don't seem to miss their little sister, Jet. Joss will be going home on Sunday and Jade will share her kennel with her mom, Peg.

Jade, Joss and Peg got kongs filled with treat this afternoon. The pups grabbed theirs and ran off to a separate corner. I stuffed them and they were busy working away.

The other dogs got their kongs too....Jackie kept tossing hers in the air to bounce out her treats. Nan took her to her bed and wrapped her paws around it. Faye grabbed two in her mouth (that was a sight to see) and went to her Dog Igloo with hers. The boys, well, they were boys, grabbed theirs and ran to their beds. Sava loves her kongs....she is really fun to watch...she is like a kid at Xmas......well she is a puppy, almost 7 months or so. She is a riot.

Of course the ducks had to see what the dogs were all interested in...perhaps they could get in on the action but they were sadly disappointed when no bread was involved. Soon they wandered off.

So, Jet has landed in Vegas and will be making a splash there. "Jamie and Jet", doesn't that have a nice ring to that?


Thursday, November 15, 2007


....I'll put up a blog for the DeltaBluez dogs that live here....first is "DeltaBluez Lucy"

For those of you that know Lucy....she has been at Eric's ranch for the past couple of months....she is working 1000-3000 ewes. Eric run a large operation in Eastern Oregon. It has made her a stronger dog as she has to push 250 -2200 or so ewes. Lucy is a grand daughter of DeltaBluez Tess x Scott Glen's Pleat and DeltaBluez Libbi x Martha McHardy Ryan.

Lucy is running in PN trial and is very talented. At her last trial, she won 1st in PN. She just turned 3 in August. She wants to please and is very driven to work. She is a red dynamite package that is very biddable. When she gets back, I will polish her up and get her ready to go back into PN for the rest of the trial year and then move to Open in August.

Here is the link to Eric's site.

and her is the link to Lucy's page!!


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tess and the eight squirms

Tess and the eight squirms

So Tess had her pups, one day ahead of her due date, which is good considering how HUGE she was....her belly was about dragging the ground and she was as wide as she was long. On Nov 10, 2007 (the day before my brother Nelson's Birthday, Tess went into labor about 1:00 in the afternoon. She kept pushing pups out until 8:30 that night, the first few were fast then she spaced them out about a hour apart. She had SEVEN and yes, she had SEVEN males and ONE female. She had her personal attendant, Vet Audrey, Vet Tech Monique, Support Staff Kathleen and Diane. We had hope for four females and four males but that was not to be. Several people wanted females so they backed out of the puppy deal.

All the pups were in great shape and most of them took after Scott in the marking, big and bold white splashes, full collars. One even had a full white head. They all got *puppy call names" by the gang who all worked that weekend trimming hooves. We trimmed over 70 sheep and the *hoof trimming gang" was Nancy, Courtney, Terri (first time and she is a trooper), Chuck, Kathleen, Monique, Audrey and me. So well all got a pup to give a *call name*.

The pups and their *call names* are on:

As the fat pups grow, we will update you. So far, Tess is doing well and loves getting the extra attention as well as all the food she can eat. She especially loves the last bit of ice cream each night. last kiss.....

....Audrey came over to do the Health cert on Jet. We let Peg and the pups out and they all raced to Rigby and covered him with kisses....they are as big as Rigby and you can tell he loves the pups.....but they sure wiggled to him and still let him know that he was still the boss....they kissed him and wiggled on the ground and then threw themselves on their bellies while he patted them with his paws.....then they saw Tess and climbed all over her head and she gave them kisses....perhaps Tess knows that on Thursday that Jet will go to Vegas and shortly after that, then Joss will be headed across the mountains to the Spokane area?......all in all, the pups loved up to Rigby and Tess and they pestered Audrey to no ends.

Soon they will be big dogs and hopefully kept a piece of fun and happiness from the farm tucked away in their memories, maybe even visiting here in their dreams.......they will be always welcome back and no doubt Rigby will be more than happy to waylay them as they come around the barn door......

Monday, November 12, 2007



...well, all journeys must end and so does this one....Jet will be winging her way home to Jamie on Thursday and Joss will go later this week. Jade will be here to be spoiled and someday be a working dog.

Took the pups a walk today and they scampered about, not realizing in a few days that playing together as a family would soon end and each would have a new family that would cherish them as much and I have and you, fair readers of this pups saga......the ducks and chickens and pups all shared the bread once again and after the meal, the pups and I went to the upper pasture. The pups grabbed a stick and soon it was a puppy fight to the death, or until Joss ran off with the stick in his mouth at full speed with his sister on his tail. Jade then rolled Joss and much puppy snarking was heard and then the three pups ran full blast, glancing at each other and then *SPLASH* they went over the creek bank and into the little creek. Joss howled like he was melting, Jet ran off and Jade ran up the other side and then realized she was on the wrong side and then ran to the edge and then......JUMPED....well, this would be fine and dandy if her Jump was a 2 foot jump but for a fat 8 week-old puppy her actual jump was, maybe 6 inches and *SPLASH* she fell in the water.....she plowed through the water and shook her self off and saw me...."look, I am a big girl now" and then ran off to attack her siblings.

Some of their personalities are coming out now....Joss, the chatterbox and demanding to be picked up pup.....Jet, the fearless one and cute as a button one and Jade, the tough cookie who loves to be held and kissed.....

I am going to miss these little fat monsters but will update when I can....

Signing off from Puppy Central.....and we enjoyed telling you the stories of Jess, Jet and Jade.




Sunday, November 11, 2007

...more ZORA.......

going for the long outrun

got this side covered....

got a little push....

walkup now....

"Zora goes a herding...."

"Zora goes a herding...."

Not all dogs at the farm are Border Collies, Aussies or Kelpies.....some are non-herding breeds. Today we had a guest appearance of "Zora"

Zora is a cute Papillion that belongs to Monique. She does agility with her and she is quite good. In addition, she is one of the best behaved *little dogs* that I have seen in a long time.

Today was "Zora's day"

.....time go go herding.....the ducks and Zora....

Setting up for the Outrun

On your mark.....

OK, now let's cover the backside....


Saturday, November 10, 2007

"Pups and Ponds"

"Pups and Ponds"

Today was the big day. Pups got to out with the *big dogs * and away we went. Audrey, Kathleen and I took the dogs, Peg, Dan, Duncan, Emma, Jackie, Nan, Faye, Sava and the three pups to the upper pasture which has two ponds. We tossed a large Jolly ball into the pond and Faye, Dan, Sava and Peg went after the ball while Emma and Duncan did the semi swims. Nan was content to run about and bark and bounce up and down like a Kangaroo. Jade decided that hanging near the people was a great idea and soon she was passed around and cuddled while trying to kiss your face. Jett and Joss were finding twigs to play with and keeping themselves amused. Soon all three pups were dashing behind the big dogs. Imagine a swirl of multi colored Border Collies dashing around ponds, Reds, Whites, Blacks and Tris....a real melting pot

Time passed quickly and it began to get dark so we all called it a day.....we opened the gate to bring everyone back to the barn and the dogs and pups ran through the gauntlet of 40 or so ducks as well as the dozen chicken. I had put Vulken away in her own private stall so her chicks could grow up more. The ducks barely moved out of the way. everyone then raced to the barn.....dogs, ducks and chickens.

We get back to the barn and soon we had dogs, pups, ducks and chickens all waiting for their nightly feeding of bread......we rounded up the dogs and pups and put them away and gave them their dinner and then fed the ducks and chickens. Then, of course, we had to give some bread to the dogs who were waiting at the front of their kennels.....after all, who can say *NO* to wee black noses pressed through the wire and wildly wagging tails at the other end?

Friday, November 9, 2007

Peepers and Puppers

Mama hen...aka "Vulken"....named since she is that breed of neck feathers, ugly head, bred to look like a Vulture. God only knows why, someone would want to bred a chicken to look like a Vulture is beyond me!!

Vulken is 2nd generation chicken on the farm. Her mama was given to me and raised Vulken and then disappeared one day. Now Vulken is carrying on her mothers tradition of:

1. Never get caught
2. When put into the chicken coop, somehow get out the next day and thumb your beak at the humans
3. Act wild, that is unless bread is involved, then act friendly eat bread and then act wild
4. Coop in the hay stack and not with other common chickens

Vulken raised a white (amazing cute) hen this year and then Vulken disappeared. I figured she was upholding the tradition of her mother but one day Vulken appeared....but with baby chicks in tow. Now we all know, it is NOVEMBER for gimmeys sakes and hens should not be nesting but as we all well know Vulken has her own agenda. If Vulken would have been a human, she would have been the tattoo biker babe in High School that no one messed with.

Vulken has decided to raise her chicks in the barn and at night roost in the barn. Now this is fine and dandy, but when I get home I let the pups out. So yesterday I let the pups out as well as the other Border Collies. The pups burst out and ran down the barn alley way and then they spied the baby chicks and so they ran down to investigate. The pups are almost 8 weeks old and quite fat and huge. Vulken is the same size as the pups.

The chicks ran peeping back to Vulken and then.......and then this black flash was in the air, the puppers were hightailing it back to Peg. Peg was sitting at the far end of the barn...she knew better than to go near Vulken.

"Run, Run, run for your lives....." said the pups as they ran the race of the century back to the kennels. Vulken stopped at the mouth of the kennel, chattered at the pups who had run back inside their igloo and then she slowly walked back to her chicks, her feathers still fluffed up a bit.

Oddly enough, none of the other Border Collies were in the barn and I turn around to see where they were at....and lo and behold, several sets of eyes were peering from around the big barn door...not one paw was in the barn....and Rigby was also under the dogs. He was not coming in the barn with one mad hen!!

Vulken wandered back to the far end of the barn got settled in with her pups and was set for the night. The pups wandered out of the kennel and decided playing with Tess and Rigby was far safer. None of the dogs went to the far end of the barn and I put them all away for the night and as I walked up to the house past Vulken....I heard her say "Come closer and I will soon have you pretending you are Barbaro as I chase you up to the house".....

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Eye see you

Today Jade, Joss and Jet went to the eye vet. They got their CERF exams and passed.

Prior to their appointment we had them in the lawn so they could go potty. The vet tech and I made some observations:

Joss is now longer shy. In fact, he wants, no make that demands "attention" like right now.
Jet has the cutest dished face with the most expressive face.

Jade is not a smooth coat but will be a rough coat and is the feisty brat. Hum, I want a smooth coat so I picked the runt who looked like a smooth coat. All pups come quickly when you call "pup, pup"

So we brought them in and they were the hit at the clinic. Fat, rolly-polly pups who swarmed over anyone who dared enter the room.

Finally the vet came into the room and Joss, being the male, quickly grabbed her skirt and tugged on it. We all got a kick out of that.

First pup was Joss who tried to lick the vet's nose while his back end was going 900 miles a minute. Then Jet who fell asleep. And last was Jade who also tried to lick the vet.

All the pups were quite good and we bid adieu to the eye vet and drove home. Last I saw the pup were all snuggled in their box, fast asleep and no doubt dreaming of the next person they can give puppy kisses to.....ah, puppy breath.....

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Peg and Tait pups

We proudly present Tait x Peg pups.

Joss, Jet and Jade. (all were spoken for prior to birth)
I never had smooth coated puppies before so this is a real treat. All going to working homes.

Joss is going to a cowdog home. Jet is going to Jamie as a sheep and cowdog pup. Jade is my cow and sheepdog pup.
Tait is one of the top cattledogs....his sire is Cub who was run by Scott Glen a few yrs ago at the Finals and got 3rd.

Peg is "Imp Teg* from Wales...her sire"Roy" is one of the top Welsh dogs and her grandsire is David Brady's Scott. Peg also works cows and sheep.