Saturday, August 23, 2008


Today was a fairly easy day. I am on a routine with the meds so that helps. I slept in after I took my morning meds. I was really tired from the day before. Yesterday was an extremely full day. So today, I slept in. I got up and had breakfast. Breakfast of Champions …..”Frosted Flakes” I love Frosted Flakes and I believe it is on the top of the best breakfasts to eat. I am sure of it.

Tess and Nan got a nibble of the Flakes too. Nan is getting much better about taking it from my fingers. We took a stroll down to the barn. It was a nice and sunny day. Tess found an old stuffed toy pig that was left outside so I tossed it for her. It was small and lightweight so therefore easy to toss. Tess was delighted that I would toss a toy for her. She couldn’t believe her incredibly good luck. I tossed it for her during our entire walk and she was so happy.

The dogs in the barn were happy to see me so I let them loose for a bit. Sleat super loved and just wanted to crawl in my lap. She is a darling dog and I am going to miss her. She has turned into a loving dog. I love her deep blue eyes, they have passion in them. Kael was happy to pester his mom, Tess. They all ran around like hellions and had fun.

But good times must end so they only had a short run. I was not up to very much and limited on what I can do. But a short time is better than none.

The sheep look good and all came running up to the fence for some treats. I didn’t feed them anything as I was tired from walking. Besides, they are fat and Jeff feeds them twice a day. The heifer looked at me to see if I had any food and when she saw that I had none, and then walked off. She is not dumb. Jeff needs to name her. I suggested Brownie and I think he rolled his eyes. He wants to name her after a cut of meat.

So for my second walk, I decided to clean the kitchen. First job was to load the dishwasher. Bad idea, as when I was done I was hurting. It was from all that bending down/over to fill the dishwasher. I had bent over at my chest area numerous times in putting the dishes inside. So I finished and then had to take a ½ perco for the pain. I won’t be doing that again!!

I was hungry so then made a grilled tuna and cheese sandwich. I ate half and saved half for later. By then the pain pill was working and I was tired so I took a long nap. Like most of the afternoon!!! Nan decided she was on the nap shift and slept next to me. Tess stayed in the office. Apparently Tess thought that Nan had passed the *Guardian Role* and let her take over her duties. Nan did quite well and nosed me when I stirred. After my nap, I polished off the tuna fish sandwich and a bowl of nuts.

Chuck came over and did a sheep check for me at the other field. It’s been a while since I was there and I wanted to make sure that the 27 sheep were still there. They were all there and Emmy too. He said all looked fine. He worked Teddy and Teddy did great. Teddy did nice flanks and worked well considering the field was full of tall grass and the field was huge and it was a new situation. That’s good he did well.

Chuck also did his bee keeping stuff when he was here. The bees have been busy this year. They have been producing quite a bit of honey. I like hearing his bee stories as it is very interesting. I have learned quite a bit about bees and gained a new respect for them. I am still allergic to them but now respect them. I enjoy Chuck’s company when he visits. He is a very knowledgeable about a lot of stuff. Plus he loves his dogs!!

Jeff came home and we relaxed. He made grilled Salmon and we finished off the tasty pasta that Audrey had made. I did some short walks around the house but mainly took it easy.

I hadn’t heard from my brother so I called him. I had to update him on my progress and he was happy. At least he is not freaked out anymore about me not eating or recovering. I know if I don’t eat enough in his eyes, he will lecture me!! Or not walk enough or too much walking!! It’s good that he cares.

I am trying to catch up on my emails. I am so far behind. At least now, I can sit down and answer the emails. Before, I would just be in a stupor. I am trying at least.

I really didn’t do much today. It was a really slow day but I needed it. I am healing and slowing getting off the pain meds. I am more alert now and able to take better care of myself. I still have limitations but at least I am doing something. One week ago, I would not been able to cook myself the grilled tuna fish sandwich. Today, I did. Now that is progress.

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