Friday, August 8, 2008

A busy day.....

My alfalfa arrived at 6 this morning. I was still asleep but got up at 7:30 to go down to the barn. I had sold 7 tons the night before to some good friends of mine. Lisa managed to get a flatbed on short notice and they were there at 7:30 to get their alfalfa. I chatted with them for a bit as they got their first load. In all, they ended up getting 8 tons. That left 19 tons to put in my barn. Space was tight but it fit.

Lisa is the person that groomed my dogs and also did the *horse grooming/photos* of Morgie. She does a great job and she will be continuing to groom my dogs. She just clipped Kodi so the heat would not bother him as much and also he would not get as matted.

I went back up to the house at 8:30 and then crashed hard. I had pushed myself on the first walk. I hadn’t planned to be out that long but I had to make sure all the pieces fell into place. I slept until 10:30ish.

Later in the morning around 11:30ish, I went back down to the barn as Curtis was finishing up the hay. It fit just perfectly in the barn. I am happy and not stressed anymore on the hay dept. Curtis Clark has getting my hay for about 7 years and gets me very nice quality hay at a great price. He stacks it in my barn for me. He is a really nice guy and takes great care of his customers.

The alfalfa is Japanese export quality hay and is very leafy, green and very fine stemmed. Curtis managed to talk the farmer into selling it to him than selling it overseas. This is the best hay that I ever had. I can see why the Japanese pay top dollar for this hay. Nelson scraped the alfalfa that was loose that was on the truck and ground and got several wheelbarrows and fed it to the sheep, cow and horses. They liked that much better than the local grass hay they had been getting,

I sold Morgie today. Lisa also helped do that sale so she is an angel in my eyes. Morgie is going to be used in East India Weddings where the bride (?) rides up on a pure white mare. It is a great job for Morgie as she is a beautiful mare. She got a great home and will still live in the valley. I know the guy that got her. On the day of our huge barn fire, 2.5 years ago, he showed up with some alfalfa so I could feed my sheep. I never met him until that day but his act of kindness was greatly appreciate,

So hay got delivered, 6 tons of hay got sold and Morgie went to her new home. It was a busy morning for me and it wore me out.

Nelson arrived around 9 to take care of me and made me breakfast but all he saw was me, passed out sleeping, exhausted from my first walk. Then after my second walk, he made me breakfast. Again, his presentation was a work of art. He made a Swedish pancake with jelly, over easy egg, grilled thinly sliced Yukon Gold potatoes and bacon. I managed to eat about 2/3 of it. I swear he must think what to make for me and present it in a style that looks so delicious. He arranges the food in a cool color pattern that is very appealing to the eyes and even when I am not hungry I eat it. When I fix a plate for me, I just put the food on whatever way it fits. Nelson gets at A+ for food arrangement and I get a D-. And he is a better cook than me.

I didn’t do much today since I have overdid it in the morning. I slept on and off most of the day. I know Nelson was worried as the last three days prior I was very perky and today I just slept most of the day.

We watched some TV but I slept through most of it. He tried to tempt me to eat more by making a summer noodle lunch bowl. He made it from scratch. Summer cold noodles, sliced cukes, thinly sliced grilled ham and fried tofu. Again, artfully arrange but I just picked at it. I ate about 1/3 of the noodles, all of the cukes and tofu and hardly any ham. Then I went back to sleep.

This is a far cry from the amount that I have eaten the last few days when he was here. Those days I wolfed everything down.

I drank part of a coke and the sugar rush picked me up enough so I was able to watch a bad horror movie with him. It was a mummy movie. I don’t remember much except that it was not very good.

Nelson kept himself busy during my sleep sessions. He got some chicken manure from the chicken coop for his garden and then Nan got into the chicken coop and rolled in it. Then Nan had to come up to the house and share it with me. Nelson gave her a bath. I think she was good for him.

Nan has really taken a shine to Nelson. Here is an example!! I called Nan and she is in the office. She runs into the living room and runs up to Nelson and buries her head into his arms and does her dog talk to him. Her tail is going 100 miles per hour. She didn’t even glance at me. So much for me. This is pretty much the routine for her.

Tess has not let Nan get too close to me during my recovery. Tess will let Nan *visit* me for about 2 minutes and then gives Nan the *evil eye* and then Nan has to leave the room. Now, with Nelson being here, Nan has his full undivided attention and he really fusses over her. I am now longer part of the picture. Even when we go to the barn, she dances in front of him. I wanted to have Nelson work Nan today but the cards didn’t line up right with me being so tired. Next time, I’ll have him work her. I know she will work well for him as she adores him.

Sometimes Nelson goes into the kitchen to make a meal or get some drinks. Tess won’t go unless she is called as she knows that Nelson won’t feed her all the time. But as soon as Nelson is in the kitchen, I hear Nan’s toe nails clicking on the floor as she races to the kitchen to be with him. He fusses over her and no doubt maybe gives her a treat. With Nelson, Nan is no longer second string. Nan is first string with Nelson.

I am still at 111 lbs and holding. That is good and I hope to gain about 10-15 more pounds. The nightly milkshakes are helping. My jeans have about 2 inches of room at the waist. I have no hips and it is hard to wear the jeans. I can’t see how or why the kids wear jeans that are too big on them and they have to pull them up all the time.

Nelson went home after the news and Nan has been looking where he has been sitting. After he left, she came and sniffed his chair a couple of times and then cruised the kitchen looking for him. Today was Nelson’s last day to baby sit me. I know Nan will miss him.

I talked to Kathy Davis about my extra busy day and she agreed that I had pushed myself and that is why I slept a lot. I called Nelson and filled him in as he was worried about me. As I said before, I scored with Nelson as my brother. Having a mom, brother and husband who care makes me appreciate them and grateful that I am so blessed. Having good friends who are there when I need help or a hug also makes one realize that again, I am blessed. Life is not all about money and possessions but it is about having family and friends who care and that is worth more than anything else in the world.

Sometimes in my blog I seem to talk a lot about family and friends and being blessed. Sometimes you go through life and take things for granted. Having a major surgery made me slow down and see this. Telling your brother you love him and not assuming he knows is important. The same with your spouse and mom as well as friends. Life is not what you can get from it but what you can give. Tell the ones you love that you love them. Because one day it might be too late. Then you will live with that regret for the rest of your life.

I got tons of cards, flowers, plants and gifts. It was overwhelming to see all of that. I really appreciate it and am thankful for them as they perked up my day. When you are in the hospital and hurting really bad, and then getting a card helps ease the pain and to know that people care. Even now I get cards and they bring a smile to my face and fill the room with joy.

I took a hard nap after Nelson left and finally woke up feeling much better. I ate a bowl of fruit that my brother had made for me before he left. Jeff and I watched the opening of the Olympics. Nelson and I had looked forward to seeing it but then realized that it wouldn’t be on until evening. So instead we watched some bad TV but soon gave up as it was too bad to even watch. We did watch the bad mummy movie but that was forcing ourselves to watch it.

Jeff has been working long hours to try to make up for the time he had lost when I was in the hospital. Having someone baby-sit me has eased his mind. Not only has he been working but he is doing a lot of the chores such as feeding. That adds extra time in the day. Then he takes care of me when he gets back into the house after the nightly feeding. I’ll be happy when the day comes when we are back to normal and life is calm again.

Right now Nan is in the dog bed in the living room. Tess is at my feet. Nan is looking for Nelson. Tess is looking at me eat my fruit plate and hoping for a piece. All is well. I feel good. Jeff and I are watching the Olympics and the dogs are settled in for the night. One can not ask for a better night. Life is good and we are happy.

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Rebecca and Molly the Border Collie said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Sounds like your family is really wonderful and it is great that they can read your blog and see how much they mean to you.

Keep getting better!