Thursday, August 21, 2008

Just a GREAT DAY!!!

Today my mom and Kimiko came over. I love it when they come over. They brought some tasty blueberry muffins and I inhaled mine. I don’t think I even chewed mine. I had some decaf coffee and the morning was complete.

Kimiko made me a blanket. Homemade!! It has dogs on one side and baseballs on the other side. It is perfect size for the couch, fits the couch and not extra to drag on the floor. It is stunning and very warm. I am touched at such a nice gift. Kimiko made it the night before. Kimiko is my mom’s best friend. I am glad she is my mom’s best friend. They have fun together. She is like an Aunt to me.

As usual, when mom and Kimiko came to the front door, Tess and Nan were the official greeting committee. They bounced, barked and generally were unruly…..waiting for their *Japanese moms* to arrive. I told them to settle down but it fell on deaf ears.

This is the second day that I have cut my daily pain meds in half. I can tell that I can do it but will need my ½ perco by the late afternoon. I feel my chest hurt just a little but not bad enough to take another pain pill. So that means I am healing which is a great sign!!

Mom and Kimiko sprung into action and cleaned the house for me. We had to figure out why the vacuum was not working too well but we finally did. I don’t do the vacuuming. Mom swept and mopped the floor and got tons of hair. She claimed it was dog hair but I think it was my hair, since it was in the region of where I had been sitting for a few days. Then they tackled the kitchen and it was sparkling. I owe them so much for their kindness.

Mom called Rigby and he came running up to the house. He got his usual can of kitty food and then came in for his nap. Kimiko took a picture of him sleeping on the couch. He made sure that Kimiko paid lots of attention to him. Then he made sure mom paid attention to him. He looked at me as if I was going to dote on him but he realized it was not going to happen. Then he decided that mom’s lap was a perfect spot to sit in.

Rigby on the couch. Pix taken by Kimiko!!

It had been pouring rain all day and finally we got a break. We went down to the barn and feed the animals. Actually, I pointed to the alfalfa and mom fed the sheep. It’s so cute to see my mom feed the sheep. The lambs came running to her and she loved it. Kimiko took tons of pictures.

Mom opened the gate and then I worked Tess and Nan. I worked them as a brace and then pulled Nan out, Tess was miffed that Nan was in the pasture with her and she showed her displeasure by going very slow. I let Nan work off some steam and then pulled her out. Then I worked Tess and it was amazing how fast and eager she worked.

I did a demo for my mom and Kimiko. I gave her the verbal flanks, down and walk ups. Tess was very happy and worked like a dream. Emma, the Arabian was content eating her alfalfa and then realized her sheep were gone and then she ran to then. Tess ignored her and worked the sheep around her. Tess was very happy and proud when she came out and ran to mom for her pet. After her pet, Tess went to get her ball so mom could toss it for her.

Tess and her ball. She is very happy. Pix by Kimiko

Mom then spent a bit of time after that tossing the ball for Tess. Kimiko and I were still walking around the barn and chatting while mom and Tess and Nan were at the front yard. Mom was so excited to toss the ball for Tess. Tess adores mom and they have so much fun together. Mom was even tossing two balls at once for Tess. It so nice to see them have so much fun together. I love them both so much!!

We had lunch. Mom made homemade spaghetti. She got some Italian sausage from her local specialty shop and added it to the sauce. The spaghetti lunch was delicious. I ate a normal amount and even ate my meal faster than my mom or Kimiko did. I can say my appetite has returned with a vengeance. I was stuffed and ready to hibernate for the winter!! You know, when the meal is so good, you just have to stuff yourself to the gills!! Mom made me a fruit plate for dessert in which I ate in record time. I remember when I used to just pick at my food. Now I am imitating a Hoover vacuum!!

We had some tea and watched Animal Stars. They had a pet pig that did some awesome tricks. The pig picked letters out to spell pig, did waving with her hoof and head and put a gold ball in a cup. It was neat. Then they had a pair of skunks. One skunk was in a baby carriage and the other skunk pushed it around. They had some dog tricks but the pig and skunk tricks were great. At the end the audience got to choose a winner and they pick a dog that put a basketball in the hoop. We were not impressed. Oh well, guess they won’t be calling us to judge anytime soon.

They left in the pouring rain and the normal hour long drive almost took two hours. The rain was so hard that mom had a hard time seeing. Everyone was going slowly. I am glad they got home safely.

My daily walks are going well now. I am so out of shape. At least I am getting winded now on my walks than tired out. I am up to 113 lbs so that is good. Having the dogs go with me on the walks helps a lot. Tess is miffed that I am not tossing or kicking the ball for them. I am not up to that yet. I will kick it a couple of times but not hard. They will have to deal with that.

Jeff came home early. He can’t do outside painting when it is dumping rain. I hope it will quit raining soon so he can get some hours in. At least, I don’t have to worry about watering my garden.

We had leftover spaghetti for dinner. It was just as good as before. I was still hungry so I ate a bowl of peanuts, a box of Milk Duds. Then I had a bowl of Ice Cream. Talk about an eating machine. I used to measure the amount that I ate in spoonfuls or amount of pieces. Now I measure in bowls.

Nelson called to see my eating progress. He calls each night and I appreciate it. I am glad to tell him that I am eating like a pig. He also makes sure about my walks. I look forward to his calls. He is a good brother.

My friend, Kathy Davis is coming up on Sunday. She stayed with me during most of my hospital stay. It made my time in the hospital a lot less scary. When I was not too sure what was going on, she was there. It meant a lot to me. I hurt so bad and was in major pain and so out of it at the hospital. She was my lifeline. I am so excited to be seeing her. Last time, she saw me I was weak and hurting. Now I feel so much better and want to show her how much I have improved. We are going to have steak and tempura for dinner. Mom, Kimiko and Nelson will be there. Jeff will be cooking the steaks and mom and Kimiko will be cooking the tempura. I am so excited for this Sunday!!

Janet and her husband came over and got Kuro. Janet worked Tess and Scott. Tess worked well for her. Scott and Janet had to work out who was boss but Scott saw the light. Jerill, (Janet’s husband) was in charge of moving Emma so Janet could work the sheep. Emma and Jerill get if off and became buds. He used to train horses so no wonder he had a good time. Janet let the dogs all run free for a bit. Sleat was very happy to be free. Earlier when I passed her in the kennel, she wanted to go out so bad and all I could do was to pet her. Jeff told me tonight that he really likes her. He saw a baby picture that I had of her on my work laptop and asked if it was her. Then he told me that he liked her. She listens to him and is a sweet dog, I got her Carol Campion. Carol has very nice dogs. Sleat will be going to Scott Glen for training. She is a very talented dog and I hope she does well for Scott. Sleat was a bit standoffish last year at the Glens but Jenn spoiled her and then Sleat became a super loving dog. Thanks to Jenn for making her shine!! Jenn is a really good person!!

What is even ironic is that I got Sleat from Carol. Carol and I have kept in touch regarding Sleat. Carol lives in the east. I have a student named Deborah who has a nice working female named Indy. Indy has been coming here for a few months and is about a year old. She works very nice and has good stock sense. Deborah is in college and has to do an internship. She went to the east for a year for her internship and took Indy. I hooked her up with Carol and she will be going to her while she is over there for the year. Small world, huh!! Deborah will have so much fun. Meanwhile, her husband Ben is still in Seattle and he will be taking some lessons so when he gets his own dog, he will be ready!!

We relaxed this evening and watched the Olympics. The USA won beach volleyball and it was a fun game to watch. My pain level has dropped and I am getting better. I enjoy eating and going for walks. I enjoy life…..after all, isn’t that what it is all about?

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