Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Rainey at Nov 26, 2011 Trial in PN

Rainey's run at the trial. She was sticky at the top. I ran her on the edge and quick so she would be faster. She ran well, and really tried hard for me. I like how she was going fast on the drive. She is getting better and we are working on her strong eye and confidence. I am happy with the progress with her. Normally she is very slow and cautious during her run, so I was making her quick and not stick up and have more energy so for future runs, hopefully, she will be freer and faster. We shall see if this works.  She placed third at this trial in PN.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sava - PN run on Nov 26, 2011

Sava's ProNovice run on Nov 26, 2011.  I have been using her for farm chores and decided to enter her at the last minute. I haven't run her in a trial for a long time as she still was immature. She is growing up and we are learning to work as a team again.

As we were doing the crossdrive, the judge told me it was a pull through and that is why the last part is a bobble. She had forgot to tell the handlers at the meeting. Needless to say, I had to pull the sheep back up and around for the pull through but was unable to do it in the short time that I had.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Nan's Open run on Nov 26, 2011

Nan's Open run at the Nov 26 trial. She scored an 84. She ran very well and finally was able to give me wide flanks. I have to keep her off the sheep to get them. It's our homework to better ourselves as a team. She still is very pushy and super biddable and I lover her dearly!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Nov 26 Trial results

Here are the results from the Nov 26 Sheepdog Trial held at George and Sue MacDonald.

from Sue......


Hi everyone!

What a great day for trialing! Started early enough that we got lot's of n/c runs in before dark! Saw lot's of nice dogs and people testing the waters in moving up a step. Some nice young dogs coming up and new handlers to the sport! Love it!

Some BIG thank yous to Bob Hickman for his first ever judging stint and it had to be the nursery, ranch and novice novice, some of the toughest classes to judge. As a reward, we let him judge the open n/c runs!

Thank you Bob, you did a great job. Also thank you to everyone that worked their set out shifts and to some of you that worked yours and someone else's ( George and Ron). Looks like we had just about the right amount of lunch goodies for you all. I think there might be enough soup left for one more bowl. Also thank you to Jane Hickman for totally score sheets and organizing that part of the trial. If I missed anyone, sorry, we really appreciate everything you all do for us to help host these trials, THANK YOU ALL!

We started with open at first light, running 12 teams. Donna Donahue and Kate went to the post with just enough light to see the top of the field. With 100 points up for grabs with a short and tight course to be done in 7 1/2 minutes, good job! Course was pretty straight forward, nothing fancy until the pen where you had to stay at the post to pen and then on to the shed ring for a single ( three sheep were run).
Results are:
1. Diane Pagel and Nan 0-0-6-9-0-1 84
2. Bob Hickman and CBK Mojo 2-1-4-7-0-2 84 (tie broken on outwork)
3. Bob Hickman and Trooper 2-2-4-10-0-6 76
4. Donna Donahue and Kate 0-2-6-10-4-5 73
5. Donna Donahue and Taff 3-2-6-11-0-10 68
6. Hope Harris and Tigr 0-0-8-16-2-10 64
7. George MacDonald and Nap 3-1-8-16-1-10 61
8. T Yamamoto and Sweep the Broom 3-3-10-9-4-10 61
9. Bonnie Block and Gull 3-1-3-24-0-10 59
10. JB Brick and Scamp 3-3-11-14-0-10 59
11. Diane Pagel and Maid 0-1-16-15-10-10 48
12. Tim Ballard and Nell 2-1-7-30-10-10 40 Almost got through the drive, just a little slow but I really liked this little girl!

The field was already set for Pro Novice so we went directly into that class. Almost the same outrun as open and slightly shorter drives same as open class pen from the post and no shed. 90 points possible.

1. Diane Pagel and Sava 2-2-6-11-0 69
2. Vicki Romero and Skye 2-1-4-17-0 66 Nice job Vicki!
3. Diane Pagel and Rainey 12-2-7-12-0 57
4. Ron Fischer and Steve 0-0-9-17-9 55
5. Kathleen Torkelson and Gael 0-0-15-24-0
6. Bob Hickman and CBK Ryder 1-2-3-28-10... hummm Bob did the open gates instead of the the Pro Novice one's! We now know that Ryder can do open!
7. Cindy Baker and Brill 2-0-5-30-10 43 just a little slow Cindy, but VERY nice!
8. Cindy Baker and Finn 2-1-17-21-6 43 Consistent Cindy.. both dogs with the same score!
9. Kathleen Torkelson and Emma 5-5-18-14-10 38
10. Cindy Baker and Kael 7-8-17-16-9 33
11. JB Brick and Dodge 6-0-15-30-10 29
12. Vicki Romero and Blitz 2-1-17-18- RT at the pen
13. Dee Marroni and Q 17-4-17-RT on the drive

Now we are into Bob's judging, thanks again Bob!

Nursery ran the same course as the Pro Novice class. 5 teams to the post.
1. Ron Green and KiKi 1-1-4-11-0 73
2. Ron Green and Chavo 2-2-10-30-10 46
3. Corinne Berg and Bea 4-3-18-30-10 25
4. Sue MacDonald and Avie 1-0-19-DQ handled for Susan Risner
5. Ron Green and K'ass RT Trouble finding sheep.

Ranch class, slightly shorter outrun again then Pro Novice and a short drive away, cross drive and then pen. Drive worth 20 instead of the normal 30. So 80 points possible.
1. Sue MacDonald and Avie 0-0-1-5-0 74 handled for Susan Risner
2. Jane Hickman and Rachel 0-1-3-7-1 68
3. Randy Curless and Henry 19-0-4-3-5 49 Came all the way from Idaho! Nice to see you again Randy!
4. John Knepper and Rail 4-9-17-12-0 38 Good to see you again too John!
5. T Yamamoto and Taw 10-4-19-10-0 37 I really like this little girl!
6. Kylo Murray-Gann and Mike 3-2-6-RT Nice job Kylo, just a little too far for the drive!
7. Lorrie Crumpler Kimber 7-3-3 DQ opps!
8. Kendall Hougland and Charm 2-4-19- RT pesky drive again!
9. Sue MacDonald and Repete 5-5--18-RT gotta get this boy out in public a little more often!
10. Heidi Hanson and Bruce RT Repete and Bruce are brothers, wish we could put Repets outrun on Bruce and Bruce's drive on Repete!

Novice Novice was our last official class with 60 points possible
1. Susan Risner and Nevi 0-0-8-0 52 maybe we need to just take out  that pesky settle...
2. Liz Stenning and Crick 0-2-15-3 40 (Kelpie)
3. Pam Robinson and Ginger 4-2-18-0 36
4. Missy Burnett and Maddie 7-2-15-10 26
5. Kathleen Torkelson and Josh 12-4-19-2 23 (Kelpie)

I don't have all the N/C scores, but here is what I do have:
Open Diane Pagel and Maid 7-0-4-16-0-0 I bet you wish that had been your FIRST run!
open Diane Pagel and Rainey 19-3-4-14-0- RT
open Annette Hoffman 19-0-19 RT Sorry Annette, I didn't get your dogs name!

Pro Novice Randy Curless and Henry 5-3-19-11-1
Pro Novice John Knepper and Rail 3-4-15-27-0
Pro Novice Kendall Hougland and Charm RT

Ranch Randy Curless and Henry 1-2-7-9-10
Ranch Missy Burnett and Maddie 0-0-14-14-0 NIce!!
Ranch Pam Robinson and Ginger 3-3-10-7-0
Ranch Susan Risner and Nevi 2-4-9-RT
Ranch Bonnie Block and Bob-Robert 4-7-2-left the post (16 off the drive and 3 off the pen)
Ranch Liz Stenning and Crick 6-4-3- left the post RT

Thanks again to you all. See you again on Dec. 10th. Don't forget we'll be doing some voting on WASH 'things' then.

Sue and George



Saturday, November 26, 2011

Eweful Acres Nov 26 Trial Run Order


1. Donna Donahue Kate
2. Bob Hickman and Trooper
3. JB Brick and Scamp
4. George MacDonald and Nap
5. Diane Pagel and Maid
6. Tierney Graham and Blazin' Brisco
7. Bonnie Block and Gull
8. T Yamamoto and Sweep The Broom
9. Tim Ballard and Nell
10. Jeanne B and Rocky
11. Diane Pagel and Nan
12. Bob Hickman and CBK Mojo
13. Donna Donahue and Taff

14. Hope Harris and Tigr

1. Diane Pagel and Sava
2. Cindy Baker and Kael
3. Vicki Romero and Blitz
4. Ron Fischer and Steve
5. Kathleen T and Emma
6. Dave Larson and Denali
7. Jeanne B and Moses
8. Dee Marroni and Q
9. JB Brick and Dodge
10. Bob Hickman and CBK Ryder
11. Cindy Baker and Finn
12. Diane Pagel and Rainey
13. Vicki Romero and Skye
14. Kathleen T and Gael

1. Ron Green and Chavo
2. Corinne Berg and Bea
3. Ron Green and KiKi
4. Sue MacDonald and Avie
5. Ron Green and K'ass

1. T Yamamoto and Taw
2. Dave Larson and Raven
3. Heidi Hanson and Bruce
4. Kendall Hougland and Charm
5. Sue MacDonald and Avie
6. Jane Hickman and Rachel
7. Randy Curless and Henry
8. Vicki Romero and Jess
9. Kylo Murray-Gann and Mike
10. John Knepper and Rail
11. Lorrie Crumpler and Kimber
12. Sue MacDonald and Repete

1. Liz Stenning and Crick
2. Pam Robinson and Ginger
3. Susan Risner and Nevi
4. Missy Burnett and Maddie

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Turkey Humor

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Nan's Open run on Nov 12, 2011

Nan's run at the Nov 12 trial. She was on the muscle and I had to get on her for the down as she was running through the bit. I am happy with her and need to tidy up some areas......but she placed second so that was critical to getting more points towards the Finals.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Official scores for the Kirchgessner Trial

The Official Scores from the Kirchgessner Nov 19 Sheepdog Trial


1 Joe Haynes Penny 94
2 Diane Pagel Nan 82
3 Erin O Brien Z 68
4 Cheryl Munson Flint 67
5 Hope Harris Tigr 65
6 Maggi McClure Lil 63
7 Joe Haynes Keally 60
8 Maggi McClure Rob 60
9 George MacDonald Nap 59
10 Cheryl Munson Cooper 56
11 Dawn Pucci Bran 52
12 Jo Roach Slider 51
13 Tierney Graham Brisco 49
14 Lani Dorman Blair 44
15 Judy Norris Glee 40
16 Sue MacDonald Jan 38
17 Sue MacDonald Jackie 36
18 Susan Crocker Rani RT
19 Brian Ricards Doc RT
20 Bonnie Block Gull RT
21 T Yamamoto Sweep RT
22 Diane Pagel Maid RT
23 Maggi McClure Kep DQ

1 Lani Dorman Owen 70
2 Diane Pagel Rainey 63
3 Tanya Mick 58
4 Ron Fischer Steve 54
5 Fran MacPherson Mirk 54
6 Judy Norris Kasey 52
7 Lani Dorman Jayne 41
8 Joe Haynes Spot 36
9 Kathleen Torkelson Gael 35
10 Diane Pagel Emma 31
11 Lynda Little Lark RT
12 Nora Linbo Nick RT
13 Sue Meagher Peggy RT
14 Jo Roach Steam RT
15 Brian Ricards Belle RT
16 Lynda Little Try RT
17 Pamela Harding Caymus DQ

1 Kendall Hougland Charm 53
2 Lorrie Crumpler Kimber 51
3 Sue MacDonald Avie 50
4 Judy Norris Britt 49
5 Heidi Hanson Bruce DQ
6 T Yamamoto Taw RT
7 Tierney Graham Gyp RT
8 Kenadall Hougland Sava RT

1. Susan Risner Nevi RT
2. Sarah Christensen Mica RT

Monday, November 21, 2011

Scottie Delight

A Scottie ewe from the trial this weekend.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Nov 19 trial wrap-up.

Again, I got up before the crack of day and headed Big bertha (truck) on the northern journey to the first trial hosted by Lynne Green. I had entered Nan and Maid in Open and Rainey in PN. Hope and Lori came over the night before so we caravanned to the trial. As we exited the valley of fog, we saw a hint of a possible beautiful day and it did end up bright and sunny for us.

The Open sheep were Scotties, one ewe crowned with a bow of bright red and two lambs. The lambs stuck together like glue and you had to single one of the lambs. The outrun was about 350 yards with a hourglass neck in the middle. The top left on the backside of the fetch panel, were a stack of fresh cut firewood, stacked like sheep in the shade and it drew many dog for a cross. At the post, if looked like five ewes that had hunkered down in the shade but the real sheep were about 100 yards further down the field. If you sent to the come-by side, your dog had to go through the woods or be tight up the middle and hopefully cast out. To the away side they could cast out too far and if they went proper, they had to slide hard along the tree line to get proper behind the sheep. That way would suck dogs in for a tight lift or slicing. The fetch was over a ditch, to the left drive. The middle half of the first leg was over a hump, then down in a gully, which the sheep had to jump over a small creek then to the panel. The sheep, once they would go through the panel would break and the natural cover would be on the away flank that would be a cross of the course. Or if your dog was slow, they would also bolt into the thicket. The drive looked easy but was on a ridge, which sucked the sheep high then low. The second panel was a panel and a tree and then to the white post area for your single It was in plain sight of the exhaust and so you had to be careful. The ewes had no desire to pen and would rather dance around the pen than go inside.

Nan was early up, the frost still clung to the grass tops and as she ran over them, small diamonds exploded from the grass tops as her paws broke them loose. I sent her on the away side and she came in proper but then rushed them to bobble for a brief moment then settled,. She was on the muscle so I had to ratcheted her down and we got on the edge of the bubble of the sheep. Her fetch was nice and she had a nice turn at the post. An excellent drive until the last half of the crossdrive when I eased up on the reins and she bumped the bubble. So, the sheep went jagged until I got it smoothed out and a nice turn to the ring. We lined the sheep up, I called her through and she briefly turned on the wrong group but quickly turned and held the single. The other two went to the exhaust so she had to march into their faces and I wasn’t certain if she would grip. One broke and she went after it, I called her name to settle her and she turned it sharply but did not grip it. They fought her but came together to the pen. One ewe slipped around the pen, the same one that she had issues at the exhaust but she kept her cool and slowly worked them in and was quite proud of herself. I was very happy that she kept her cool and did not grip the ewe and did as I asked and put her trust in my handling. She got an 82 and placed second out of 23 or so dogs.(outrun 0, lift 1, fetch 4, drive 7, single 3, pen 3)

Maid was one of the last dogs to run. She looked at my face intensely, her eyes fastened upon mine and leaned forward, ready to go. I sent her on the away and she ran like a gazelle up the field. She spied the fresh cut logs in the shade and mistook them for the sheep so she crossed to cover the back. I saw her shift her lead to cross and blew out a down but she was determined and did not stop. Once she realize the logs were not the sheep, she was open for suggestions. At that point, I gave her an come-bye and she cast out nice. She skidded across a sheet of ice, face planted but picked herself up and went behind the sheep and took my down. She lifted nice and was a little offline but listened to my voice commands and got them online. She had a perfect lift and five off on her fetch.She began to push hard so I hit her with a hard down and she took it. She really was not slowing much on her steadies but close at hand, she relaxed and listened well. We had a nice turn at the post and I could see she was relaxed and pliable for me. It took a bit to line the sheep up but once we did, she held the line as true as a love arrow to the heart. As the sheep burst through the panel, they made a break to the top and she crossed on the away to stop them, thus ignoring my come-bye. The sheep turned and one busted into the thicket. She went after it and I left the post. I called her back and she came out willing. I flanked her out to get the two to put them into the bushes to get the runaway. She trotted them in the bushes and brought everyone kindly to me. She was trying hard to work well and the draw was tremendous. I walked back to the exhaust with her and made her do the inside flanks that were against the draw and she did. She worked well and tried and I enjoyed that she was relaxed. We still have a long ways to go and she never tried to be bad. I have to get my whistles down and make her realize even though she does know better on the trial field, she still has to listen to me. I loved running her as she is pliable, willing and trying to partner up. After the run, she was pleased with herself and leaned into my leg for head rubs. It’s nice to have another top Open trial dog that I enjoy running. I was pleased with the fact that I only had her for nine days and she tried to do right by me and when it went south, kept her cool and asked for help. I was beaming with delight with her for the rest of the day.

For the PN class, the set was two yearlings and two lambs. The groups tended to split so you had to work to keep them together. Too much pressure and they burst like popcorn over a hot stove and too little and they would slowly drift apart and then race away. The pickup point was moved in closer but the drive was same and the line was to the pen from the crossdrive panel. You could leave the post when the sheep cleared the ditch which as about halfway to the pen.
I ram Emma first and she decided the sheep in the exhaust were the sheep that need to be picked up. She ran about 100 yards out and then tried to turn back. I made her look up the field, she wanted to go back and when she did go up the field, she crossed. She did get her lift but was fast and I think the redirects made her brain get frazzled. The lift was a bit off but we got it under control. At the turn, the two lambs tried to break but she stood her ground. The first drive was nice and at the drive panel, she flipped on the away side. The cross drive was very jagged as she was pushing the bubble and hard to stop. By this time, this was a training session and I made her finish the drive and not fade. It was tough but she finally settled down and had a nice last leg. However, this packet of sheep had no intentions of splitting up as she did have them under control.

Rainey was my last dog to run end in PN. I wanted to send her on the come-bye side but she kept looking at the away side so I placed her on that side. She cast out nice and wide and at the top, eyed up. I whistled and then shouted her out and she was cautious on the lift. The sheep had their heads buried in alfalfa and she was slow to lift them but got them dead on line. Her fetch was a tad bit off and I forced her to put them back on line. She wanted to unwind but I would not let her. You could tell she was uncomfortable about holding that pressure but she did it. The last trial she did not hold the pressure and it cost us dearly. This time it only cost us three on the fetch. She lost six on the sticky outrun and two on the lift. The sheep tried to spilt on the turn at the post and they stood in her face. She lined them up for a nice first leg and got them through the first panels. You could tell she wanted to cover them on the away but took my come-bye and turned them smartly for the crossdrive. She did quite well, with a few bobbles and missed two at the second panels. Her turn was super tight and the last leg was pushy to the pen. I raced to the pen and she got them in but one fat ewe stood at the hinge part and refused to move. As I was closing the gate, the timer went off and she got 63 for her efforts. She lost six for her drive and obviously all of her pen points. Nevertheless, I was pleased on how hard she tried and did hold the pressure. She placed second for her run without a pen and she was quite ecstatic with her run as she made a point of going to the handlers under tent for her congratulatory pets. She jumped on my legs, her tail wagging and her face bright eyed with happiness and I praised her. She is my special journey as she is far different than my Open dogs but gives me her heart. She loves to work for me and I enjoy running her. I have to command her more than I am used to, as she prefers to be told what to do so, my homework is to free her eye up at the top and have her take more incentive. But it is journey we will take together and I enjoy it with her.

I don't have the scores for Novice or ProNovice. When I get the official scores I will post them.  I took some photos and will also post them this week. 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Kirchgessner Trial Nov 19th Run Order


1. Susan Crocker Rani
2. Dawn Pucci Bran
3. Sue MacDonald Jan
4. Nancy Stephens RMS Ike
5. Maggi McClure Rob
6. Brian Ricards Doc
7. Joe Haynes Penny
8. Diane Pagel Nan
9. Cheryl Munson Flint
10. Heather Haynes Lad
11. Jeanne Boudreau Rocky
12. Jo Roach Slider
13. Hope Harris Tigr
14. Bonnie Block Gull
15. Maggi McClure Lil
16. Erin O Brien Z
17. George MacDonald Nap
18. T Yamamoto Sweep
19. Nancy Stephens Jenn
20. Judy Norris Glee
21. Lani Dorman Blair
22. Benjamin Kercsmar Nick
23. Cheryl Munson Cooper
24. Maggi McClure Kep
25. Joe Haynes Keally
26. Nancy Stephens RMS Tweed
27. Sue MacDonald Jackie
28. Diane Pagel Maid
29. Nora Linbo Joe - NC
1. Linda Little Lark
2. Joe Haynes Spot
3. Ron Fischer Steve
4. Judy Norris Kasey
5. Fran MacPherson Mirk
6. Nora Linbo Nick
7. Lani Dorman Jayne
8. Sue Meagher Peggy
9. Tanya
10. Jo Roach Steam
11. Diane Pagel Emma
12. Brian Ricards Belle
13. Lynne Green Lexie
14. Kathleen Torkelson Gael
15. Pamela Harding Caymus
16. Jeanne Boudreau Moses
17. Linda Little Try
18. Lani Dorman Owen
19. Benjamin Kercsmar Hoot
20. Diane Pagel Rainey
1. Kendall Hougland Charm
2. Heidi Hanson Bruce
3. Lorrie Crumpler Kiber
4. T Yamamoto Taw
5. Judy Norris Britt
6. Sue MacDonald Avie

1. Susan Risner Nevi
2. Sarah Christensen Mika

Friday, November 18, 2011

Kate and Vicki

Kate was Vicki's early Christmas present to herself.  Kate and Vicki are well suited for each other. Vicki came out last week, we worked her and soon she was loaded in Vicki's car for the trek to her new home.  I expect to see them doing great on the trial field next year in Nursery.

Look how happy Kate is!

I might be a bit biased, but I think Kate is beautiful

Kaye is a great housedog. She spent quite a bit of time in the house at Deb and Ben's.  Now she is going to spend her time on Vicki's couch. We wish them both well and I have happy that Kate such a great home.

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Description: Footage of a sheepdog trial, location unknown, possibly early 1950s?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Skye, the Rough Collie goes herding!

Skye is a lovely Rough Collie that has been coming out for the last couple of months. She is quite talented and loves to herd. She goes both directions, balances and rates her stock. She is quite keen and looks forward to her herding sessions. I asked Mike to send me a brief bio so I could post it.

Skye is a purebred Rough Collie, registered with the AKC and owned by Mike Vorkapich. She is one inch under the breed standard so does not compete in Conformation events. Instead, she competes in Agility, Obedience and now Herding.

Skye has earned her Novice Standard and Novice Jumpers titles in AKC agility. She also competes in NADAC Agility.

Skye's parents are Rainybank's Aurora Borealis AX, AXJ, RE and Ch. McMaur's the Eliminator. Rainybank Collies are proven performance dogs and have earned many titles in Agility. Skye is the only one that has ever done herding and she seems to really like it. It appears to come naturally to her.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Roo has found heaven

I sold Roo to Grant and Holly in Canada. They are super nice people and love Roo. Roo has three children to play with and Grant plays fetch with him too. But he doesn't play all the time as he has to work for a living. Grant works Roo on a daily basis not only on sheep but on poultry. He is enjoying his new life, being a housedog, a cherished member of the family and Grant's new partner. They will be making an appearance on the trial field so give them a cheer for me!

 Bringing in the sheep.

Notice Roo is feeling the bubble and behaving for Grant.

March in a nice line, ladies!

Roo has to separate the meat birds for the market.

Not a problem as he loves to work poultry.

Ah ha, he spies a duck that belongs somewhere else! So he does his job and brings it to Grant.

Got ya!

One meat bird decide to break away, but there is no escaping Roo.

More work.

Happy boy!

Roo loves to work geese. However, the geese are not too happy. 

End of a day's work for Grant and Roo. What a happy heaven for Roo.

Monday, November 14, 2011


I got a new Open dog. Her name is Maid. I love her. She is working well for me and enjoys being spoiled in the house. I really look forward to many years of trialing with her and her being my couch buddy!

Thank you Scott Glen for this fantastic opportunity to own such a talented and wonderful dog.

Photo: Jenn Glen (THANKS!)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Nov 12 Trial write up

We have had an extremely nice fall, with golden rays touching the red maple leaves, showing their translucent skeletons of fine fibers. Mornings have been brisk but soon yields warmth that calls for an afternoon nap. The geese normally flying south for the winter, have been staying longer and settling in for a few more extra days. The trees are holding on to their leaves for a few extra weeks, dazzling us with a display of gold, reds and browns. The grass still has been growing and looking lush and thick and the sheep have relished each bite. With the change to daylight saving times, my evening training has slowed to a trickle so I use the weekends wisely. I see the progress in the young bloods, a keenness that is whetted by being chained up before they work and soon sated by their sessions. With the seasoned veterans, it is sharpening up the skills and trying to erase the bad habits. Tess will stand at the gate, in hopes of being chosen to work and I humor her by having her sort the lesson sheep. That satisfies her and makes her feel like she is wanted. She puts the poultry away each night and afterwards, she runs to the tack room for her treat. Life has been good for her in her older years and she has recovered fully from her accident. She still thinks she is a two years old, running, barking and leaping on the couch and being a general pest at times and I smile at her.

I got up early on Saturday to go the trial hosted by Judy Norris and saw the weather had turned. Angry clouds filled the sky and the cold wind sneaked into my thick coat and chilled my soul. I called softy to Tess and asked her is she wanted to go to the trial. I was doing setout and she would fit that role perfectly as the sheep were light. She leaped off the bed and I winced as she skidded across the rug. She raced outside to the truck and leapt up and down on the driver’s side as if to open it. She shoved the other dogs out of the way and easily jumped into the cab. Her eyes sparked with a shine that I hadn’t seen a long time. Nan, Rainey, Emma and Tess soon settled down and I drove down our bumpy country road with my hot coffee in mt hand and the radio at a loud volume.

Nan was second dog up and it started off with a nice outrun and lift, then she was hard on the sheep for the first part of the fetch with no feel for the sheep but bully on their butts. We skimmed the panel and she finally settled down. Her drive started off nicely but she had her version of the drive which was high, then followed by a bad second panel section and put them snug in the pen. She was on the muscle and I could not settle the three hair sheep down for a shed. Her drive cost us dearly but she didn’t know that.

After my run, I was on deck with Bonnie Block and Dave Imas to set. Tess was excited to go and raced ahead, her tail in her air and happy with life. Dave gave her a good pet over and she glowed with love. Bonnie worked in the pen, Tess pushed the sheep out and Dave held them with his able Cap. Tess did great, feeling the sheep and walking them out smoothly so they were able to be lifted with no fuss. A few times we had a hard time trying to put sheep in the holding section so Tess came into the pen to help stuff the pens. She was quiet and had the sheep all sorted out and it was good to see her work again.

It made me sad to see that she was no longer able to run the course but I rejoiced in the fact, that at 13.5 years old, that she was able to help setout. She didn’t require much commands from me and once I showed her what need to be done, I let her do her job. When we were done, she held her head high and I saw the love of my life, walk down the field with a joy of being a team again.

I let her hang out with me like old times and we fell back into our old routine. Lunch was served and I dutifully cut my cheeseburger in half, loaded up my plate with chips and with Tess at my side, sat next to the heater. Tess sat front of me, and graciously ate chips from my fingers, delicately and with great relish. She waited patiently until I was done with my half of the burger, gently took her half and licked her lips in delight. Once my plate was empty, she scanned the tent and saw that other handlers had food on their plates. She worked the crowd and soon was rewarded for her efforts. She spied the second tent and wandered over there to see what meals she could purloin. She manage to convince Liz Stennings to share her ham sandwich and soon settled herself in Liz’s chair on top of the luxurious blanket so she could get a better view of the field.

She came back and soon was put to work when a wayward ewe from the run made a break and ended up in the handler’s area. She scooped her up and then gathered her cohorts and marched them to the exhaust pen. Satisfied with her work, she leapt into my lap, stuck her head near to heater so she would bask in the warmth and fell asleep. It was a good feeling to have her be my lapwarmer again. I cherish these days carefully as I know one day they will end and my heart will be torn asunder. But for the time being, I love each precious moment with her.

ProNovice was the last class and the darkness came swiftly. Kathleen ran her Gael and laid down a smoking run, showing that the sheep were doable in the high draw area. Her outwork was beautiful and this team has been clicking recently and it a run to watch. This was her fourth trial with her and she placed third with the young Gael.

Rainey went out deep, then her eye stuck up her but I got her out for a nice lift. She didn’t want to hold the pressure on the fetch and as result we were a tad bit offline. When I put the pressure on her, she flared out wider, this making it worse. I got her in finally and started the drive. It was tough on the first leg and I had to work her to push. She had a nice turn and the first portion of her drive was nice but the sheep dipped low. I tried to pull her on the away but she wanted to fetch them back due to the pressure. I made her do the away at the last bit of the crossdrive, it was too much for her so I let the sheep drift low. She scooped them up for a nice turn and penned them and tied for third but placed fourth on her outwork. I will need to her to hold the pressure and being more forceful on her drive. She is a cautious dog and she need to believes in herself more and be stronger. Nevertheless, she tries and never gives up and each time I work her, I see a little more strength in her.

Emma was my last dog to run and it was dusk and hard to see, She spied her sheep and cast out wide and had a nice lift. I was pleased on how well she did and she took my downs with precision. On the fetch, the sheep went into a dip and she turned them 90 degrees. I think she could not hear me and when they came out of the draw, I stopped her and crossed the course to have her bring them back. Out fetch was nothing to write home about but she did as I asked. She turned the sheep smartly and then was too much in their zone so I had to call her back hard, reflanked her to get some distance. She took it, put them through the panels and had a nice crossdrive with only a few tiny bobbles. She had a nice pen and I was quite pleased with her. I used the whistles on part of her run and she did well with them. She placed 8th as the offline, scenic tour on the fetch killed her point wise. I was happy on how calm she was and how she gave me her best effort. She is an outstanding dog and I have one more trial to run her before she goes back to Kathleen. She can move anything and is a dog that gives you her all.

When the trial was over, I gather up the girls and headed home, I stopped to get a Starbuck coffee as I had gotten chilled to the bone and was unable to warm up. Nora kindly lent me her Muck boots as I had left mine at work and Kendall lent her some mittens. I sat in Judy’s chair next to the heater when I was not running or setting out. For some reason, I gotten chilled to the bone and was unable to get warmth in my body. It didn’t help that it was windy, wet and cold.

It was a pleasant rifde home and when I arrived in the house, Tess ran up to Getty. She was pleased to see him and told him of her fine work at the field. He fussed over her and she soon settled on the couch, fast asleep, her feet in motion as if still covering the wayward ewe. It was nice to see her face shine in delight and the spring in her step. She was happy to be on the trial circuit and when her heavy snores filled the room, I smiled as I knew she loved the day and what pleasure it had brought her.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Rockey Ewe Nov 12 results

Here are the results. I will do my write up tomorrow as I am too tired to do anything now, except watch football, eat beef stew and go to bed early. Sorry about the quality as it was raining, dark, windy and I was using my iPhone.

Nov 12, Rockey Ewe Winter Series Run Order

1 Bob Hickman Mojo
2 Diane Pagel Nan
3 Dave Imas Cap
4 Bonnie Block Gull
5 Linda Dejong Pooka
6 Judy Norris Glee
7 Ken Johnson Drift
8 Donna Donahue Kate
9 Ursula Imas Pete
10 Susan Crocker Rani
11 Sandy Johnson Joe
12 Julie Roeter Jade
13 Bob Hickman Trooper
14 T Yamamoto Sweep
15 Brian Ricards Doc
16 Becki Maloney ?
17 Donna Donahue Taff
18 Karen Combs Buddy
19 Becki Maloney ?
20 Cindy Baker Brill N/C
21Norm Rivers Scotia N/C
22Nora Linbo Joe N/C
23Cindy Baker Finn N/C

1 Dave Imas Tipp
2 Judy Norris Britt
3 T Yamamoto Taw
4 Christina Russel
5 Jane Hickman Rachel
6 Kendall Houghland Charm
7 Julie Roeter Jet
8 Judy Norris Bert
9 Debbie Dunne Spyder
10 Ursula Imas Wile

1 Sue Foster Dot
2 Liz Stenning Crick
3 Kathy Rivers Nova
4 Susan Risner Nevi
5 Paul Foster Ben
6 Pam Robinson Ginger
7 Marilyn Watson Lad

1 Brian Ricards Belle
2 Sandy Johnson Nell
3 Alison Deilke Zen
4 Robert Otterson Moss
5 Sue Foster Taff
6 Norm Rivers Lana
7 Kathleen Torkelson Gael
8 Kathy Rivers Lucy
9 Robert Otterson Kaylee
10 Diane Pagel Rainey
11 Leslie Capik Annie
12 Vicki Romero Skye
13 Bob Hickman Ryder
14 Diane Pagel Emma
15 Nora Linbo Nick
16 Marilyn Watson Cuz
17 Karen Combs Fleet
18 Mindy Mayer Flash
19 Vicki Romero Blitz

Friday, November 11, 2011

Thanks to those who served so we can be free

This is a poem that I wrote for our veterans. I published it a few years ago..

“Stand Proud”

Stand Proud, my brother,
Stand Proud, my sister,
Stand proud, my father,
Stand Proud, my mother.

We can sleep at night,
Free from worry.
We can speak our mind
With heart filled passion.

So I can vote for a man
That I believe in,
So I can walk the streets
Safe and be secure.

You have made me proud,
Fighting for me,
Walking in danger
So we can be free.

On the beaches you fought,
In the mountains you climbed,
Fighting for a cause
And trying to stay alive.

Some of you still are there,
In spirit you walk about
Looking at us and hoping
We still remember.

We remember you
The farmer, the postman,
The driver and the young man.
Ordinary people with ordinary lives.

Lives you gave in full
So I can sleep in peace
And now, I still sleep in peace
With you watching over me