Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Getting better

August 5, 2008

OK I think I got the hang of it now. I need to take a ½ pain pill at 6:00 a.m. or I will suffer the rest of the day. I was trying to push myself too much by only taking the 9:00 daily pills. In between the 9:00 pill , I need to take a pain pill anytime I feel any pain and not push the envelope. Today, I got up at 6:00 a.m. and took ½ pain pill then my regular meds at 9:00 a.m. Later in the day around 6ish I took another ½ pain pill.

Now the day was the best that I had so far. I was full of energy and just dying to take my walks. I was not tired after my walks and still full if energy. I was able to be on the computer for more than 5 minutes. I also returned phone calls that were a week behind. I was able to talk on the ph to Scott today about Roo and I was happy to hear he is trying to be a good dog. It was a nice call that I got from Scott that perked me up!!

I gained weight and now am up to 109 lbs. It must be all those milkshakes that I drank before I went to bed. I love milkshakes!!

Mom tossed ball for Tess and Nan. I love seeing how much fun my mom has with them. The dogs hero worship her as they get treats from her, get to play ball and get fussed over quite a bit. Nan has even gone as far as to give her a doggie smile and dog-talk with her. Their ritual is to play ball, then head down to the barn to feed bread to the sheep (and I am sure that Tess and Nan get some bread too) and then mom gets Rigby and they all come back to the house. I go for walks to the barn but not on that “Special walk/play” with my mom. That is their time alone.

Today I was able to take a shower without sitting in a chair and having help. Taking a shower in a chair with your mom washing your hair is really weird. Makes me fill like a three year old I guess I graduated from being shower helpless to shower able.

Each day when you can do something little it means a lot. You take a lot of stuff for granted and when you lose that ability, it’s really hard to accept. Going for a 14 minutes walk is like striking it rich in a gold mine. Having to take a shower by yourself is like winning the lotto.

Tess obviously thinks I am better as she got a toy out of her dog bed and brought it to me. I tossed it once and then she took it back to her bed. Then she came back to me and jumped on the couch and took a nap.

I managed to stay awake all day and not take any naps. That is good as normally I take naps and crash hard. I am not going to try to take any naps but sleep at the regular time.

I haven’t been this skinny since 1992 or so. You can tell I am out of shape by the lack of muscle tone in my legs and arms. Mom calls it chicken wings since it flops about and she is right. By walking I hope to get some muscle tone back. I am so ready to be working dogs again.

We had an excellent dinner by my mom. She made Japanese summer noodles with fish cake, green beans, pork and beef slice and egg. It is served cold and is very tasty. It is a real treat. I was able only able to eat about half of it. She did pile my plate up but I was not as hungry as the night before.

Mom went home tonight and I miss her already. I really enjoy her company and am blessed to have her. We talked about my brother and I growing up and how we ended up in life. We did well and had a great mom to help us on our journey.

I am glad that I had the surgery. In a few months I will be better than before and am anxiously waiting for that. Until then I have to go nice and slow. That’s hard for someone like me but I am learning. “One step at a time” is my new motto.

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