Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Road Warrior update

Wynn has been hitting the sheep trials pretty hard with Scott Glen. Jenny has been updating on her blog on Wynn which has been wonderful. Wynn has been running quite successfully and now has qualified for the USBCHA Border Collies Sheepdog Finals in the Nursery class. Scott will be taking him to the Finals while I cheer for him on the side!

Below are the list of his placings. I hope I got them all correct!

Happy Hollow Day One
Nursery 5th

Happy Hollow Day Two
Nursery 2nd

North Carolina State Championships
Nursery 2nd
Nursery 5th
Open Ranch 7th

Nursery 2nd
PN 2nd
Nurery 8th

Wynn has another trial this weekend and I hope he just getesbetter and better. I love the Wynn updates. Also this wouldn't be possible without Angie (Kinlock Sheepdog) who sent Wynn over to me. I owe her a big THANK YOU!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Adorable hamster plays dead

This is so freaking adorable!

A video of a hamster showing amazing acting skills to play dead has gone viral on YouTube.  Sitting upright next to some shredded newspaper, the pet can be seen looking intently towards its owner who is filming the incident.

In a seemingly well-practiced routine, the cameraman points his fingers in the shape of a gun in the direction of the hamster, reports Metro.

Upon hearing a fake gun shot, the pet slumps back against the wall, before slowly closing its eyes and dramatically rolling onto his side.

The video was uploaded onto YouTube with the caption: "Adorable hamster plays dead. No hamsters were hurt in the making of this film."


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dog follows cyclist for over 1000 miles

A stray dog has become an internet star after running for 24 days to keep up with a 1,100-mile bike race across China.

Xiao Sa's incredible journey started when one of the cyclists, Zhang Heng, 22, gave her some food on highway G318 in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.

Since then she's become a celebrity in her homeland and a micro blog recording her life online has attracted more than 37,000 followers in two weeks.

Mr Heng, a student in Wuhan, Hubei province, had decided to cycle to Llasa as a graduation trip with friends when he met the lonely dog.

"She was lying, tired, on the street around Yajiang, Sichuan province," he told China Daily. "So we fed her, and then she followed our team."
During their journey, Xiao Sa, Zhang and his team covered 1,138 miles and climbed 10 mountains higher than 4,000m.

"Many people stopped cycling in some sections, then took the bus, but the dog made it," Mr Heng added.

"I would like to take the dog home and take care of her. She has been a stray on the road for a long time. She needs a home."


Monday, May 28, 2012

Monday Trial results for PN and Nursery

Let me start off first by stating I forgot to take a pix of the ranch and Novice trial results. I headed down to take a pix but got sidetracked talking to someone about dogs (imagine that) and just forgot. I don't even remember who won each class either so I am totally useless in that department.
Notable highlights were Nan got points and 8th, Maid and I are really clicking and she got 85 out of 100 points, Sava got fourth and Rainey got fifth in PN. But the BIG NEWS is that Kathleen qualified JOSH for the USBCHA Sheepdog Nursery Finals in ONE WEEKEND. Plus she trained him all by herself and he is a Kelpie. How cool is that? And then to top it off, she won PN with Gael. Such a score!

Rainey got only two points off her drive and it was the best drive of the day.....dead on....a year ago, it was an effort to get one foot in front of the other foot to even do a drive!

Tess was an excellent lap warmer the entire weekend. Plus she worked the trial crowd for snackies and got some bonus treats. She had a good time. She got Sue MacDonald to give her some cheese while she was cooking lunch and then cruised the crowd for easy marsk...she found a few and was quite happy to be off her diet. She goes back on her diet tonight!

Trial was a delight, the hosts (George and Sue) go all out. A tough but small course that leaves no room for errors and a chute or Maltese cross that make you drink heavily after you run the course. Wily sheep and a sunny weather made this a five-star trial. It was my first trial since my heart surgery and it just made my heart sing.

I will do the big write-ups in a day or so when I recover, then download and edit the pixs and try to recall what happened on the runs.

More this week as I am too tired to do much of anything but relax with the dogs on the couch and drink hot tea.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Day Two Open and Nursery of Memorial Day Trial

Quick recap again.  Very nice run by my dogs. The trial course was reversed and we had to send the dog down the hill.  Maid ran first and had a wonderful outrun. The set out person who set all day, said she had the best outwork of all the dogs. Maid listened at the top and was soft on the fetch. She was very sweet to work and I really enjoyed running her. She had 4th place for a good part of the day with an 85 out if 100 but slipped to 16th by the end of the day.

Nan ran very well and got 87. She was on the muscle on the super light hair sheep but listened well. Nice outrun and drive was spot on aside from the handler who hit the drive panels too low, thinking the drive was dead on....oops. She had to work at the Maltese cross as one brown ewe decided to snuggle next to me and not move. She placed 8th and got some points towards the Finals. But they won't count as she already has higher points that count but I am happy on how well both Open dogs ran.

I will go into more detail and have pixs when I get back into town. The trial was outstanding and just a real joy to be at.....highly recommended!

Open- Sunday results.

Nursery- Saturday Final

Nursery- Sunday Final

Kathleen had a stellar run with Josh, the Kelpie. Nice drive and popped the sheep through the Maltese cross like a pro. She got her first leg towards the Nursery Finals. She trained Josh by herself and she has done an outstanding job. Congrats to Kathleen on a job well done.

At lunch time Liz, Tea and Kathleen hung out with me  in my trailer. Rainey made sure that Liz and Kathleen  petted her since they were in her trailer. She might be kinda spoiled.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

First Day Open Scores - Memorial day Trial

Quick recap....Nan and Maid are in heat and therefore down is often ignored and pushy is more than normal.  Nan was on the muscle and we missed the chute since she forgot her down and you could not go on unless you did the chute so we timed out. On her outwork, she had push but ran well and I was very  pleased with her work.

Maid was very pliable and a real joy to run, She stopped at the top as asked, lifted nice and had a sweet fetch. She listened to everything I had asked of her. I have been working on reducing the drive commands and it was a success.....her drive was sweet but the missed cross panels cost us dearly. Nan also missed them but she failed to heed my down and as a result, flung the sheep on one side. Maid listened well but my handling  error was the downfall. I really loved running Maid as she was soft and very willing. I felt like our run on the outwork and drive was the best. At the chute, I had them lined up and told her down but she stepped on step more and one slipped by. We tried it several times and she was getting frustrated but didn't grip. We timed out but she tried and I need to work on the down without a tiny more step added. She was quite happy after her run and her eyes were shining happy at me.

I didn't get the Nursery scores but will tomorrow.  Janet ran Jude and they had a nice outwork but timed out on the drive. Kathleen had a wonderful outrun with Josh, her Kelpie, and timed out on the last leg of her drive. She would have only lost 13 points on her drive otherwise.

More tomorrow, I promise.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Heading out

We are heading out later today for a three day trial at Sue and George MacDonald's. Sat and Sun will be open and Nursery. Monday in Nursery, Ranch, PN and Novice. Maid and Nan are in Open. Sava and Rainey are in PN.  Tess is going to be the lap warmer.

Getty (Husband) will be going along. Since I am still only 5 week off from the heart surgery, driving really hurts. The seat belt digs into my incision and it really is painful. I drove to work two days this week and that was painful so I got to work at home for the rest of the week. This is nice as I can read and do my documents without any interruptions. I can get twice as much done doing this than at work. So, as soon as I am done with my work shift, we are hitting the road. Getty is doing all the packing so I just have to hop in the truck. He is not keen about the trial but will go Frisbee disc golfing when I am at the trial.

My four trials dogs, Maid, Nan, Rainey and Sava are in standing heat....and as a result, have forgot the down and really leaning on the sheep. If the sheep don't move fast enough in their minds, they do a little hock grip. So this weekend will be lively for me. This way, I can truly see if my pacemaker is working as I get all pumped up when my dogs blow through the bit. I worked them on Th night so hopefully they remember what I reminded them!!

Tess is going along and being the lap warmer. Plus her usual role of pillow thief. She is the only dog that is not in heat but then again, she has been fixed for a few years. She is doing quite well considering her congestive heart condtion and kidney diease. She is on meds and on K/D dog food.

I think I will have internet access so will post at the trial. If not, then you will get nothing on the blog until I get home. Wish us luck and have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Memorial Day Trial (Ewefull Acres) PN, Ranch, Novice and Nursery

Nursery Saturday 1.  Liz Stenning    Crick
2.   Kathleen T      Josh
3.   Sue Mac      Avie
4.   Ken E            Clint
5.   Janet T         Jude
6.   Jenni  C        Mac
7.   Ian  C            Maxi/ Goose
8.   Bonnie B      Bob
9.   Noelle          Dusty
10. Corinne B    Bea

Nursery Sunday 1.   Corinne B    Bea
2.   Chris S.        Playa
3.   Janet T         Jude
4.   Ian C             Clint
5.   Kathleen T   Josh
6.   Sue Mac       Avie
7.   Jenni C         Mac
8.   Liz S             Crick
9.   Ian C            Maxi/Goose
10. Bonnie B     Bob

Nursery Monday 1.  Bonnie B          Bob
2.  Kathleen T       Josh
3.  Jenni C            Mac
4.  Chris S            Playa
5.  Ian                   Maxi/Goose
6.  Sue Mac         Avie
7.  Corinne B       Bea
8.  Janet T           Jude
9.  Noelle W       Dusty
10. Liz S              Crick
11.  Ian C            Clint

Monday Runs (not in order)
1.   Paul Foster     Ben
2.  T  and Taw
3.  Susan Crocker and Cedar
4.  Norm Wycoff  Caleigh
5.  Kendall Hougland  Charm
6.  Sue Mac    Repete
7.  Lisa Lujan    Iris
8.  Kylo   Mike
9.  Susan Risner   Nevi
10. Greta Z  Tess
11. Judy Snell   Skye
12. Jane H   Rachel
13. Norm Rivers   Nova
14. Paul Murray    Lexi
15. Judy Norris    Britt
16. Jeanne B   Secret
17. Lorrie Crumpler  Kimber
18. Sara-Jo Gahm   X-P Boss

1.  Valerie Bernard     Fionn
2.  Lorrie Crumpler    Ryder

1.   Fran Macpherson       Ok Jud
2.   Judy Norris                   Britt
3.    Diane Pagel                 Sava
4.    Martha McHardy        MarCar Ken
5.    Judy Snell                      Betty
6.    Jeanne Boudrieau       Moses
7.   Noelle Williams            Fly
8. Charmaine Henderson Dan
9. Ernesta Ballard             Floss
10. Sue MacDonald            Avie
11. Nora Linbo                    Joe
12. Kathleen Torkelson      Gael
13. Bonnie Block                Bob
14. Jo Roach                        Steam
15. Christie True                 Shep
16. Chris Soderstrom        Rankin
17. Alison Deilke                Socket
18. Lisa Lujan                      Sage
19. Randy Curless              Henry
20. Cindy Baker                 Finn
21. Audrey Baldessari       Dan
22. Norm Rivers                 Scotia
23. Vicki Romero               Blitz
24. Judy Norris                  Kasey
25. Sue Foster                   Taff
26. Heidi Hanson              Bruce
27. Sue Wessels                 Skid
28. Martha McHardy        MarCar Sylvie
29. Charmaine Henderson Fling
30. Vicki Romero                Skye
31. Steve McLean               Tess
32. Diane Pagel                    Rainey

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dancing with Ewe

Dan is a Pleat x Tess pup. Well, he is probably not longer a pup as he is six year old. He is quite the pushy dog that is very talented. He looks like his mom, but in the masculine form. If I don't pay attention, I will often get Dan and Tess confused.

Dan belongs to Audrey. Audrey has had Border Collies for about 20 years. Dan is her trial dog now and later she hopes to be running Kate (Roo x Nan).

I just got my new camera and was fiddling with it. It was very bright that day and I don't have it all figured out but here is what we came up with that day.  As you can tell, Dan is very intense.

So this Border Leicester/North Country ewe had the brilliant idea that she was going to run off. Not a good idea with Dan working her. So they decided to show us, their version of "Dancing with the Stars" 

Lean to the middle. Dan takes the lead.

The next dance move require a hard right turn. 

A little two step action is also required. And then the ewe decided it would be a wise idea to end this dance routine and go back to the flock.

Dan, framed by a ewe's legs.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Open run Order for Memorial Day Trial

Open run Order for Memorial Day Trial (Ewefull Acres- George and Sue MacDonald)

Saturday Open 1

1.    T Yamamoto  and Sweep The Broom
2.    Dave Murray and Kate
3.    Bob Hickman and Trooper
4.    Donna Donahue and Kate
5.    Brian Ricards and Doc
6.    Diane Pagel and Nan
7.    Lora Withnell and Bella
8.    Gael Gann and Chili
9.    Sue MacDonald and Jan
10.   Monique  and Lucy
11.   Patricia Pedersen and Patch
12.  Noelle Williams and Lad
13.  Brian Nelson and Pleat
14.  Ian Caldicott and Bear
15.  Bonnie Block and Gull
16.  Tim Ballard and Nell
17.  Linda DeJong and Pooka
18.  Dave Murray and Moe
19.  Corinne Berg and Tay
20.  George MacDonald and Nap
21.  Bob Hickman and CBK Mojo
22.  Fran Macpherson and Mirk
23.  Cindy Baker and Brill
24.  Patricia Pedersen and Tessa
25.  Judy Norris and Glee
26.  Donna Donahue and Taff
27.  Brian Nelson and Beau
28.  Sue Wessels and Kate
29.  Diane Pagel and Maid
30.  Ian Caldicott and Kate
31.  Chris Soderstrom and Tarn
32.  Brian Ricards and Belle
33.  Lora Withnell and Nell
34.  Bob Hickman and CBK Ryder
35.  Jeanne B and Rocky
36.  Heidi Hanson and Pete
37.  Noelle Williams and Copper
38.  Dick Wilson and Raygan
39.  Alison Deilke and Zen
40.  Lasoya  and Blazin'  Beau
41.  Tierney Graham and Blazin' Brisco
42.  JB Brick and Scamp
43.  Wendy Legare and Towie
44.  Charmaine Henderson and Reo
45.  Brian Nelson and Sweep
46.  Susan Crocker and Rani
47.  Sue Wessels and Lexy
48.  Ian Caldicott and Joe Kid
49.  Jo Roach and Slider
50.  Patricia Pedersen and jenny
51.  Sue MacDonald and Jackie

 Sunday Open 2

1. Lasoya and Blazin' Beau
2. Jo Roach and Slider
3. Bob Hickman and CBK Mojo
4. Brian Nelson and Sweep
5. Diane Pagel and Maid
6. George MacDonald and Nap
7. Sue MacDonald and Jackie
8. Lora Withnell and Nell
9. Brian Ricards and Belle
10. Noelle Williams and Copper
11. Patricia Pedersen and Tessa
12. Wendy Legare and Towie
13. Heidi Hanson and Pete
14. Dick Wilson and Raygan
15. Donna Donahue and Taff
16. Ian Caldicott and Joe Kid
17. Chris Soderstrom and Tarn
18. Alison Deilke and Zen
19. Charmaine and Reo
20. Dave Murray and Moe
21. Sue Wessels and Lexy
22. Sue MacDonald and Jan
23. Tierney Graham and Blazin' Brisco
24. Monique and Lucy
25. Linda D and Pooka
26. Bonnie and Gull
27. Bob Hickman and CBK Ryder
28. Patricia P and Jenny
29. Brian Ricards and Doc
30. Brian Nelson and Pleat
31. Sue Wessels and kate
32. Gael Gann and Chili
33. Diane Pagel and Nan
34. Dave Murray and Kate
35. Corinne Berg and Tay
36. Brian Nelson and Beau
37. Patricia and Patch
38. Vickie and Gael
39. Susan Crocker and Rani
40. Ian Caldicott and Bear
41. JB Brick and Scamp
42. Donna Donahue and Kate
43. Noelle Williams and Lad
44. Fran and Mirk
45. Tim Ballard and Nell
46. Lora Withnell and Bella
47. Ian Caldicott and kate
48. Bob Hickman and Trooper
49. T Yamamoto and Sweep the Broom

Monday, May 21, 2012

The Barn!

This is too cute and I just had to post it!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

A White Fluffy Dog and a Fluffy Teddy Bear

Stella is one of our LGD. She is about 9 months old. She is a real delight to have around. LGDs at her age can get bored and chase sheep out of boredom. So we decided to give her some stuffed toys to play with instead of the young lambs.

I cleaned out Tess's toy box. Amazing enough, she had over fifty toys. I have *no idea* how she got that many - ha ha! So I grabbed a few  toys for Stella. She got soft toys as well as balls.

She took a big shine to the huge fluffy Teddy Bear. Tess removed part of the nose as a bonus. I tossed the Teddy Bear to Stella and she grabbed it and ran all over the pasture with it. She removed more of the stuffing and played with it until dark.

The Teddy Bear is almost as big as she is!

She is pretending it is a coyote and has a good neck grip.

The sheep were curious but she didn't want to share so she ran off with her toy.

I called her for her dinner so she brought the Teddy Bear as a dinner guest. Teddy Bear didn't have much of an appetite but was a very quiet guest. Last I saw before I went in the house, was Stella taking Teddy Bear for a tour of the pasture for the nightly fence check.

NOTE: These pictures were taken with my iPhone in the evening so they are not the best.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Preakness Race - I'll Have Another

This race had me on the edge of my seat....Congrats to "I'll Have Another". What a great race and at the end...all I can say is "WOW!!"

Friday, May 18, 2012

Our Last Pen - R.I.P Del'mar Scot

Rest in Peace
My dear friend
my old soul.

Our last pen.

Scott put away the ewes and lambs in the night pen. I was crying too hard to give him any commands, but the wise old dog knew what to do.  Janet brought him over so his last night would be at his beloved farm. Janet had gotten Scott from me and she loved him dearly. He was my Open Cattle and Sheep dog, then he retired and went to Janet. He became her trial dog and he retired last year. She ran him with great success.  Scott was loved by many people. He passed over to the Rainbow Bridge last night, surrounded by those who all loved him. I put my whistle around his neck so he would have a piece of me to cross over with. Janet loved Scott so much that she didn't want him to have any more pain.

Saying Good-Bye is so hard to do. Tears are rolling down my face and as I look in his eyes, he says, "It's aright. I am ready to go now. I have taught you well. Remember me and I will be at your side when you walk to the post."

Kissing Scott Good-Bye. I love you and will miss you.

Del-Mar Scot June 7, 1999-May 17, 2012

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thor and his babes

OK, I picked Thor. It wasn't a name that was actually submitted but a deviation of a name that was submitted. Thanks to Pam for the name. She submitted "Tyrus (form of Thor) or AKI (bright or sparkle)"


His babes, otherwise known and the Katahdin and Dorpers.

The two new Dorper/Katahdin ewes that I just got.

Thor is much bigger than his girls. He will provide some substance to the lambs for next year. He was checking them out when he first arrived. He was quite pleased.

He will have a total of 16 ewes!

They really didn't want their photo taken.

I think the black and browns ewes will soon be named too.

Thanks to everyone who helped in the naming of the new ram.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bluegrass Sheeptdog Trial in KY

For those of us who could not attend, here is a link:

Scott ran Wynn in the Nursery Class. He tried but Scott retired him on the drive, when he was having a hard time with his flanks. Last week, Scott ran him in a trial and he placed 3rd, just missing his second leg.

From what I hear, the sheep are tough. Freshly shorn, just off the truck from Texas and yearlings. They didn't sign up on the Union Card for the trial  and they are feisty. Be sure to refresh the website to see the latest results.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Frog Dance

I am actually at a loss for word for the first time in my life. Seriously!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Ram needs a name

I got a new Katahdin ram.  He is about 200 pounds and well built. He is kind and gentle.  He is going to be my new herd sire for the sixteen Katadhin ewes that I have.  He is about 3 years old and came from eastern Washington.  His first lamb crop was very nice and we hope that he continues that here.

But, he needs a name. Submit your name and we will pick one.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

I have the best Mother in the World. I must have been an angel in my prior life, as I have said before, because my Mother is superb. Of course, I have the best brother in the world. I might be a bit biased too!

Anyways, for Mother's Day, we cook for my Mom. She did make her world famous Gyoza but that is all we let her do.  Usually she makes a ton of food when we have dinner at out place but we told her "No-Go" so she counter-offered with one dish. Sigh...

Getty cooked New York Steak and Lobster. Mom brought over fresh corn so he grilled that as well. My brother made homemade coleslaw and curried potato salad. I put the dishes on the table and poured the drinks. I was pretty useless today in the cooking department today. But I was very tired from the day before. I did a lot of work around the farm and trained dogs and wore myself out.

My mom is super energetic and can run circles around me. She is in her 70 and walks over three miles a day around a lake, feeding the ducks and taming the wild birds. She loves animals. The dogs all adore her and when she arrived today, I could hear the happy barks of joy. I told the girls to be quiet so they barked louder. When my mom arrives, they only listen to her and she spoils them rotten. Maid has gotten into this routine too. My mom speak to Maid in Japanese and Maid understands her (so it seems). My mom calls her "Mae-Mae" and she jumps up and down and her tail goes 900 miles an hour. Then my mom opens the one pound of super expensive, gourmet soft meaty dog treats and feeds it to them They all sit down and just opens their mouth like baby sparrows and she feeds them the treats. Then she opens my dog's treat jar and feeds them some more. Then off to do cooking, where they get more treats. I tell them to go to their dog beds in my stern voice and they all run and hide behind her and she pets them and tells them they don't have to listen. They don't. It's been a ritual for years so we have fun with it.

We had a fantastic dinner;  grilled New York Steak, lobster, home curried potato salad, homemade coleslaw, homemade Gyoza and corn on the cob. Of course, I stuffed myself. The girls got the leftover from my mom- no surprise there.

(these pixs are not from today but from a couple of weeks ago)

My mom feeding the chickens. Notice the girls and ducks are below her. She doles out bread to them too. The girls get at least five pieces of bread. I let my mom feed everyone as much as she wants as that make her happy. The dogs and ducks all swarm around her feet the entire time getting handouts.

The sheep adore my mom too. They get tons of treats. They see her and start "baaing" the entire time. Some will eat out of her hand. Some of them recognize her car and will start crying as soon as she comes up the driveway. She goes and feeds them, of course!

The Hair sheep have only seen her once but figured out the free meal program.

Winifred, the Guinea that I got from Pasado's Safe Haven has my mom trained to feed her. Winnie is tame and loves to eat. She is first in the chow line.

Banjo, the lamb came running as soon as he heard my mom!

My brother, Nelson and Rainey. The girls love him as he fusses all over them. Maid thinks he walks on water, as  the first time she met him as he fed her some steak. He always has some goodies for the girls.

Last but not least, Jim. Jim is my brother's friend. He loves the animals too.

So after dinner, we wandered down to the barn. My mom got to see the new lambs and hand fed those mama ewes. They eat out of your hand and are gentle. She was thrilled with that. She loves Silkies Chicken so I got some more baby Silkies chick and she ooh-ahh all over them. Then she fed the chickens the bread. Next was the sheep. She would toss bread or hand feed the sheep, give a piece to each of the girls, drop some more for the ducks, feed a piece to the horse and some to the LGD. I gave her quite a few loaves of bread and she had a great time. It's good to see my mom be so happy. The animals all recognize here and come running for their treats. Sort of like I do. I let my mom feed the animals and the girls as much as she wants. It make me happy to see her have so much fun. The next day the girls and I are on a diet.

It was a sunny day that was very enjoyable. We all had a great time, had a wonderful meal and it was nice to have a family dinner.

Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day !

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dog cartoons

I love dog cartoons. So enjoy.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Here Kitty, Kitty...

Guess this dog will think twice about doing this again.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy Birthday, XE Maid

Happy Birthday to XE Maid.

Also known as Maidie, Moo-Moo and MooBee!

My special Open Dog.

Who can take four sheep going four ways and then.... 

 ..put them back together to make the panel....

Maid, I love you dearly. I rejoice the day that I was able to have you in my life. I did the "happy dance" that night. You have taught me a lot so far. Our journey just has begun and so far, I am enjoying every step of the way with you.

You are eight years old but still act like a puppy! You have a fun sense of humor,  snore at night and hog a good part of the bed, but you can move anything and have the power of a bulldozer. And you are kind to the silly lambs and put up with them nuzzling your tummy in search of milk.  Your are willing to carry me to become a better handler and don't mind me singing goofy songs to you.

Happy Birthday, dear, sweet Maid! I love you so very much!!

p.s. Thanks to Scott and Jenny Glen for making Maid a part of my life.