Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Our Australian Kelpie Book - For Sale

Our Australian Kelpie, bt Tim Austom and artwork by Pieter Zaadstra.

Australia, First edition. No Date shown.

Inscription of when a couple visited The Zaadstra (?) Gallery and bought the book. The Gallery owner states she knew Pieter Zaasdtra since her was a young man. Signed by Ruth and Bill, Feb 1998.
Hard Cover. Book Condition: Excellent condition. Dust Jacket Condition is Excellent. RARE book in excellent condition.
THE ELFINVALE KELPIE STUD STORY with lavish illustrations - stunning full page paintings and charcoal drawings by the Dutch artist Pieter Zaadstra done in a free and easy style with acrylic washes, showing the unique colours of Australian country scenery and the rich gloss of the Australian Kelpie Dogs, these are reproduced in all their glowing beauty.
If you are interested in this Kelpie Book, let me know by filling in the contact info at this link. Price is $250 plus shipping and insurance to the USA or Canada.

Monday, July 30, 2012

South African Sheepdogs, Training and Trials Book - For Sale

South African Sheepdogs, Training & Trials by Kingwill, Con and Brenda Munitich

1985 Wescot Printing Co. Ltd., Ladysmith, S.A.

Hardcover with Dust Jacket. Very good condition

The training and history of sheepdogs in South Africa.

Part 1: Training your Sheepdog
Part 2: Early Days: 1959 and 1960; The first Narionals: 1961 1962-1984.
Part 3: Personalities: Past and Present.

Illustrated with black and white photos.

$75 plus shipping and insurance to USA or Canada.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Kelpie Book Sale

In the next week, I will be offering a bunch of my Kelpie books for sale. I have a nice collection and all are out of print and rare copies. There will be Tony Parson and Austin, to name a few.

I have a lot of old books and since I don't have Kelpies, I then decided to sell my Kelpie books. There are mostly the original prints and in good condition.

I will ship but you pay for shipping and insurance.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Lamb Wagon -Caption Contest time

Time for another caption contest.

The rules. 

1. Open to anyone but will only ship the prize to USA or Canada. Put your caption in the comments section to be entered for the drawing.
2. Enter as many times as you want. We will count each entry separately. Before you could enter as much as you want, but your name was only entered once. This time, if you enter five times, you get five chances.
3. Tess will do the random draw, Your name will put on a piece of paper, and it will be wadded up and tossed in pile on floor and Tess will pick one.
4. No naughty captions.
5. Contests ends in two weeks or so.
6. I will post the winner and you have one week to contact me. If you don't then the second place winner gets the prize.

Prize: Border Collie notepad.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Cartoons

We are watching the Olympic Opening Ceremony so no dog blog tonight. I still have to download photos from the last two trials and edit them. So you know what I will be doing this weekend. Plus I have to finish the Palm Cottage write up as well as Ian's trial writeup.
So in the meantime, here are some dog cartoons to keep you amused.

Shiro used to do this as well as bring the newspaper.

Was the sneaker a leather or nylon?

Well, this explains it now!

This is why it takes two bags of treats to train my dogs.

 Not much to say here.

I used to say this for my mom and usually right after, I would be sporting some type of injury.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Palm Cottage Haircut gets First Place

So, I went to a sheepdog trial, and I ran a few dogs and then got a haircut. I have had this style for a while and have been thinking of getting a new cut. Since, Derek Fisher just graduated from Paul Mitchell School and now is a stylist, I asked him to cut my hair. So, in the middle of a trial, I got a new hair style.
My former hairstyle...wild and crazy.
The new haircut, shorter and easy to maintain. It just falls in place and is very cute.

Erica Gordon was driving by and  saw me getting a new cut so she got in line. Check out her new look. I like the sides and how it flows nicely.

Thanks Derek for the new style. I love it!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Palm Cottage - Nursery, PN and Novice

The last day of Palm Cottage was the Nursery runs (two), Pro Novice and then Novice. The classes were fun and the sun decided to make an appearance. I even got a tan!  The sheep were set on the side of the hill, which sucked most of the dogs in on the side, mine included, then a fetch and a left hand drive. It was pretty close to the Open drive but short on the crossdrive. Back to the post and then to the pen in six minutes.

The two Nursery classes ran first.  Josh ran out well and at the last section of his drive timed out. The sheep were not easy and if given a chance, would bolt to the exhaust.  If the dog was weak or unsure, they would stomp and refuse to move. It took clever work to get them through the course. The pen was very tough and a few handlers had the sheep in the mouth of the pen when time ran out. 

Suzy had a sweet run with Bea.

Then Suzy repeated her win with Brynn....this dog needs to come home with me! 

OK, Suzy ...you keep winning with your quiet, controlled run. You are an inspiration! Suzy was very helpful to anyone who hand any questions. Rainey went out then slowed down at the top, her eye catching her. I had to flank her and she finally lifted the sheep and did a nice lift. She worked hard on keeping a straight line on the fetch and the sheep did not even offer to break to the exhaust. She had one of the nicest fetches. Her drive started very nice and on the last half of the cross drive, the sheep bolted up the hill. She caught them and got them through the panel and brought them at a good clip to the pen. I had to encourage her to keep on their heel and keep them moving but she did everything I asked of her. At the pen, they stood and faced her and thought about breaking to the exhaust.  She stood in their faces and did not give ground. Slowly we began to inch them in the pen when the time ran out. She ran well and I had to encourage her but she gave me her all.

Rainey placed third with her run. I was surprised but very happy. She tries hard and does everything I ask of her. First place was Suzy, second was Bobbie Block, Rainey was third and Barb McPherson was fourth.

Seriously folks, this is one super-duper trial. Awesome atmosphere, great people, tough sheep and top ranked in my book. Kathleen and I were talking about the trial on the way home and concluded it had a very festive and supporting group of people, excellent judging and  a challenging course. Laura Vishoot and her husband, Steve open up their picturesque farm and open up their hearts to everyone. I haven't had that much fun in a long time and laughed so hard that my sides hurt.

More photos this week and another recap. Thanks to Laura and Steve for a wonderful time and a memories that will be joyful to me!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Canon 40D Camera- For Sale

I am selling my Canon 40D Camera. I got it about two years ago and paid $900. The set includes the body, strap, cables, DVS, manuals, box,  the battery and battery charger.(everything it came with)  I bought an extra battery and that goes with it. I only used it at the sheepdog trials so it is not heavily used.

Selling for $350 FIRM.  It is in nice shape. I will ship but you pay shipping and insurance. Located in Carnation, WA.

Monday, July 23, 2012

The Barn Cartoons

I love this "Barn" cartoon series. Rory is quite amusing and so innocent.

"Sheep Ball Balancing"

Now, I want to do this BUT have the sun appear. The sun has made only a few appearances in the Seattle area. How many of you folks remember the "Clapper" to turn on and off the lights?

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Palm Cottage Sunday Open

Well, it was overcast, chilly and cool for most of today. Like a foolish person, I listened to the weather report and packed for 80 degrees so I had to wear everything that I had that had warmth...which was one long sleeve shirt, one vest and one sweat coat. Kathleen gave me a blanket to wrap my legs around so I stayed warm for most of the day. It there was a coffee stand at this trial, they would have made a killing but I was taken pity on by Erin Swanson and she made me some hot coffee.

The course was the same as yesterday but the pen and shed were reversed. You did the pen then the shed. The sheep were harder today and would split into two groups or try to bolt to the exhaust. Most of the scallywags were the Suffolk ewes.

I ran Nan first and she cast out nice then cut in for a cross. She took the look back and then cast out nice and fast lift but then had a pretty smooth fetch. We had a decent drive, aside from her slicing, hit both panels and nice turn to the pen. The ewes danced about for a bit and she really wanted to grip one, but held her ground and got them in. We walked in into the shed ring and she pried two apart for a speedy and perfect shed. She placed 15th out of 56 dogs, even with her crossover. I will be working on  the slicing on the drive! But she ran her heart out for me today. Half of the Open dogs did NOT get scores today. Patrick and Andi and Suzy and Dot also got perfect sheds.

Maid was second form last. She cast out nice and I gave her a redirect at the gate just to be on the safe side and she lost four for that but the rest was dandy. A bit hard of a lift and offline and then she went sideways with the sheep. I flanked her and they all finally came back in sight. She was working nice but one sour ewe wanted no part of her or the other sheep. She was a fat Suffolk and just want to stop. As the sheep went through the fetch panels, three broke for the exhaust and the sour ewe stopped. Maid really wanted to move along the solo ewe but I flanked her wide to get the runaways and bring them back. She tucked them back with the solo ewe and the long journey began.

We had to tuck her in every few steps as she didn't want to move. You could tell that Maid was getting a wee bit impatient but listened to me and held her teeth at bay. We got the turn and had a nice first leg, made the panel and the ewe began to fight her every step. I would tuck the three back in, go three steps,  then have Maid tuck them back again and again. The solo ewe only want to go a few steps before she stopped. She took a nice nice nose grip once then worked her heart out. They faced each other off quite a bit but Maid would flank for me to tuck back the three ewes and we made the cross drive panels. It was a long and slow drive and then as I was going to the pen, we timed out. I was happy with Maid as she listened to me and tucked the three  ewes back than grip the standoffish ewe. As I left the course, Amanda Miliken (judge) remarked to me, that Maid looked relaxed with me! She did well with  me and I enjoyed our run.

Suzy Applegate ran very nice runs with Buzz and Tru. She handled the sheep with kid gloves and worked the tough ewes into the pen. patrick and Andi had a nice run and at the pen, Patrick busted out some dance moves to get the ewes to go into the pen.

I was quite happy that I was able to get scores on both of my dogs as it was very tough on both days. But it sure wore me out!

I took photos but you will have to wait until later this week for me to edit them and post them. I am too tired right now!

I got this copy of scores from Barb McPherson as the ones I took, got messed up. Tomorrow are the two Nursery, PN, and Novice.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Palm Cottage - Sat Open runs

Laura Vishoot hosted a fun filled trial called "Palm Cottage" in Cottage Grove, Or. Amanda Miliken was the very capable judge and 57 dogs ran today.The weather started off cool and but ti worked well for the sheep. Four, fat sheep were held over 650 yards away and then dogs had to go through a gate to get to them. Most of them did not see the open gate and as a result, crossed over. The drive was over a small ditch and the cross drive was on the side of a hill. You had to do a shed and them put the sheep into a festively, decorated pen. Tons of Hawaiian decorated covered the farm and made it very bright. Laura and Steve go all out to make this a super five star trial and it was just that. 

Part of the deal was you had to dress up on Saturday. I got a bright Hawaiian shirt and called it good. Derek Fisher, on the other had, won the award for the most festive attire. He had a monkey on his back, a ukulele, leis, camera and all sort of stuff that made him look like a tourist.
Derek and Tweed.

He won the award...no one was even close!

Maid was first and she ran out and I stopped her and flanked her out and she didn't cross but made it through the gate. She started the lift then went in front of the sheep as if to stop them on the fetch, then took them sideways. They were behind the treeline for a bit and soon three came through the gate so I stopped her. Then the fourth came trotting out and we finished the fetch. As Kathleen said, "Maid took them behind the trees to have her way with the sheep." The turn was a bit wide but we got them strengthened out and did a OK drive, a bit Ziggy as she was slicing her flanks. The last turn was wide and she got them on line to the shed. I got the shed and she held it but the judge wanted to see the dog walk on so I flanked her a wee bit. The sheep tried to run out of the shed before and she was "HOT" and ready to floss so I scolded her, so needless to say, having her walk into the face was not a good idea. She gathered them up proper and we timed out at the pen. She placed 13th out of 57 dogs and just missed getting a few points for the Finals.

Nan ran out then was unsure as she saw no sheep. I stopped her but she just barely crossed then saw the sheep and cast out. She came in flat and got them offline so we worked to get them back online. She was slicing badly and we missed the fetch panels. We had a shaky start of the drive but she settle down and had a nice, quiet cross drive and turn. We got the shed in record time and it was so fast and clean, that I really don't remember much of it. We had the sheep lined up several times for the pen but they refused to go in and we timed out.

it was very tough but a challenging course. About 50% of the Open dogs did not get a score today. I saw my glaring errors and hope tomorrow that I can fix them.
Katie, the fashion model.

Laura and Steve had a wonderful Hawaiian dinner that was rice, mac, chicken pork and beef, all cooked in a Luau style. everyone is lounging in their chairs since we ate so much and couldn't move.

Patrick and Riggs had a near perfect Open run that set the standard at 91 points.  He showed that it was do-able. Plus he is just a geniune guy to boot!

Off to bed as it is late. I will take photos tomorrow.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Dog Cartoons

Where is the treat?

Boy dogs....need, I say more?


Well, I guess he is not breaking the law.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Magnolia Farm Trial write-Up- Sunday

The next few days will have the very belated trial writes ups from the last two trials that I attended. I already did the write up for the Magnolia Farms Saturday trial but here is the Sunday trial write up. (The trial was on July 7 and 8th) On Sunday, they put in a dogleg fetch around a cone in the middle of the field and the drive was reversed. You had a shed, pen and single. The weather was hot and the sheep were lively. I love these sheep as they tested the dog but were in very fir shape. Lambs were huge and had nice spring to the rib cage. Magnolia farms sells lambs weekly to a niche market and as a result, the lambs were uniform and very nice. The size ranged about 80-120 lbs on the hoof and I think the optimum weight was around 67 lbs. Either way, these were some of the best lambs that I have ever seen. I asked a lot of question on the breeding, raising and care of these lambs so I could do some adjusting to my own flock.

The night before, Elissa and Mel hosted a handler’s dinner and we all brought side dishes. Their daughter made the coolest sheep cupcakes that were so adorable, that you didn’t want to eat them. Elissa made Muzaka, which ad chopped lamb, eggplants and cheese in it. It was delicious and I keep bugging her for the recipe. At the handler’s dinner, they had a “Best Shed” award and Nan and I own it. I was so happy and got a huge bag of dog food as the prize. Nan placed 4th on Saturday and has been running well for me. Maid did a somersault on her outrun and it rattled her all the way around. Dr Angie Untisz did a deep cold laser therapy on Nan and Maid. It helped Maid a lot on Sunday and as for Nan, well, she felt so much better that she ran through the bit!

Maid was the first dog out and she went out on the same outrun as the day before but she took her time at the area where she had rolled the day before. I got her to stop then she began to bring the sheep down the line. I stopped her to do the dogleg fetch and she reluctantly gave in and did it although she probably was sure I was an idiot. Nice turn at the post but the sheep tried to break over her to go to the exhaust and the sheep wisely saw the fire in her eye and her rather large teeth, and soon they trotted back online. We had a nice drive to the first panel, sweet tight turn and then started the cross drive. Suddenly they veered down the hill towards me and we lost some points but got them back online. It cost us dearly but we did manage to finish the drive and go to the shed. They broke out of the ring to run to the exhaust so we lost those points but got them lined up for a shed. She came through swiftly, held them and re-gathered them for the pen. We worked like a team and got them in the pen and they had no intentions of going into the pen! We got them out and she got the single in a flash. Our close work has been great but the drive is still a work in progress. She placed 10th.

Nan was on fire, as she was feeling great from her treatment the night before. She did great on her outwork, losing a total of five. We had a stunning drive and she had two sets of sheep that did not want to flock with each other. So on the drive, she would have to keep the front two from running off and tuck the last two laggards in. Just before the first drive panel, there is a gully and as the first tow went into that, they bolted sideways. She had to catch them and while she was doing that, the last two also bolted but she got that. That cost us eight points on otherwise a nice drive. The rest of the drive was nice and she brought them into the shedding ring at a nice pace. We had to work for a bit but finally got it. At the pen, one little lamb kept breaking away from the three in the pen but we managed to tuck him in and lost two for those efforts. We tried hard to get a single but the group that I had was a set of two and two and as much as I tried, I could not get them into a line to break one off so we timed out. Nan kept leaning forward, ready to leap in as she saw the shed come open repeatedly and was probably wondering why I wasn’t calling her in. However, trying to get the single proved too much and she got an 82 for efforts which per her in 12th or 13th spot. Either way, I was very happy with her and she was definitely on the muscle!

Later in the day, Kathleen ran Josh.  He was misbehaving so she retired. He was running great all week but that day, he was not teaming up with her. Since she already has her legs for the Finals, she is fine tuning him now.

Right after the Nursery Class was done, we hit the road. We stopped at the local store for some cold drinks and we got about one block down the road when we got a flat. I called AAA and they said 45 minutes but called later and said it would be over 2.5 hrs so I raised a fuss and told them we had dogs in a hot van and were on the side of the highway. They fiannly got a guy to come out and put the spare on. Then we noticed the other front tire was looking pretty sad so we went to Costco to get two new tires. Costco closes at 6 on Sunday and we squeaked in and got two new tires. Well, Kathleen did! Turns out the alignment was out and they wore out. The bright side it happened early enough so we could make it to a tire store and not on top of a mountain in I-5 after ten at night with no cell service.

Several hours later, we finally pulled out and made our way home. it was the end of a very long day and I was glad it finally ended. But poor Kathleen, still had to drive an hour home still that night but was a trooper and did it.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Shaun the Sheep has a cool website

I must not enter this site....oops, too late.....



Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Free Sheepbook online

I actually have a hard copy of this book. It's a geat book and it is online. Download it and make a copy or even better yet, buy a copy.


Topics covered...

  • Building and Rebuilding
  • Flushing
  • Breeding
  • Early Gestation
  • Late Gestation
  • Lambing
  • Lactation
  • Weaning
  • Some Typical Sheep Facts
  • Marketing
  • About Sheep Drugs
  • Sheep Economics
  • Nutritional Requirements

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Dog spot....

So true, get the sweet spot on your dog and they keep on scratching!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Happy (Belated) Birthday, DeltaBluez Tess

Yesterday was Tess's birthday but since I was feeling ill, I went to bed early and didn't post a single item. Tess is fourteen years old and it seems like a few days ago, we brought home a tiny, frightened, abused puppy home. She soon felt safe and trusted us with all of her heart. She became family, and our beloved heart dog.

Through the years, she has helped me on my journey to become an Open Handler. She let me stand at the post and act like a fool, while she covered my butt on the trial field. She would sigh deeply when I would give her the wrong flank, turn her head at me as if to say, "For real" and then do the correct flank. This usually happened at the panel or pen. She was wonderful at the blind outrun and always brought the sheep to my feet and had a kind way with her stock.

Over the years, she took care of me on the trial field but later she took care of me after my numerous heart surgeries. I spent months in rehab and she hovered over me and licked my tears away, while I cried in pain.  After the first set of surgeries, on the trial field, she was very careful with me and ended her trial career, not only qualifying but getting high-pointed Open Dog for the WASH Club and winning a huge quilt.

After her retirement, she was still the queen of the farm, assisting students and being my right hand. She would go to trial and be my lap warmers and sometimes would beg to do exhaust. Nightly chores became her ritual so she would put the poultry away, help feed the sheep and whatever else needed to be done.  As the years passed, her eyes grew dimmer and her pace slowed down but she was still the queen.

The fourteen years have rushed by in a whirl and It has been one grand adventure this little dog has taken me. She was the reason that I am trialing now and her patience over the years made me realize my errors.

Now in the her twilight years, she will want to do sheep chores for about 15 minutes then decides that is enough and wants her treat or to play ball. She still is the boss in the pond pasture and no other dog will touch her ball. She has a grand sense of humor.

We have been blessed for fourteen year to have Tess and we hope to have more. She has congestive heart failure, pulmonary hypertension  and kidney disease so she is on a maintenance program. We honestly don't know how long she will be with us but each day we have with her is a blessing. She is still full of life and enjoys being the center of attention.

She took care of me in her earlier years so it is my turn to take care of her. She loves to lay next to me when I type my blog and often has her head on part of the keyboard. She still hogs my pillow and will do her dog tricks for treats.

I wasn't around for her birthday but Getty was home and she got a grilled burger for her birthday. When I get home, we will go to the pet store so she can get a pink piggie. (She loves pink piggies as they are her security blanket).  She loves the pet store as she gets to pick a treat from the bins. Last time, she grabbed the hugest smoked bone! She is no dummy.

The old dogs are the best dogs and she is my hero, my love of my life and my guiding star.

Happy Birthday, my dear Tessie. I love you with all of my heart.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Losing the battle

Well, I have a huge migraine...all day and lost the battle...so no blog for today.....tomorrow will be a different story.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cute Dog cartoons

This seems to work, perhaps I should try this?

I am guilty of this.

I love this one!

Tess has her own couch...

This looks so familiar!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Amazing Street Acrobatics

These kids are amazing....if I try any of these moves, I would be calling 911 to take me to the ER.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Caption Contest Winner

Tess picked a winner! Random draw of names written on paper, bunched up into paper balls, then tossed in a pill on the floor. She grabbed one and "TIM" is the winner.

"Now I lay me down with sheep. I pray the lord my wool I'll keep..... "

Tim, you have one week to contact me.  Use the link below


If Tim, does not contact me, a new winner will be announced.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Last chance to enter the caption contest

Tess will do the pick tomorrow so enter now.....enter your caption at the link below


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Long drive home

No posting today as we are on the way home. No internet service all day. we are pretty tired and had a long, hard day at the Magnolia Farm Sheepdog Trial.   I will post tomorrow about the trial.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Magnolia Sheepdog Trial- Sat

Today was part one of the two day Sheepdog trial at Magnolia Farm owned by Ellisa Thau and her husband. It is in Roseburg, which is in southern Oregon. The weather was hot, hot and in the 90 plus. But it was nice for me getting some sun.

The sheep were Montedales crosses and the freshly weaned lambs were some of the nicest lambs that I have ever seen. Fat, square and very healthy, they tested all the dogs. The ewes were quite clever and knew the draws. I really LOVE her sheep as I had to be on my toes for them.

Nan was 4th up and the first three drive were not successful. The crossdrive and second panel made short work of the dogs. Nan ran out nice, lifted well and had a super fetch. We turned the post and  these sheep lined up nice, hit the first panels and a nice turn. Since the prior dogs had let the sheep slid down the hill, mu plan to to run then on the grassline up higher. The crossdrive was on the side of a hill and the sheep ran down the hill and would completely miss the second panels. I tucked the sheep high, held then there and let then slip down the hill at the second panel. I was quite proud that plan worked and she brought them into the shed ring. I got them settled,  a tiny opening appeared andshe came through for a clean shed. She put them back together and we went to the pen. We ate up a lot of time at the pen as the sheep did not want to go in but I got them in. I knew I was running short on time and had about ten seconds left as I went to do my single. I got it with three seconds to spare. 

Maid ran later in the day. She was calm and took a nap before her run. She ran out quickly on the away side, her eyes fastened on sheep when she tripped in a ditch. She went head over heels, got up rattled, shook herself off and then continued. But it messed her up on her run as she was pretty rattle by the hard fall. She came out nice behind the sheep, lifted sideways, took them sideways towards the setout person and I finally got to her. I got her to get them back on line for the last half of the fetch. The turn was wide and she was pushing on the first leg and not steadying as I asked. We got the turn,  the crossdrive was ragged and she was still rattled. I sent her comebye to make the turn so she tried away so I got her to back off so we missed high and then she pulled three through the panels. At least the line to the shed ring was decent. She was edgy at the shed and the sheep were scared of her. I got a shed, called her through  so it was a ugly shed but she got it. We timed out at the pen as she was rattled and not holding the pressure. I got her cooled off in the creek and made her relax. Later I had a vet check her out, and her shoulder was sore and I had a deep therapy laser treatment done on her. I also massaged her and gave her herbal supplement for her muscle issues.

Kathleen ran Josh in Nursery.  He cast out nice and got deep behind his sheep. His outwork is pretty consistent all the time and he really shines there. She was almost done with his drive and then timed out at the last leg. Up to that point, she only lost five on the drive. Josh had the best outwork for the Nursery class,

Janet and Jude had a good run too. She really is doing well with him, His outwork was good and she helped him through parts thatg he needed her help. One time a ewe broke to bolt to the exhaust and he turned her and marched her back in the group. She did good on the last part of the crossdrive as it was very ahrd for him and he completed the drive. She was at the pen when she timed out. She had third best outwork for the Nursery class.

We had a wonderful handler's dinner hosted the the Elissa and crew. I ate too much and as a result am too tired to write any more and need to go to sleep! Excuse the typos as I am quite tired.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Pre-Trial rituals at Magnolia Trial

Kathleen and I drove down after work to get to Roseburg and finally got all settled in.  I run tomorrow in the 4th spot so we will be getting up early, then have a long break until I run y second dog. Then Kathleen will run Josh in the Nursery Class. They are hosting a dinner and we are bringing a side dish. The weather is going to be hot, hot so for once, I do not have to wear my rain gear.

We stopped at a rest stop and saw this sign at the entrance to the women's room. Do you think they meant Border Collies?

We are checked in at the Best Western and Nan and Maid are doing their pre-trial ritual snooze. Notice there is hardly any room left on the bed for me! Kathleen and I had our Mike's hard Pink Lemonade as our pre-trial ritual.

The runs start at 8 and I hope the dogs do well for both of us. This is a first time for both of us at this trial. More info tomorrow as I am going to bed, early for once!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Magnolia Running Order

Magnolia Running Order for this weekend in Oregon

OPEN                                                                                                                                   OPEN

Saturday July 7th, 2012                                                                       Sunday July 8th, 2012

1                          Maggi McClure                Kep                                           1                          Joan Cudd                     Paddy

2                          Jo Ferguson                          Teak                                       2                          Maggi McClure      Lil

3                          Kathy Hoffer                        Trig                                            3                          Jeff Marroni                Carmen

4                          Diane Pagel                           Nan                                          4                          Carol Wiggins           Hickory

5                          Laura Vishoot                      Tucker                                 5                          Lora Withnell              Bella

6                          Bil Swann                                  Cap                                          6                          Ian Caldicott                Kate

7                          Jim Cooper                            Sweep                                  7                          Jo Ferguson                Gage

8                          Lasoya Lerma                    Blazin Beau                  8                          Bil Swann                        Lena

9                          Lora Withnell                        Nell                                           9                          Jim Cooper                  Zot

10                      Angie Untisz                          Butch                                    10                      Angie Untisz                Luke

11                      Maggi McClure                Rob                                           11                      Laura Vishoot            Brynn

12                      Ian Caldicott                          Joe Kidd                            12                      Diane Pagel                 Maid

13                      Deb Millsap                            Wyn                                         13                      Kathy Hoffer              Meg

14                      Joan Cudd                               Paddy                                   14                      Amy Coapman       Jean

15                      Mary Hamilton                  Toss                                         15                      Jim Cooper                  Amos

16                      Jeff Marroni                          Carmen                              16                      Mary Hamilton        Toss

17                      Carol Wiggins                     Hickory                               17                      Lasoya Lerma          Blazin Beau

18                      Amy Coapman                 Jean                                        18                      Jo Ferguson                Teak

19                      Ian Caldicott                          Kate                                        19                      Kathy Hoffer              Trig

20                      Jo Ferguson                          Gage                                      20                      Diane Pagel                 Nan

21                      Bil Swann                                  Lena                                       21                      Maggi McClure      Rob

22                      Jim Cooper                            Zot                                              22                      Bil Swann                        Cap

23                      Angie Untisz                          Luke                                        23                      Ian Caldicott                Joe Kidd

24                      Laura Vishoot                      Brynn                                     24                      Angie Untisz                Butch

25                      Diane Pagel                           Maid                                        25                      Lora Withnell              Nell

26                      Kathy Hoffer                        Meg                                           26                      Maggi McClure      Kep

27                      Lora Withnell                        Bella                                        27                      Jim Cooper                  Sweep

28                      Jim Cooper                            Amos                                       28                      Laura Vishoot            Tucker

29                      Maggi McClure                Lil                                                  29                      Deb Millsap                  Wyn


                                                                                                Deb Millsap                                               Ben (NC)

Nursery                                                                                                                              Nursery

1                          Ian Caldicott                          Clint                                          1                          Ian Caldicott                Goose

2                          Kathleen Torkleson    Josh                                          2                          Maggi McClure      Ben

3                          Laura Vishoot                      Piper                                       3                          Jenni Coleman       Mac

4                          Ian Caldicott                          Maxine                                 4                          Janet Thorpe             Jude

5                          Lora Withnell                        Gyp                                          5                          Ian Caldicott                Maxine

6                          Janet Thorpe                       Jude                                         6                          Lora Withnell              Gyp

7                          Jenni Coleman                 Mac                                           7                          Laura Vishoot            Piper

8                          Maggi McClure                Ben                                            8                          Kathleen Torkleson                    Josh

9                          Ian Caldicott                          Goose                                  9                          Ian Caldicott                Clint