Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fire Ridge General Pixs

Some pixs from Fire Ridge. it was a great trial put on by Melinda Eden and her wonderful crew.

The beautiful banner.

Judge Hub who brought the sunshine

The first day field.  About 550 yds or so. Up rolling hills and the dogs lost sight of the sheep.

This is the field we used for the second run, about 450 yds or so. Again, the dogs lost sight of the sheep. The pumpkin in the front is part of the shedding ring.

Steve's Smoke Shack.

Handlers. I believe they are practicing the sitting technique.

Jeff Marroni and Carmen.

The view of the judging booth.

Elizabeth and Rye. Rye is one nice dog. I love the way he is built. Like a tank!
Nan giving me her opinion of some runs.

Closer view of her thought process "ZZZZZZZ"

Koko also giving her opinion of some runs.

More pixs in the next few days.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

How I got into your closet....

Wow, what an incredible journey....

Friday, October 29, 2010

Western Regionals - Koko - Double Lift

On Sunday, Rochelle and Koko made it into the Double Lift. We all sat on the sidelines and cheered! Koko ran well and placed third.

Dropping the first set.

Turning the post.

Doing the drive.

The sheep tried to face Koko down. They llost as she held her ground.

Shedding ring. They timed out.

 Rochelle got "Rookie of the Year"

Isn't this the cutest pix!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Western Regionals - Nan and Roo - Open

Nan did quite well on her first run. She got a 69. I had her adjust by Dr. Gene Kang. I will do a pot on him later this week. Nan's back was severely out. He adjust her back as well as did acupuncture. I could see the difference. She ran free and easy and like a bat out of hell. I had to be quicker on my commands. It was good to see her flow so well and not in pain.

The second run. I had to lay down a score of 75 to get into the Double Lift.  Her outrun was great, lift was dead on and almost a perfect fetch. At this rate, we were looking quite good.

Nan held the pressure side quite well. it sued to be one of her weak points but now, she holds it quite well. She only lost 8 points on her outwork at this point.

At the turn, she is holding the sheep close to me. She is being very pushy but listeninbg well.

I love this pix...see the intensity!

The lambs really wanted to go to the exhaust. Nan told them that was not a good idea. The argued with her and lost the battle and she got a DQ.

Next up was Roo. The outrun was about 450 yds and he ran 650 yds for a DQ. I guess Saturday  the valley lambs won the battle with me. even though, he was DQ, I was happy on how he tried to please me than be a butthead.  He was coming up behind the sheep when he got DQ but since he went into the woods, that was out of course and a DQ. He is really working far better than he was at LaCamas.

So at this point, Koko and Rochelle were the only dogs to make it into the Double Lift. More pixs to follow in the next few days.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Western Regionals - Rock - Open

Bob And Rock are a hot team right now. They are a team that is hard to beat. Rock is a go forward type of dog that loves to work and work. Bob ran Rock and it was a good run to watch.  They are a good match.

Hi, Ho, down the field we go!

On the drive. The lambs are moving smartly along.

They got the first panel with ease.
No down to the shedding ring.

Serious face.

One, two, three, four and five...all lined up.

The hole appears.

Magic appears....ooops, I mean, Rock!

After the lovely shed, then the nice pen. All in a day's work for Bob and Rock.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Western Regionals - Koko - Open

Once again, Rochelle and DeltaBluez Koko are the featured blog. I saw them in August and it was a real delight to see them again in October. We all hung out for the weekend and had a blast. Rochelle has been doing quite well with Koko.

Rochelle and Koko at the post.

On the fetch!
Koko is a beautiful dog and has no issues in moving anything.
I love the detail in this pix.
I love the tongue.

She had no issue on the drive.

Move along and so they did.

You can't outrun a little red dog.
Setting up for the shed.

Rochelle calls her and she darts in at full speed.

Faster than a speeding bullet.
A real shedding guru!

Making the sheep go away from the others.

Then they got the pen. Their runs at the Regionals combined made it possible to be in the Double Lift. They are a great team and a very competitive one......I root for them all the time. In a couple of days, I will do their Double Lift run.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Western Regionals

Here are some general pixs of the Western the next few days, I will post a lot more pixs...I took some of Bob and Rochelle's runs.....I only get to see them once or maybe twice a year. They are dear friends of mine and I love hanging out with them. Bob was the only guy so he had to deal with Rochelle, my friend  and me for the weekend. We asked him to help us with guy chores and he did it quite graciously. He acts all gruff-like but he is really a soft marshmellow to his dogs. I know for a fact that I will bopped by Bob the next time he sees me since I posted that he is a softie. He lets Koko sleep on his bed  on the memory foam and he spoils the dogs a lot. So does Rochelle.

My friend  and I drove down to the Western Regionals where we picked up Rochelle on the way down.  We set up our trailers near each other and the fun began. Ben is now owned by Bob and Rochelle (he is a son of Tess and Scott) and they also have Koko and Kira from me.

Hub was our judge. He flew in from Texas and brought us the warm weather. He judged 50 runs of Open for two trials and then the Double Lift.

The Handler's tent. They went all out to make  this a classy trial.It was a blast....sad to say, my dogs sucked but I had a good time.

View from the sidelines. They had vendor as well as hot food. Range ewes, big course and nice weather. What a good way to start a ten day road trip.

 I named my truck, "Berta", the GPS was "Gertie" and the Outback trailer was "Beatrice"