Monday, December 31, 2007

"Happy New Year"

"Happy New Year"

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

"A Christmas Poem"

The stockings were stuffed and they were hung
but out of nowhere Caden came around
and soon, all the stockings came down
and the treats he did found

Oh, look the treats fell to the ground
and they were gobbled up by a black and white hound
and off to the side, Lay Mama Paws
with red stockings and several balls

And quick as Santa and his deers
Caden but should appear
and he did climb upon his ball
and then chased it down the hall

And then made quick work of the stocking treats
and then he latched on his mom's red feet
now Caden is nestled in his bed
and dreaming of more treats in his head

"Merry Christmas"

"Rainey got a new DAD for Christmas"

Tess also got DAD for Christmas, nine years ago

Sunday, December 23, 2007

"Where's WALDO" (aka Rainey)

Ever Play that game where you try to find Waldo in a scene and he just blends in.....well, apparently Rainey decided to do her own version of "Where's Waldo"

Can you find her in this pix?

How about this one?

And lastly....

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Read then do!!

Ok, having the read book and primping herself to look beautiful, Rainey decides to take on the SHEEP. Which is a HUGE, WILD RAM but even though Rainey maybe small, her heart is huge. After all, being the runt in a littler of seven other siblings who are bigger brothers....Rainey has held her own.
 Since she is so tiny, she decided to forgo the long outrun. But we will come in tight ....
A quick nip to get the RAM going.....

 That didn't work so let's give him a head grip.
 "Perhaps a ear tug might do the trick!! Oh, oops, you got a hole in your ear now. Guess you will be getting earrings for Xmas!!"
 "Oh, you just don't want to move. My daddy is bigger than your daddy!! I am gonna make you move. My daddy used to work mean cows and I am doing to grip you until you move!!"
 "Fine, don't move. I'll take you down. I'll show you who is boss. What is the matter sheep...didn't you read the book? YOU are SUPPOSED to MOVE!!"

"Ok, let's read the book together. Now here, look where my paw is...that says you move away from me!!  Got it? Good!!"

Friday, December 14, 2007

"Mighty Mite"

Rainey...some would call her "Dainty Rainey" But, we call her "Mighty Mite" and she is a STAR!

The cast of characters

Featuring "Rainey"

and the "Sheep"

and the "BOOK"

Now like any good sheepdog, one must study hard for the Exams. Rainey is taking it to heart that she must follow in the pawprints of her famous mother and father. Here is she reading the section about a good outrun.

But wait, before any girl goes out on the course,
one must fix the hair and look pretty.
Rainey is using the horse massage brush
to primp herself so she looks *perfect*

Look for
next blog on

"Putting it to Practice"

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

"The outrun"

Today Niall was a true blue sheepdog. He did his first outrun. Granted, he did see some whitish-tan object made of leather and since his papa was a cowdog, it was only fitting he go after the cows. Well, these cows are a pair of fine leather, soft moccasins. A treasured Xmas gift from the brother. I wear them quite a bit in the house. They has soft fuzzies inside and are warm. I take them off in the office and usually sit with my legs- Asian style. Niall was the pup that I taken out and was spending one-on-one time with. He has a white swirl on his head and his dark gray coat is starting to get darker now. He is a clown. He twirls and whirls and spins and just has a happy face. Life is a big adventure to him

I call him "Pup, Pup" and he bounds, no, make that a leap across the floor to be next to me. I pet his fat head and then he *sees the cows*.....he crouches, fat belly to the floor, inches forward then his eye draws him up and then off he shoots to one side, coming up for a almost perfect outrun, then his eye draws him him and he slices.

The cows do not move.

He stares at them and as any good cowdog should do, he grips one.
The cows do not move

He gives a bigger grip
The cows do not move

He give one a easy nudge with his paw.
The cows do not move

"Hum" he says and then he decides they need a full body grip
and in he goes, all teeth bared , determined to make the cows move.

The cows do not move

Finally I rescue my mocassions and he quickly settles in for a nap in my lap. After all, he just worked his heart out, moving the toughest cattle on the ranch.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

"Whole Lotta Love"

Teddy, aka Bunny has a whole lotta love for the pups. As you saw in the earlier blogs, he is Nirvana for the pups. They love his softness and large size. But we must do a proper introduction Teddy, aka Bunny (babysitter of the pups)

Sitting in his King's chair

Now Teddy is surveying the pups. Keeping an eye on them, so to speak The pups have their pal above them and they call out to him "Teddy, we want you...we need you"

Teddy is thinking about it

And so, Teddy flops down to see his puppies. They are delighted and jump all over him. Then they all take a nap.

Ah, there is nothing better than a passel of pups ...asleep and all innocent

But alas, but not for pup decides he is going to chew on Teddy's nose

But instead, gives him a big kiss and settles in for the night

Friday, December 7, 2007

"The Great Escape"

The pups are getting much bigger and some of them can climb out of the crate. Of course, it usually is the same ones again and again. Rainy and Kael, the two smallest ones seem to manage to escape quite often.
Don't ask me why the two smallest ones can climb out when the others are far bigger. But today, Rhys and Camlin had other plans. They were planning the great escape.
When Diane looks at you, look innocent!!

This is Camlin

Wait until Diane goes to the kitchen for some hot cocoa. Act like you are sleep when Diane does a puppy check "ZZZZZZZZZZ". Then scramble up the steep side until you fall over to the other side. Lie on your back and then right your self.

Take a rest break.
Now wake up your sleepy brother Camlin. "Wake up and follow me this way"

"Hey I said WAKE UP.
We just got over the barrier and must go on"

"Ah, ha, we have reached NIRVANA. We have succeeded "

"I love you, bro"

"brotherly love"

The two escapees, side by side, brotherly nap So glad they escaped together so they could sleep together on the teddy Bear!

Successful escape!!!