Wednesday, August 27, 2008

City and Farm gals!!

What a busy day!! I have my med routine down now and it seems to be working. Soon, I’ll be off them and that will be a good day. The dogs have the morning routine down too. Tess sleeps with during the night and in the morning when Jeff lets them out to go potty then Tess will hang out with him while Nan will come and sleep with me. It’s a nice routine and I enjoy waking up to Nan giving me a lick or a nudge. She has taken a more active role in the healing process.

Mom came over and the dogs rushed out to greet her. Tess ran down the stairs and got a ball for mom. Nan ran around my mom, barking in circles and her tail was wagging furiously above her back. It was a joyous morning greeting.

We had coffee and a light breakfast. I needed to go for my walk so we went down to the barn. I’ve been timing my walks and making sure that I walk during the entire time. Mom was more than happy to humor me.

It had been raining the last week or two (no surprise!!) and I had gotten a bag of pasture grass seed in early July. I wanted to reseed the pond pasture but it was delayed due to the surgery.

So you know what happened, right? Yep, my mother (the proper and polite Japanese lady) had to pull out the bag from the corner for me. I open it and then she scoops two buckets out for us to seed the pond pasture. I am sure she never thought she would be doing something like that in her lifetime.

We seeded the pond pasture with 25 pounds of grass seed. Mom was a real trooper and did a great job. I am sure she thought I was nuts but it needed to be done. She did make sure my bucket of seeds was half full and not over five pounds. It is going to continue to rain so the seed should germinate and do well.

Since I had time remaining on my *walk clock*, I turned Kael and Scott loose. Mom tossed the ball for them and they all we having fun. I did the daily cleaning of the kennels and took out loaves of bread. I feed the sheep and the cow. I also gave all the sheep (in all three pasture) one leaf of alfalfa.

Mom also fed the sheep and geese. I think she likes feeding the geese and they fly over to see her. The sheep also know her and they all ran to her. It was nice to do this with my mom. It’s has become a ritual with us when she visits. We closed up the barn and started towards the house. On the way up to the house, mom got roped into tossing the ball for Tess and Nan.

I figured since we had been pretty active that I might be hurting or tired. I was a little tired but not as bad as I thought. That made me feel good as before when I would come up from the barn, I would be completely exhausted. Now, I am not!!!

Mom made lunch for us and once again, it was delicious. I can never come close to her in cooking and I admire her for being such a good cook. As children, our meals were nutritious as well as delicious. We took it for granted but our mom made sure we ate well. She also nurtured our souls too.

Gosh, shall I tell you about lunch so your mouth will drool?? Ok!! Mom made Japanese deep friend chicken breasts, homemade French fries and steamed seasoned carrots. She used special Japanese flour dough on the chicken and fries. It was sweet and not heavy. It had a touch of seasoning and just melted in your mouth. I filled my plate to the brim and gobbled all of it down. Mom ate just as much as I did and we were both stuffed. Nan and Tess lay down and stared at my mom. She told them if they were good they would get a treat.

I was thinking she would give them a dog biscuit but instead she gave them a piece of chicken. They inhaled it and they were happy. Everyone scored at dinner.

My Fridge had been getting full the last few weeks. It needed to be cleaned so that was our undertaking after lunch. I had cleaned it prior to the surgery but with numerous people stuffing it with food and leftovers, it needed an overhaul. It took us a while but we did it. Mom made me see the error of my ways and I tossed lots of old sauces and bottled items. I guess that teriyaki from 2001 was not suitable anymore. We did a major overhaul and it looks clean and sparkly now.

I am sure my mom was stunned by now. First, we seeded a pasture and then a massive cleaning of the Fridge. We did talk about that two weeks prior, I could hardly walk down to the barn and back.

By this time, I was feeling my chest and took an Advil instead of a ½ perco. It seemed to do the trick and it quit hurting.

OK, it was time for the second walk. Same as before, but no seeding of a pasture. The dogs got to play ball and I did my walk. It was much more relaxed than the first walk. I think my mom was relieved. After all, she grew up in the city, all prim and proper and then today, she is a farm girl, slinging grass seed in a pasture. I wonder if she ever thought that I was switched at birth?

Mom headed out after the walk. Well, after she fed Rigby his can of kitty food and fussed over him. She wanted to beat the traffic and it started raining. So off she went and I headed back into the house.

For some reason, I was tired. Hum, wonder why? So Tess and Nan and I went for a two hour nap. I slept hard and fast and woke up refreshed. I rummaged around the house and ate some junk food. I did my walks with Tess and Nan in tow.

The rest of the day was much more relaxed. We had the leftover chicken, fries and carrots from lunch. I took my meds at the appointed hour and then dessert to wrap the day up. It was a good day filled with lots of activities, a far cry from two weeks ago.

Tomorrow we go to the heart surgeon and the lung Doctor. I will keep you posted. Mom called me to let me know she would bring some muffins for breakfast before we left.

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