Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Blackberries, be warned!!!

I felt like posting some pictures today so I did. I posted some from Sunday’s events. Also, since Angie had mentioned to me on my taste is dessert, I posted a picture of the Hot Fudge and Caramel Sundae just for her!!!

Today I woke up at 7ish and needed to take my ½ perco but I fell back asleep instead. So when I did wake up later at 8ish, I took it. I ended up going back to sleep for a few more hours until the pain went away.

Again, I decided to sleep on the bed instead of the couch. Nan was snuggling next to me and I was rubbing her belly. Tess was asleep in the office when she realized that Nan and I had gone to bed without her. She vaulted upon the bed and stood over Nan and gave her the evil eye. She put her head down low and glared at her. She didn’t growl or lift a lip put the *evil eye* was sufficient. Nan quickly turned her back and snuck off to the farthest end of the bed. Tess still was glaring at her until I told her to quit.

Tess then snuggled against my chest (carefully) and licked my face. I called Nan over and she went to my other side and we all slept for a few hours.

Nan, the ever watchful dog woke up and started to bark and growl. Tess continued to sleep and snore. I went to see what Nan was fussing about and the UPS man had arrived. Good Nan!!!

Of course, we did our daily walks. To make sure I was doing the proper time that the Doctor required, I timed myself. Twenty minutes is equal a walk to the bar, feeding loaves of bread to the sheep, tossing the Kong to Tess, Nan, Kael and Scott, giving alfalfa to the horse and sheep, giving bread to the chickens, cleaning the dog kennels out and putting the dogs away. I have to do this four times a day and I look forward to it.

After lunch, I tried to watch TV. That was a no go. Before I was too weak and had no choice but to lie on the couch and watch TV and take massive pain pills. Today, I was mobile and I just couldn’t sit still. Same as being on the computer. I was too antsy.

So I got my shears and decided to do more blackberry removal. Our front pathway had overgrown with blackberries and other wild stuff. I went to work and did major damage to the local blackberry population. I did quite a bit and of course had to take breaks to toss the all for Tess. This time, even though I had short on, I made sure I was out of their thorn range and managed not to get mauled like I had done the day before. I also trimmed some trees and tomorrow will do some more. That was much better than watching TV. I had a blast and it was good to be active again.

Bill, (the guy whose company I had rented the air bottles and machine from) arrived to pick up the air bottles and machines today. I hadn’t used the air machine since the Doctor took 800 ml from my lungs (two weeks ago). He was amazed at the difference in me. He had seen me the day I had come home. He told me that Jeff was helping me walk about and I was very weak. He also said he had expected to get the air bottles back a few days after he dropped them off. I asked him why and he said he expected me to be worse off (such as passed away or back in the hospital). I guess I was pretty bad as he has seen a lot of patients. He said I was 1000% better!! I was happy to show him that I was not the weak person that he had seen a few weeks before.

We chatted for a bit and it was good to be outside. There was some sun but having the fresh air and being able to walk about and do something useful was just great for my soul.

Nelson called and I gave him my status. I passed and we chatted for a bit. He wants to make sure that I am not slipping backwards in my recovery. Plus, he can tell me what to do!! I remember when we went to the surgeon office a few weeks ago; he had a list of questions to ask him. He was very thorough. He is showing a side of him that I never knew was there. I love it and love him for it.

I did some more fiddling around killing weeds and then decided I was ready for an afternoon snack. I ate pepperoni, half of a cantaloupe, fruit, pop corn and a bag of hot tamales candy. I had to balance out the junk food with the fruit. I made sure that Nan and Tess got pop corn but not anything else.

Today was just a fun day. I got to do stuff with the dogs and animals. I got to do some landscaping. I was able to do household chores. I even updated the WASH website.

Now the Olympics are over, there is not much to watch on TV. I had been watching the Olympics, Cold Case, CSI, Law and Order, National Geo, Animal Planet, History, Discovery and Sci Fi. Now, I am sick of TV. So, blackberries beware as I will be armed and ready for you tomorrow.

Oh yea, my mom is coming over tomorrow so I will show her my fine yard work. I am sure she will be appalled as she is not expecting me to be doing that yet.

I asked Jeff last night about my appetite….was it less, the same or ???.....he thinks that my appetite is normal. That is good. Regardless, each night I am still going to have my ice cream or milkshake. I just need to get those last few pounds back on.

Tonight I had a craving for Chicken Pot Pie and he stopped and got me one. I love Chicken Pot Pies!! When I feel better, I’ll make my homemade pot pies. I made a darn good pot pie.

I went through and re-read all the cards that people had sent me. Before I was on massive drugs and couldn’t even remember them, I pulled them out and read them. I really want to thank all of you who sent me cards, email, flowers, food, gifts etc….it was very nice and I appreciate it all.

So thanks to all of you folks for your kindness. It will be returned someday tenfold. I am lucky to have caring people like you in my life.

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