Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Dog Cartoons

It's been a while since I posted any dog cartoons, so here you go!

This is Nan.

 This is Rainey.

And then Maid and Nikki.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Rough Day at the farm

Some days are so rough but you gotta suck it up and push through. Like today!
We had to snuggle puppies and I had to call in for a back-up. Luckily for me, Janet Thorpe stepped up to the task and showed up to help me. See how she saved the day by doing puppy snuggling"
Life is so sweet with some innocent, adorable pups.
Oh yeah, we did real farm work. We banded and checked ewes and lambs today. Everyone looked fine and we have some fat ewes. Obviously they have been eating well. Then we worked dogs.  Then we did puppy love snuggle time. A great way to end a farming type of day.
Pups are DeltaBluez Dan (owned by Audrey) and Imp Sava (owned by Janet). Dan is Pleat x Tess. Sava is a dog that I brought back from Wales and is Aled Owen' s Roy x Dot. She is Janet's open dog and had a very successful PN career with me. She suits Janet quite well.
They are four weeks old and we have two boys and two girls. We haven't decided what pup we are keeping yet.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Hard at work or Hardly working?

Well Sarah and Simon are the barn cats. Formerly feral kittens and but now tame and spoiled. Simon is still standoffish to folks but loves me. Might have to something with me feeding him?  He especially loves the canned kitty food. They get that when they get a large rodent such as a rat. But they have learned not to drop the rodent in my lap.
I noticed a mole had rooted up part of the pasture so told Sarah and Simon to go get it. See how intent they are in listening to me. They are sitting in a chair that Rainey had won for High Combined PN sheepdog trial. The dogs were sleeping next to the chair but quickly moved when Sarah reached down and used their backs as a scratching post.

Notice how promptly they obeyed....their reply was, "Yeah, we will get right on it!"

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Gibberin.....a new way to communicate

A friend and herding student of mine has this cool application that you can use on your smartphone. This would great for you folks who are trainers for herding, agility, etc.....use your phone to send to your students and have it go to their email or voicemail. You can set up different groups and then use them as needed, talk then tap then the message is sent.

.....and it is a fellow herding student.......!!!!
Why Gibberin?

We live in a crazy busy world.  Careers, family, home, social lives…and we’re overwhelmed by communication.  Phones, email, Facebook, texts, Instagram, Twitter…   Somewhere in there, we lost real conversation.
Gibberin respects the society we operate in, yet gives us back the meaningful communication today’s present tools disallow.  Phone calls?  In this day and age, most of us consider them an interruption and a hassle.  Voicemail?  Too much overhead, and half the time it’s unintelligible due to poor signal.  Texting? How much do you really want to type with two fingers anyway?
Gibberin takes us back to a natural free flow of conversation, with the time shifted convenience we get from text based tools.  All in a simple, elegant user interface that doesn’t get in your way.
Select a contact, speak your message, and send it.  Tap, talk, done.  Do you want to ask someone a question, but not risk getting stuck in a phone call?  Gibberin.  Do you want to express a thought with more emotion than emoticons or exclamation points will provide?  Gibberin.  Do you need to reach someone you know isn’t immediately available?  Gibberin.  Do you want to five, ten or ten thousand people to hear your message?  Gibberin.  Do you want to track a conversation, add people to it, or remove people from it?  Gibberin.  And coming soon, true hands free voice communication in the car.  Any car.
Get back to communicating the way that comes easiest to all of us – converse……..
Right now, as far as mobile platforms go, we are iOS only.  But you can log into Gibberin through any browser at and use our web portal.  That’s where you go to create groups and manage your profile.  Have you set up an account yet?
For your herding/flyball/agility/training classes, I can see a couple great uses right off the top of my head…
·   Send updates on class additions or cancellations – tap your contact, speak your message, send it.  Faster than email or multiple phone calls.  And Gibbers can go out to email addresses, or any SMS enabled phone.  You can create groups by logging on to our website at
·    Send your students quick vocabulary references…type (or speak) the command into the subject line and then gibber a quick description of it.  Creates a reference they can always go back to.  And we can provide you with a link to that gibber, so you can send it to new students, or post it on your website.  “Come away” means…etc.
·    Communicate more naturally – when you’re out working, or jogging, or walking the dogs, or….texting is a pain in the neck.  You have to stop, look down, and focus on something other than what you are doing.  A phone call is an interruption.  With Gibberin, one tap lets you listen to your message.  Two taps let you send one.  AND unlike our competitor that got purchased yesterday for 19 billion, you do not have to hold any keys down to record a message.  Leave the phone on your desk, on the counter, or on the seat next to you and Gibber away!  I receive and send Gibbers while I’m cooking, grooming the dogs, typing email, folding laundry…holding my device and a key down would make me nuts.