Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Last of the Scott Glen Handler's Clinic pixs

Finally I am done editing the pixs. I had a wonderful time at the clinic! If you get a chance to go to a Scott clinic or lesson, go as fast as you can drive (legally) to it! Don't forget your dog, either.

Early morning mist at 6 in the morning.

What a beautiful sight to see...the first runs, the sheep and dog would appear out of the mist and it reminded me of the time that I spent three years ago, on the hills of Scotland with my dear friend, Angie and Kelvin. I need to go back

Of course, I had to end the series with my beloved Nan. I just love this dog.
She has a tremendous heart and wants to do right by me. Mostly at warp speed.

We worked on fixing her slicey flanks and getting a stop in one step instead of three. I guess in Canada a stop is one step, whereas in the States, it is three. I soon was enlightened.

Nan walking up with gumption. I really had to be more precise and work on opening her flanks up. I about fell down when Scott said I had come a long way since he knew me. Perhaps he was referring to the first time I took a lesson from him. The word "Chaos" and "clust****" describes that lesson quite well.
I love this dog with all my heart. I never thought that I would love a dog as much as I love Tess, but I was wrong. We seem to read each others minds and enjoy teaming up. She gives me her all and loves me. Thanks to the people in her past who bred, trained and sold me this wonderful dog. Nan loves being the top dog, my right hand and my best friend out on the trial field.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nell and Mojo at the Scott Glen Clinic

Today's featured dogs are Nell and Mojo. All were expertly handled by their owners. You saw vast improvements in all of them. All of the dogs had wide ranges of skill as well as the owners. It was fascinating to see the progress.

Lora and Nell. Nell is a striking dog with a lot of grit.

She keeps Lora in line. She was awesome at the clinic and Lora was quite proud of her little pistol.

Mojo pushing the sheep around the course. Bob Hickman is the owner of this delightful dog.

It was hot and the sheep didn't want to move. They wanted to graze but Mojo showed them that moving was a better option.

And did they move. Mojo putting them through their paces. The saying "You go, Girl" can be applied here.

Look at her intensity. I keep telling Bob that she needs to come home with me.

She was really enjoying herself. Bob also did a shed. It was so quick and tidy that I didn't get a good pix. He had them lined up and *poof* a shed.

Tomorrow will be the last of the set of pixs from the clinic.

Monday, September 27, 2010

More Scott Glen Handlers Clinic pixs

Some more photos from the Scott clinic. I still have a bunch more to do and will be putting them up in the next week. If you get a chance to attend a Scott clinic, sign up and you will not only learn a lot but have a great time. Be ready for some good natured ribbing from Scott. Of course, he go this fari share back from us. Just ask him about the "missed panel" lesson!

Kirby on the drive. She is a Tess granddaughter. Kirby is DeltaBluez Molly x Pudge. Molly is Tess x Pleat.

 I love the ears.

 Nice slow walk up.

 She is a younger version of Tess. Some of her moves remind me of Tess.

 Walk along, little sheepie!

 Scott, perhaps doing a waltz or the hokie-pokie at the pen.

These sheep were not easy to pen.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


It’s has been a wild week regarding the Finals. From Kuro running in the Nursery with Scott and getting 24th overall, to being able to watch on live broadcast, the semi and Double lift. I didn’t have to go and buy a ticket but was able to sit in the comfort of my couch, drink coffee and watch the runs. The camera angle was great (and thanks to Jenny Glen for the adjustment) and you could see the best of the best. I was able to learn by watching each run. I would think I would blow a certain command but was a second or so behind. Their timing was great and mine was not. I was inspired so I went out after watching the double lift and worked my dogs.
I took Taff, Roo and Rainey. Tess also snuck in for a spin. Roo ran like a top, square flanks, nice steady and was a star. Not an item wrong so let him go play in the pond pasture as his reward. Tess was dancing at the gate, begging to be come in so I relented. She ran like a 6 month old pup at the sheep, no wide outrun but at the last moment cast out then brought the sheep at warp sheep. I let her as she earned it. She drove like her gas pedal was on fire and then a brilliant shed and I called her off. Happy at her work, she ran to the gate, obviously telling me she was done and wanted to play with Roo so I let her out. Her tail gaily waving in the air was the last I saw and I smiled. She doesn’t need to be tuned up anymore but wanted to show me she could do it and then was done. She was quite happy with herself.

I have been having downing issues with Taff as he has been sliding through his stops. Or he turns in and takes three steps. I began to whisper to him and when he didn’t I ran at him. I fell and my crook flew up in the air and over his back and landed behind him. He stopped and watched it sail by and then came to me as I got up. Whipping the mud off my pants and pretending that I meant to do that, I carried on. It is hard to have dignity with mud on your face.

Well, that seem to do the trick as after that he stopped on a dime most of the time. His steadies were a lot better and he didn’t turn in on his flanks. However, he still is tight on his flanks He will first starts off nice and wide but as time goes on, he gets tighter and tighter. I worked on precise and short whistles and made sure they were not loud. I was pleased. Once I get the little issues worked out, we will go to a trial. We are so close to it but not totally there yet. Taff is a super nice dog and very devoted to me.

Rainey needs help on her driving. Her outruns are very sweet and very much so like her sire. Working her is like working her sire. Just a smaller version of Scott. I really enjoy working her a lot. I sent her and she cast out wide and brought the sheep smartly to me. I had her drive the lot across the culvert to the marsh. Now came the hard part. I stood on my critter pad and made her drive them down the length of the ditch and then turn them into the marsh. The sheep stalled at the knee high water and refused to move. I cajoled her and she began to grip and stood up to the ewes. I talked to her and she kept pushing them and soon she had them going in the water. I had her push them halfway across the field then recalled her. I sent her on my come by side and she went deep into the marsh. I saw to my surprise that she was swimming to finish her outrun. I saw her little white head bobbing up and down and she was dead on. She swam up behind the sheep and the ground was higher. Then she was belly deep in water and the sheep didn’t want to move. She was game, got them moving, and soon brought them to my feet and I was proud of her. I had her drive them to the pond at the north side of the pasture and called it a day. She will do just fine. Just a few more miles and she will have the driving down.

It was a fine day to watch some of the finest handling, to go and work my dogs and now, to sit on the couch, surround by my canine companions, rejoicing in life.

USBCHA Sheepdog Double Lift Final Standings

Well, another great USBCHA Sheepdog Finals has  come and gone. Congrats to Patrick and Riggs for winning. They have been an awesome team and it's good to see that they did so well. This is Patrick's second time as the National Finals winner....Patrick is an genuine guy who is probably one of the kindest guys that I have ever known.

Mucht thanks to USBCHA, 500Films, ABCA, and all the other folks  who put he 2010 finals on. Much thanks to Heather for her tireless reporting! Please show your thanks to the company who provided the live feed by sending an email to

Here are the final standings


1 Shannahan, Pat Riggs 122 530
2 Wilson, Tom Sly 123 505
3 MacRae, Alasdair Nap 162 439
4 Schmaltz, Wendy Gin 196 422
5 Glen, Scott Maid 192 405
6 Luedecke, Emil Spot 171 354
7 Milliken, Amanda Roz 156 347
8 French, Robin Bill 163 339
9 Burch, Larry Dot 186 337
10 Cunningham, Lori Matt 216 301
11 Bailey, Debbie Huck 284 155
12 Enzeroth, Ron Dusty 263 137
13 Boyce, Dawn Tink 110 rt
14 Forrester, Tom Pete 327 rt
15 Nieder, Libby Lyn 339 rt
16 Glen, Scott Don 169 dq
17 Berhow, Bill Mike 175 dq

USBCHA Double Lift Finals Placings

What a great day to sit and watch the broadcast. Almost as good as being there!


1 Shannahan, Pat Riggs 122 530
2 Wilson, Tom Sly 123 505
3 MacRae, Alasdair Nap 162 439
4 Schmaltz, Wendy Gin 196 422
5 Glen, Scott Maid 192 405
6 Luedecke, Emil Spot 171 354
7 Milliken, Amanda Roz 156 347
8 French, Robin Bill 163 339
9 Burch, Larry Dot 186 337
10 Cunningham, Lori Matt 216 301
11 Bailey, Debbie Huck 284 155
12 Enzeroth, Ron Dusty 263 137
13 Boyce, Dawn Tink 110 rt
14 Forrester, Tom Pete 327 rt
15 Nieder, Libby Lyn 339 rt
16 Glen, Scott Don 169 dq
17 Berhow, Bill Mike 175 dq

Saturday, September 25, 2010

USBCHA Double Lift Sunday

Good Luck to the following below!
Starts 8:00 East Coast Time

1 Cunningham, Lori Matt
2 Wilson, Tom Sly
3 Nieder, Libby Lyn
4 Glen, Scott Maid
5 Burch, Larry Dot
6 French, Robin Bill
7 Schmaltz, Wendy Gin
8 Berhow, Bill Mike
9 Milliken, Amanda Roz
10 Boyce, Dawn Tink
11 Luedecke, Emil Spot
12 Bailey, Debbie Huck
13 Forrester, Tom Pete
14 Enzeroth, Ron Dusty
15 MacRae, Alasdair Nap
16 Shannahan, Pat Riggs
17 Glen, Scott Don



Handler, Dog, Gather, Score
1 Wilson, Tom Sly 11 202
2 Milliken, Amanda Roz 10 197
3 Glen, Scott Don 10 192
4 Berhow, Bill Mike 12 189
5 Shannahan, Pat Riggs 14 188
6 Glen, Scott Maid S 186
7 Burch, Larry Dot 22 184
8 MacRae, Alasdair Nap 16 181
9 Boyce, Dawn Tink 18 181
10 Schmaltz, Wendy Gin 13 178
11 Luedecke, Emil Spot 18 178
12 Forrester, Tom Pete 21 176
13 French, Robin Bill 15 174
14 Nieder, Libby Lyn 26 174
15 Enzeroth, Ron Dusty 29 166
16 Cunningham, Lori Matt 14 164
17 Bailey, Debbie Huck 21 159
18 MacRae, Patricia Max 10 157
19 Lambert, Beverly Mirk 15 155
20 Bailey, Debbie Ben 37 153
21 Williams, Noelle Lad 29 147
22 Stewart. Tony Lad 14 142
23 Molloy, Sally Bett 19 133
24 King, Carla Emma 20 133
25 Whittington, Don Fionn 14 124
26 Tesdahl, Linda Suede 51 124
27 Fogt, Bruce Mickey 25 120
28 Anderson, Rose Buzz 31 104
29 Kawalec, Kathy Maya 42 100
30 Washer, Bob Clare 50 0
31 Parker, Dwight Lucy 50 0
32 Schreeder, Marianna Penny 50 0
33 Hickenbottom, Allen Vic 50 0
34 Milliken, Amanda Clive 50 0
35 Knox, Kathy Sal 50 0
36 Henry, Christine Bess 50 0
37 Deschambeault, Roger Bob 50 0
38 Holland, Vergil Dally 50 0
39 French, Robin Zac 50 0
40 Bowen, Chris Jake 50 0

Friday, September 24, 2010

USBCHA WEBCAST and top 40 dogs/handlers

The top 40 dogs and handlers are:

Semi-Finals, Saturday

1 Cunningham, Lori Matt
2 MacRae, Patricia Max
3 Washer, Bob Clare
4 Bailey, Debbie Huck
5 Williams, Noelle Lad
6 Parker, Dwight Lucy
7 Anderson, Rose Buzz
8 Schreeder, Marianna Penny
9 Glen, Scott Don
10 Fogt, Bruce Mickey
11 Forrester, Tom Pete
12 Enzeroth, Ron Dusty
13 Tesdahl, Linda Suede
14 Lambert, Beverly Mirk
15 French, Robin Bill
16 Hickenbottom, Allen Vic
17 Milliken, Amanda Clive
18 King, Carla Emma
19 Knox, Kathy Sal
20 Shannahan, Pat Riggs
21 Berhow, Bill Mike
22 Molloy, Sally Bett
23 Henry, Christine Bess
24 Milliken, Amanda Roz
25 Deschambeault, Roger Bob
26 Holland, Vergil Dally
27 Bailey, Debbie Ben
28 Boyce, Dawn Tink
29 Nieder, Libby Lyn
30 Whittington, Don Fionn
31 French, Robin Zac
32 Stewart. Tony Lad
33 MacRae, Alasdair Nap
34 Luedecke, Emil Spot
35 Bowen, Chris Jake
36 Wilson, Tom Sly
37 Burch, Larry Dot
38 Glen, Scott Maid
39 Schmaltz, Wendy Gin
40 Kawalec, Kathy Maya

Sign up to see the top 40 runs LIVE!!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day Two of Shearing

Sunday, OMG, just came too quick. I went to bed early the night before (Passed out since I was so tired) I was sure that someone snuck in and moved the clock ahead….

Tess, Rainey, Scott and Nan leaped off the bed since they knew something fun was going on. I gave Tess a treat and then took Nan, Scott and Rainey. Tim arrived and we chatted for a bit, then I set off to get Nayab’s sheep. I snuck Scott into the car in case Nan would need help. Rainey got tied to the fence since she was going to do stall work. She gave me the ‘wounded dove look’ as I walked off. Luckily for me, I was immune to it since her mother, Tess was also very good at the ‘wounded dove look’. Scott and Nan gather the sheep and then I sued Nan to push them down to the house. She was on the muscle and the sheep were not too keen but she convinced them that was a good idea. A few turned to stand her off and she walked into them and had to grip a few times. Her mind was on her work and soon she had the 40 plus sheep in the stall. I put her and Scott away and grabbed Rainey.

Nan pushing the sheep through our gate.

She danced with excitement and her eyes glowed with the prospect of work. Tim snagged a ewe and quickly sheared her. I had Rainey hold the sheep in the corner and she soon quickly figured out that they couldn’t cross an invisible line. Nayab was the wool tosser and was quite good at it. We wormed the ewes as soon as they got sheared. We couldn’t load all the sheep into the stall so Rainey and to unload and reload the sheep. She thought she was in heaven, having to do good old chores. She had to do between the stall and sheep and do low heel grips as well as lie down under or next to sheep. She did quite well and didn’t freak out the sheep but moved them with some authority.

She also took a nap when we took a break. I called her over to release the sheep and then she passed out. As soon as I made a movement to get up, she bolted upright…sly gal, wasn’t really sleeping but had me fooled.

Holding the sheep. Look how intense her eyes are!

Got a worried look now. One ewe shifted and thought about running past her.

 Tim shearing a ewe. He was very quick.
 Pretending to be asleep.

the mountain of wool

Once the first set was done, I used Nan to bring them back and then get the second set. The second set was new sheep that Nayab got and are half North Country and half Coop. Nayab just got a North Country ram and he is huge. He was not too used to being worked by dogs so Nan and the ram had a few discussions along the way.

Rainey stuffed the stall with the second set and did her duties religiously. The ram decided he wanted to smash her but she looked at hi with fire in her eyes. I stood next to her and told her to get him. Her tiny muzzle reached up and nabbed his huge snout. Word of warning…make sure you are not next to a large ram when he leaps up in the air. A few more of the ewes made a fuss at her and she turned them also. She really enjoyed working in the stall and by the end of the day, she was wiped out. She did big dog work and I could see shades of Tess during the day.

The night was capped off by Nan moving the second flock back to Nayab’s field and as Nan, Scott, Rainey and I all walked up to the house, we all looked at each other as if to say “It was a fine day for shearing and this is what we are all about”

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day one of shearing

We shear twice a year, mainly since we lamb out in March/April and we want the wool to be short, than have a years growth so the lambs will not have an issue. I suppose we could crutch the ewes but the cost is the same, so we opted for a full shear. Normally the fall shearing in the first weekend in Oct but since I am gone for a good portion of Oct for trials, we moved it up two weeks. Tim Sorg, our shearer arrived on time and got set up. Kathleen and Monique also were part of the shearing crew. We decided to forgo the hoof trimming and vaccinations for a few weeks since we were all injured in one way shape or form. However, the dogs, Emma and Lucy were just fine and more than happy to step up to the plate and work. Monique and Lucy brought the flock from the far pasture and we went to work. Tim sheared, Kathleen was the wool tosser and Monique and I were the worming committee. Monique had to leave at midday and missed the homemade shrimp fettuccine and Getty had made. It was a very tasty lunch and we watched some football. Tess and Rainey planted themselves with Getty and rooted for fumbles, turnovers and touchdowns.

Finally around 4ish or so, we got done with shearing 53 sheep. Kathleen and Emma took the flock back to my far field. About ten of this years lambs will go away as locker lambs so I hope to carry over about40- 45 or so ewes and rams for thee winter. That is a good manageable number. Next year, I plan to sell most of my ewes that are 7 yrs to perhaps a person who wants a good starter Clun Forest flock,. Those lines are the old lines from Oregon and great mothers, easy keepers and no health issues. They have great feet which have not been a problem in our marshy area. As a personal preferences, I like ewes with upright ears and dark faces. I look to sell about 15 of them next year and keep their lambs as replacement.

Emma resting under the chair
Additionally, I have about six Katahdin ewes that are nice and stout and will keep two of their ewe lambs next year. My goal is no more that 45 sheep. I have had up to 85 or so and that was a lot more work than I wanted, with a full time job.

Emma taking a midday nap

After Tim had left, Kathleen and I decided to go out for dinner. We were both totally beat from the long day. A change of clothing was in order and soon we headed off to the fall city Grill. This is not to be confused with the Fall City Roadhouse, which as the most horrible service and food on the west coast. The Fall City Grill is a small café and has been around for years.

The Saturday night special was Prime rib, baked potato, corn and soup or salad. We both ordered it and Kathleen got the soup and I got the salad. The prime rib was very seasoned and served medium rare. It was a good meal and we were stuffed. As we lounged about, they came by with a dessert tray. I was tempted and broke down and got their signature dark cake with caramel sauce. I thought it was a dark chocolate cake but it is a date cake. It was rich and wonderful. The homemade hot caramel sauce on the side and whipped cram on the top made it a 5 star dessert. Kathleen and I ate it in seconds, smacking our lips, wondering where we found the room for it in our already full stomachs, but we did. The dessert is a ‘you must have dessert’ and I know that I will be ordering it again.

Soon, we left the warm and cozy café and made our way back to the farm. As we past my far field, we could see the freshly shorn sheep in the moonlight with Emma the Arab hovering nearby. When we put the flock back in the pasture, she rushed up to check on her charges. We had left her behind to bring the sheep back to the farm. She snorted and sniffed everyone, as if wondering what happened to their wool. The clustered about her and once she was satisfied, they all wandered off. She is a good guardian of the flock and we continued out drive to the farm, knowing the flock was safe under her guidance and that I would repeat this shearing process the next day with Nayab’s sheep.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Passing of the Reins

Tess has been my partner, my right hand and my best friend. For ten years, she has been the one to take the sheep to and from the far fields. The far fields are 1/2 mile down the road and she brings them back and forth numerous times. It has gotten to the point where I could follow behind her in the car and she pushes the sheep in front. I used to walk behind her but when I was recovering from the heart surgery, I couldn't walk more than 20 steps.

Tess is in the retirement phase so Nan has stepped into her shoes. While Tess was watching the football game with Getty, Nan was the one to drive the sheep back and forth. We sheared sheep both days. Sunday was Nan's day to do the driving work. Nan was very excited to be the chosen one!

Freshly shorn!

Nan going with gusto. She is doing quite well. I started the drive on foot but jumped into the car. I cracked my sternum again so I am in a lot of pain still. Walking (or jogging) the 1/2 mile was a nit much. The prior days Monique and Kathleen moved the flocks. We moved three flocks.

I used my whistles and she kept on pushing.

Here she is moving 25 sheep at a good clip. She kept them tightly bunched. The ram turned on her and she fought him back. He decided that going forward was a better idea. After we moved the flocks, Nan was so proud. She kept jumping up and down in delight.  Tess has passed the reins to Nan. Now Tess can continue to watch TV, knowing that Nan has succeeded in her new role. Good going, Nan...we are proud of you!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Sheepdog Super Bowl

The National Sheepdog Finals at Belle Grove Plantation puts on display “a dance form that turns into an art form”

by Les Sillars of

Scott Glen was not happy. He stood beside a white post on the edge of a pasture at Belle Grove Plantation and glared from behind his shades at Kuro, the young border collie Glen was running in the “Nursery” division of the National Sheepdog Finals on Saturday. Kuro was perhaps 100 yards away, crouching and darting, advancing and retreating alongside five sheep who were balking firmly at going through two sections of white fencing.

rest of article

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Scott Glen Handler's Clinic photos

In August Scott came down for a Handler's Clinic. I took Nan as I needed help in her slicing the flanks and timing. Turns out she was also sliding through her stops so we worked on that. There was ten people there and it was over four days. It was very hot so we started early and quit early. By the end of the day, Nan and I were exhausted. I stayed at Carole Russo's cottage and that was about three minutes from the field. I had a blast hanging out with Carole and Sal. They are super cool people.

The military also heard about Scott being in town and they made an appearance.

I took this pix with my 300 lens. This helicopter flew around for a bit. It was huge and loud and we watched it as it made passes over the field.

Lora Withnell's dog, Nell. She is the sister to my Sava.

Melinda and Jeanne.

Scott giving us the daily agenda.

1. Sit up
2. Drink your milk
3. Say "please' and 'thank you"

No wait, that was my mother...Scott said "You need to work on a better down"

Watching another handler's run. Each day, the fog would be on the field and made for a scenic view. The company was outstanding.

And of course, Scott was a fantastic instructor. I learned what I was doing good and what I need to work on. I wrote down tons of notes and will have to put them in a later blog. Scott is quite nice, funny and makes you feel at ease. I enjoy working with him and if you get a chance to take a lesson or clinic from Scott, RUN to it! Bring paper, pen, dog, coffee and a good attitude and soon you will walk away with a tons of knowledge and much improved handling!

Than you Scott for all of your support and kindness ovedr the years. Thanks to his lovely wife, Jenny for her quick wit and great humor and support! A great couple!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Monique Feyrecilde and DeltaBluez Lucy

Monique and Lucy are a great team. I sold Lucy to her at the end of last year and it proved to be a great match. Of course, they were a team prior so we made it official. They really click on the field and it was good to see them work together. I sat on the sidelines like a proud soccer mom!! This is part of the series from the Scott Glen Handler's Clinic.

Lucy bringing the sheep.
Strong walk up

Staying on the course.

Through the panels. Lucy can hold a nice straight line.

The drive.

On line to the first panel The draw was heavy to the left.
Bringing them back on the last leg.
So they stroll in together in the shedding ring and *poof* a nice, quick shed! The sheep had no idea what just happened to them. They are a real contender in Open and a pleasure to watch. It was good to see them refine their partnership at the clinic! It was a wise choice that I made (aided by Tess) and we will continue to cheer them on for the many success yet to come! In case you didn't know Monique, she is one of the nicest and honest person that I can call one of my best friends. Look her up at a trial and you will enjoy her refreshing, witty personality. And of course, don't forget to give Lucy a kiss!