Monday, January 28, 2008

"A bit of the old West still lives on..."

Ever watch the old western movies where cowboys rode working horses, said "yes Madam and no Sir", opened doors for women, have Morning Prayer outside at the break of dawn and people opened their homes to other folks and put out the Welcome Wagon and then suddenly the movie was over and you realized that was in the good ole days?

Well, take a step back in time my friend, because at the Bonina Ranch, ( the cowboys ride good working horses, say "Yes Madam and no Sir", Morning Prayer is outside at the break of dawn by John Paul, an excellent preacher (as well as cowboy), Bob and Nina have opened their ranch to the cattle dog trial folks and hosted cattle dog competitions and they really roll out the Welcome Wagon.

Matter of fact, the last two years, Bob loaned me his special mare "Jackie" to ride in the competition, loaned me spurs and made sure my hat was on straight before I went in.

Yep, those good old days are not gone. You just have to sneak over to Bonina Ranch to get it!!
Not only do they host the cattledog trials, they rasie cattle, have all sort of cutting horse events as well as a place to go buy your own horse place...check out their place...they have tons of great stuff.

So Rhys now known as Ace lives with Bob and Nina. What a great place for Ace to land. With two great, kind hearted people who adore him. And the best news, he now has his own cattle ranch. WOW, what a lucky dog!!

I am thinking the Bob will be riding Jackie and have Ace at his side and joining us in our competitions at their slice of heaven in the future

As you see from the pixs above, I am not sure to who is happier....Bob or Ace?

What do you think?

Thanks Bob and Nina for giving Ace a slice of the good ole days!!

Friday, January 25, 2008


Tomorrow is gonna be a sad day....the last of the puppies is going to his new home.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Caden and Teddy

"Caden and Teddy"


Caden got a new big brother named Teddy. Teddy comes from cattle lines. Teddy has been coming out here to learn to herd as well as Chuck. Both are doing great!!

As you can tell, Teddy has learned to share his bed with Caden. Don't they look cute!!

Wake up!! And pose!!!

Chuck has been doing very well with Teddy. Look for him at the trials really soon.

Chuck also make homemade beer (which Jeff loves) and dog biscuits (which the dogs love)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"American Idol - Border Collie Judges"

We love Idol.....Jeff, cuz he is a singer (good) and a talented muscian. In case you hadn't noticed some of the dogs here are named after famous musicians....Tess, Koko, Rainey, Raful, Jackie, name a few.
My singing...well, let's say....I am more gifted in watercolors and artwork, if you know what I mean!!!
So tonight, we (meaning Jeff and I and some of the pack) gather around to watch Idol.

Tess, Rainey and Kael give their opinions of one of the first singers... They all vote "GO"

Ho, hum....Rainey says of one singer a bit later...

"Still doesn't lighten me up...."

"She is more least she is on key"

""EEKS, this one thinks she sings like Mariah Carey......more like a squished cat!!"

Tess and Kael slept through a couple of them....clearly not impressed...


Sunday, January 20, 2008

It's Tessies turn!!!

OK so we have been posting pixs of Tess's puppies all this now it is Tess's turn...her pixs as a pup.....many years ago.....about 12 weeks old working Ducks

Eight yrs old working range sheep...all grown up now....
Now is she 9.5 yrs old...It's hard to believe that a frightened, pee pee princess came into our lives so many years ago.....and started us on the path to herding, the farm, sheep, and major lifestyle changes

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Update on Peg...with video

Update on Peg.....(Imp teg)...Welsh Imported bitch

Yes she still is for sale. She went on a 2 week trial basis and was too much dog for that person. She is a pushy dog, not a quitter and tons of power. She is not for a weak handler. She is a dog that can work a flock all day - like they do in the UK- put her on a few thousand sheep and she will never quit. She will work fine on ewes/lambs and trial sheep.

She is on whistles and voice command. Here is a video of her. The guy working at the end has had a couple of lessons with me and then ran her. He is a novice person but train horses so he has the voice of intent. She ran really well for him. she is at the ProNovice level which is smaller that Open, full drive, pen and no shed.

Monday, January 14, 2008

"Kael the thinker"

Kael really wants to stay. even though I picked his brother, Anson to stay, Kael had other plans.

He knew he looked like his mom and therefore he was covered in the *cute department*

Now, he just had to figure out to weasel his way to stay here.

Thinking of a Plan...deep in thought....hum..

Maybe I'll stand and look cute...look a perfect square pose...ear tipped forward and all...

OK, I'll move closer since mom is ignoring me

OK, pulling out the Ace the cute batting of the eyes...."will you love me?" a champ

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

"Just like Pa"

Need we say anymore?

This is Scott and his son, Niall...two peas on a pod. They act alike, look alike and have the same personalities.

Niall still needs a home. He is outgoing, personable and just a darn friendly pup. Now I know what his "Pa" was like as a pup!!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

"The pup formerly known as Camlin....."

The pup formerly known as Camlin........
is now known as Torq....

Terri and Torq

Terri and Torq have over 100 acres to play on and they will be working sheep here as well one day, I am sure Torq will get his own sheep. Torq also has two human children who adore him and all three have been involved since day one. The two boys helped quite a bit in the puppy socialization and are just two great kids. They also have a Belgian Terv that they herd with and that is one awesome dog with talent.

We formally introduced Terri to hoof trimming, worming and other farm chores. She took to it quite well and now is an *offical hoof trimmer and sheep flipper*

Friday, January 4, 2008

FOR SALE "Started Female to working or trial home"


Started female. Can do a Novice or ranch (one leg small drive) course, Knows her flanks, down and recall. Very willing and biddable. Very flashy female. Senstitive dog. Not for a loud or hard handler. Wants to please and has push. Not interested in cattle.

DeltaBluez Tess x AltaPete Pleat (Scott Glen). 2.5 yrs old.

Her sister Jackie ran in the 2007 USBCHA Nationals Nursery Finals. Her eyes were CERF as a pup and she is up to date on shots and worming. Great kennel, crate and house manners. Not a aggressive female but loving. Would be perfect for a Novice or PN level person. Wants to be perfect.

I am over dogged so hence the reason I am selling her and I also have 2 of her siblings that I am trialing.
ABCA registered.
Working or trial home only. $1100 firm and her price will go up as she get further along in her training.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

"Rhys the cow dog"

Rhys is going to a cattle know, the true working ranch with lots of cattle and people that do that for a living. Bob saw Scott and Tess working the last couple of years and last year he wanted to buy Tess...and you all know that Tess is our 4 legged child so that was not going to happen so he got the next best thing and that is a Tess pup.

The last 2 years, Bob and Nina (Bonina Ranch) offer their ranch for a cattle dog trial. They have tough cows and a great setup. The last two years, Bob generously loaned me his "Jackie" Quarter horse mare to ride...this was after the disaster ride I had on another loaned mare that tried her best to unseat me during one of my runs.

I have been whispering into Rhys ears that he is going to be a top cow dog like his daddy, "Scott". Delmar Scott worked on one of the largest cattle ranches in Canada, the "Coldstream ranch" and was the main cow dog for years. So Rhys has been listening to me (which is good) and has taken it to heart.

I showed Rhys some horse gear so he could be familiar with them. First up was the English saddle, which I got but never used. Rhys apparently thought that was beneath him as a true cow dog and showed his displeasure by scurrying off the saddle as fast his little legs would go. After all, what red-blooded cattle dog would be caught on an English saddle?

Ok, so we went to the Australian stock saddle...which is used in the brush in Australia. Again, Rhys thought this was beneath him and showed his displeasure by scurrying off the saddle. A real cattle dog just doesn't ride on any old saddle!!

Ok, since I didn't have my roping saddle in the house, I showed Rhys my boots and an used cinch.

"AH HA. I am so happy. I am ready to work, let's go NOW" said Rhys

"I smell cow poop so this is sooooo right...." Rhys said , "I am ready to be a real cow dog"