Saturday, July 31, 2010

Buckskin Babe

So I need another horse like I need a hole in my head, BUT I have seen this mare at Sue/George's place when I was there at trials and fell in love with her. I have always wanted a buckskin but the ones that I looked at had bad conformation or ill tempered.

So when this mare came up for sale. I had to think...."Hum, Tina the llama is useless as a guardian and a coyote carried off the lambs when she was in the pasture. And this mare has given dogs an evil eye when they were in her pasture and is good with sheep. Plus she is cowy. And as a bonus, she has nice conformation and well bred"

I didn't have to think long.

So flash forward to this morning, and Magali arrived. She was quiet in the trailer and was easy to lead. She settled in nicely in the lower pasture and the sheep were fine with her. She is a well built QH and totally opposite from my refined Emma, the Arab (Desperado V daughter) and Emmy (Bask Granddaughter)

Plus I need someone to go trail riding with as Emma is my trail horse and I don't want to go alone. She was used as a trail horse by her former owner, Betsy and she had raised her from when she was a foal. So, I knew of her background and that she was well loved and she shows it in her attitude. She is quite sensible.

Her Reg. name (AQHA) is BC Amy Blackburn. Born March 7, 2004 in Richland, Missouri. Breeder is Bob and/or Cheri Warner.

Sire is Jaz Blue Steel Dust by Pocos Gray Comet. Sires dam is Jaz Ebon Doll who is by Little Steel Dust and out of Poco Miss Dimple The dam is Blackburn 970 who is by Mr Poco Blackburn 007. Dam of Blackburn 970 is Pretty lady Georgina who is by Mr Blackburn 38 and out of Sheilcut. I don't know much about QH lines aside from Doc Bar so if you recognize anything on her lines, let  me know.  She does have a lot of Poco and further back Hollywood breeding.

Janet who normally is a little bit afraid of horse, fell in love with her. So much that she haltered her and led her around to eat grass. If you know Janet, you will realize she really loves this mare. She fussed over her and oooh/ahhh all over her. They had to pose for photos and of course, you see she is still eating the grass.

Her name is Magali but Kathleen, Janet and I had a hard time pronouncing it so she is now "Maggi". It's close enough to Magali and she responded to that.

I told Janet that I still need to get a saddle for her and she was excited, so much that she wants to get a saddle to fit her so she can ride her. I fell out of my chair (luckily no broken bones or concussion) when she said that. Janet, on a horse ride, is like me winning the 100 Million lotto. I guess I better buy a lotto ticket at this rate!

I know if Janet had some land, she would has whisked her away in two seconds flat but she will have to settle being her God-Mother and spoiling her when she comes down here.

Maggi loved all the fussing about and is very gentle. She has a very kind eye and wants to please. You can tell she had some great ground manners put on her.

OK so, we had to do a posed photo of her. Not the best but it is what we got. Janet finally pried herself away from Maggi and went home. Later that night, I went out and brushed her while she stood in the pasture. She didn't move an inch and nuzzled me.

I, too, am in love. Isn't love a wonderful thing!!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Hoot and Ben

Last weekend Ben came down from the San Juan Island and we worked sheep.  If you remember, Ben and I were the bloggers st the USBCHA Finals last year. We hung out with each other all weekend and people thought he was my husband. Getty, the husband was there but out playing Frisbee Golf. Getty was happy that Ben and I hung out so that meant he didn't have to watch the trial. Getty will only watch my runs or a few friends run, otherwise he gets bored! Ben and had coffee first thing in the morning, then hung out all day, blogging and in the evening, perhaps drinking! Of course, it really confused people when we called each other, "honey", sweetie" and other terms of endearment. We were never more than 10 feet away from each other and we had a blast. I told people that he was my kid brother and that worked. He really isn't my kid brother but I consider him like my kid brother. If I die or quit trialing , he is one of the people to get my dogs. Nan adores the ground that he walks on. Ben is also a baker as well as a shepherd. He makes sure every time he comes down here, he brings me brownies and almond squares. I adore Ben! Matter of fact, a lot of us adore Ben. He is one of the nicest guy that you ever meet. (BTW he is taken)

So her is Ben with my sheep. Some of my sheep haven't missed a meal. Ben is going to work his puppy, Hoot. Last time, Hoot was here, he had no interest in sheep.

This time  Hoot was ready for sheep.  Ben has the puppy sheep for Hoot.

Nice walk up and feeling the bubble.

Helping Hoot keep the balance.

Focused on the sheep. Look at his eyes!

All done now. Ben gives Hoot a good pat. It was a great lesson and a real treat to watch. Ben will be going to LaCamas and I have promised him coffee each morning. We would blog but there is no wi-fi!! So instead we will drink and run dogs.


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dog Cartoons

Some days you need a good laugh. After a very long and tough day at work today, I decided the theme tonight was laughter.  Then I ate some fresh fruit for dinner, snuggled with my dogs and life was much better.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Highland Games- Misc pixs

Jerill took a bunch of pixs, well over 300 of them. I picked a few to wrap up the Highland Games photo series. We didn't pixs of everyone so here is what we did get. We have a lot more and if you want your pixs series, email me and we can work on it.

Brian Ricard and Mig show off at the Maltese Cross. Mig lives up to her name.

Lani and Blair. Blair is off his sheep while Lani takes a stroll through the Maltese Cross.

The ever so cute Janey and the super adorable Scott. Did I fail to mention that he won a Beauty Contest?

JB and Dodge. Dodge is the brother to Lucy. JB has the cutest dog shirt items for sale. I have the softest Border Collie purple sweatshirt from her. I love it. Contact her if you want the worlds cutest Border Collie clothing!

Susan and Kyu. I love how well this dog works. Susan is one of the nicest people ever and certainly has the nicest smile. I enjoy watching this team run!

Brian Nelson and Pleat Jr.  He is also a very nice guy. At two trials he got me ice cream cones and as a result, he is a God in my book. He is also a superb handler. He is married to Wendy. Wendy is very kind and funny. Brian and Wendy are some of my favorite people.

Susan Crocker and her Kelpie. They had a nice quiet run and made this Maltese Cross look easy. It wasn't by the way!

Brian Ricard and Clark. I think Brian is paying homage to the sheep.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Highland Games - Tess - Finals

Kathleen, Janet and I made the Finals. I had to pick one of my three dogs, so I picked Tess. She is older and will be her last run with me in this venue. Beside, her eyes glowed with joy, as she has been a finalist many times and only fitting that she be once more.

Kathleen ran Emma, Janet ran Scott and I ran the "old bat"...aka "Monkey".....first of all, Tess had to take yet another nap in the hot sun but came alive when I mentioned cookies.

Janet/Scott, Kathleen/Emma and Diane/Tess.

The group photo before our runs.  I adore Janet and Kathleen. They are good, honest and caring people. They have gone from being students to being some of best friends.

On a side note, Janet got Scott from me as well as Kathleen got Emma from me. Scott came from Chris and Terri Hanson and I first saw him at this venue many years ago. Talk about going full circle!

I swear everyone of our post photos looks the same. Tess is shaking with excitement and now I know where her son, Roo gets it from!!

This is a repeat of the earlier run. Nice, smooth drive on the first part. She handled the sheep with ease and was a joy to run. I had forgotten how much that I love to run her. It still is a hole in my heart when I go to the Open post and she is not by by my side.

We had a nice turn around the post and then off to the go-around the pen part. Tess is holding the pressure quite well.

After a bit of a fuss, we got the first Maltese Cross. The sheep wanted to stick with me and not go into the cross. It took a bit of doing. You were not allowed to go into the cross.

We had a hard time on the second part as the sheep hung out at  my knees. We got one through and then as we getting it going, the time ran out. It was blazing hot and Tess was getting tired. Also, no doubt being tired of me not holding up my end by not giving the sheep a boot in the butt or something to get them into the cross.

All done now and she is quite happy with what work she had done. we got 7th overall and you had to get a perfect score to win. We did not, but nevertheless, had a great time.

Tomorrow- Kathleen run and other assorted pixs

Monday, July 26, 2010

Highland Games - Emma on Sunday

On the the nicest people in the whole world is Kathleen. She has Duncan (retired), Emma and Gael. Emma and Gael were pups that she got from me. Emma was born here and Gael can from Chris and Teri Hanson. Kathleen took Gael to puppy raise her and *poof*...she fell in love with her and she never left.

Kathleen has been working hard with Emma to get her to be a solid dog. She has done well. She had the Maltese Cross practice the week before the trial and it paid off!!
At the post. Emma is very eager as this is her first time to run at the trial. Normally, she is working the pens.

She was on fire this weekend. Fast and faster....

Look at that stride.

Need I say more about the Maltese Cross!! MADE IT!!
Emma has to way off the sheep....she has a lot of presence.

OK, she pegged the pen. She had good enough scores from both days to make it to the Finals.

Tomorrow, more handlers pixs and then the Finals.

Photos by Jerill Thorpe unless noted

Highland Games - Tess's run on Sunday

Tess was the last of my dogs to run in the second round on Sunday. Prior to her run, she was mooching food off people (burgers, chips, pepperoni, etc) then fell fast asleep. I had to prod her with my foot to get her up.

However the midday snacks didn't slow her down one bit as she busted out on  her outrun. The sheep saw her and bolted to the exhaust,  sticking their noses in the gate, trying to figure out to escape.
Hot on their heels...oh, I guess the proper term would be hooves.

She slid them off the exhaust. She is great at getting sheep off the fence or tight areas.

She held them on line and around the post with ease. I just gave her easy walk ups.

OK, my role at the Maltese Cross is to keep my mouth shut while she puts them through.

I did and she tucked them in and them out. She knows exactly where to hold the pressure.

Holding them off the set out pen. Check out the white around her muzzle and in her ears. She may look old but sure ran like a two year old colt. Click on the pix for a larger view.

Of course, we had to put them through the Maltese Cross after we took them around the handler's post. I just had to walk and look cute while Tess did all the work.

The sheep tried to hide next to the Cross. I was thinking what commands should I tell her....away, come bye, walk up ....then all I said was "Bring them" and so she did it. Notice I am casually holding the gate open. Let the seasoned dog bring the sheep to the pen than open your mouth and screw it up.

We were almost done but we timed out. She got 20 points out of 24 points but overall had enough to advance to the Finals Round. Tess, Nan and Roo made  it to the Finals round. I chose Tess as it would be her last year at this trial.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Highland Games - Nan's run on Sunday

Again, I failed to edit all of the pixs today. I left before 8 this morning and walked back into the house at 10:30, so needless to say, the blog tonight will be a short one. I need about 5 more hours in the days to do all the stuff that I want to. If I won the lotto, then I could blog a whole lot more, but I think that would involve maybe buying a lotto ticket?

So since I do not posses the winning lotto ticket, and not even a lotto ticket for that matter, you are going to get whatever I feel like posting tonight. And that is Nan's run on Sunday morning.

Nan loves to gaze deeply into my eyes at the post, well all fine and dandy, but she needs to perhaps look in the general area of the sheep. The sheep are being pushed out of the setout pen and is she looking at them? No, she is gazing into my eyes!

"Look Nan, see the sheep? Over there and not on my head. That is the cute hat that my personal shopper- Janet got for me at Nordstrom! It is not the setout post for the sheep"

I point to them as guidance. Notice she still is looking at me. I sent her and she shot off like a bullet. She knew where the sheep were but rather stare at me. Silly dog!!

You can see the sheep on the other side of the t-post. You have to look really hard to see the post. The sheep have to pass it then do a 90 degree turn to you to the Maltese Cross.

We all can say, "We love the Maltese Cross so much that we rather have a root canal with no painkillers and be drug through hot coals upside down!"

Nan got the sheep through it. Nan never practices the Maltese Cross, except at the trials.

The sheep thought they were going to run past to the setout pens. Fat chance! Nan stood between them and the pens and they (wisely) marched backed to me. Nan has learned how to grip now and will not back down. At this trial a grip is a DQ, however I told Nan to walk on and the sheep saw the threat of Nan and her flashy teeth and ran back to me.

Oh, Joy, back through the Maltese Cross again, except the other way. OK, Nan marches them through again. She has two speeds at this trial, FAST and STOP.

Perfect penning dog. She held her ground. She has a very strong walk up.

What a fine job. Perfect score and qualified for the Finals. She ran her heart out for me, a bit FAAASSSSSTTTT but right on the money. She really enjoyed her run and strutted her stuff off the field. After she got part of my lunch, she took a long nap under the tent.