Monday, August 25, 2008

Doing some real work!!

For those of you following my blog, Tess and I were successful in our midnight food raid. We polished off a half bag of potato chips and a bowl of Frosted Flakes and a box of Milk Duds. Grimmeys, I can’t believe I ate all of that but I did. Tess did not get any chocolate in case you were wondering. I think she is happy that my appetite is returning.

So my plan of cutting my Oxycontin to half amounts is working and I take a ½ perco as needed. Good, but I can’t let my pain get ahead of me….meaning, I have to take a pain pill before the pain starts. If I don’t, I pay for it big time.

I had my morning meds and had cereal and coffee. I also had a piece of pepperoni for breakfast. We got fresh pepperoni from a local cow so it was tasty. Hey, I was hungry and it looked good in the Fridge!!

So we did our first walk to the barn and fed some sheep. Tess must have felt that I was well enough to toss her ball as she flung it in front of me and once on my legs. So I obliged and tossed it for her.

Today, I felt quite good. I had expected to feel tired as the day before I was busy all day. This is a good sign that I wasn’t tired. I folded a basket of laundry, loaded the dishwasher, washed some dishes and cleaned the kitchen.

Then I wandered outside and fixed the electric fence. I had to add new wire and put some ground wires in. Then since I had the shears in my hands, I then cut down a wild rose and blackberries that had overrun the back lawn tree near the backdoor.

Word to the wise, do not cut blackberries or wild rose, while wearing shorts. I managed to get a bazillion cuts on my fingers and legs but I didn’t care. I was doing something!!

Lunch was Tempura leftover and I made a rice plate (Rice of Roni). I didn’t even share with the dogs as I wolfed that down. I took another walk and spoiled Kael. I am baby sitting him for Audrey and want to make sure he is sufficiently spoiled when she comes back and gets him.

So by now, I realized it would be a good time to take a ½ perco since I was so active. The bending down of loading the dishwasher also put a strain on my chest.

Then I decide it was a nap time so Tess, Nan and I crawled into bed. Tess lay next to me with her head next to mine. Her body was next to mine. Nan had cuddled next to my legs. I just had fallen asleep when I felt Tess get up. She sniffed my face and then gently licked my arm and then finished sniffing me all over. She then very carefully crossed over me and slept next to me with her head on her own pillow. She wanted to make sure that I was all ok before she went to her favorite sleep spot. Nan held her spot next to my legs.

The nap was great and I woke up refreshed. Jeff came home and we had leftover steaks and Tempura. It’s nice to want to eat. Hey, I am 114 lbs now!! Two weeks ago I was 104 lbs!!

I got my nightly phone call from Nelson and I updated him on what I did today. A few years ago, he had gotten into a head on accident and he had a broken collar bone, and other injuries. So we can compare our healing process. It took him a long time for his chest to heal. So it is nice to see how my progress is compared to his. I have to make sure I push myself but not hard enough to set me back. I think he was pleased that I actually did something useful today. Beside eat and watch TV.

I had my nightly dessert. It was ice cream with hot fudge and caramel. I added extra sauce and Jeff put an extra scoop of ice cream. I gave Nan the bowl to lick, after making sure there was no chocolate. Then we watched “The good, the Bad and the Ugly” and Nan was on the couch next to me. She even got silly and rolled on her back and wanted her belly scratched. So I did!!

I looked over my blog and realized how far that I had come. From asking my mom to help me with everything to being able to fix my electric fence. I still have my limits, nothing over 5 lbs, no work using my arms above my shoulder or below my waist and so forth. But as time goes by I can do much more.
I am no longer writing on how much pain I have or how little I can eat or how I struggle just to breathe. Now I can write about the things in life that are important. Soon this will be a phase in my life and I will be well.

Ok, I will be well after my next surgery BUT that will be a lot simpler surgery. And it will be done soon and I will be at the post soon. That will be a grand day indeed.

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