Friday, August 29, 2008

A lazy day...

Today was a quiet day. I got up, had breakfast and coffee and read my email and did my morning walks. I was really tired and at 11ish, decided to take a nap. I think the day before we did a lot more that I could handle.

So Tess, Nan and I took a long nap. We slept until 3 and I woke up really refreshed. I really needed the nap and we went for another walk. There was a spring in my step and it felt great.

I tossed the ball for Tess, Nan, Kael and Scott. Kael was so happy and acting like a real goofball. His ears are still huge and bat like and his eyes are so expressive. He is a good blend of Tess and Scott.

After I played with the dogs, then I had to feed the sheep. Mr. McGoo, the Muscovy male duck wanted out of the coop. He was hanging near the door where as before he stayed in the back. So I opened the door and he was eating the green grass outside the door.

I decided to fix the gate so the sheep could go in the marsh part of the pasture. I wanted to make sure the cow didn’t go so I had to chain it so the sheep could get through but not the cow. The cow will jump over the back fence so I didn’t want her to be fence jumping. As it was, earlier this week, Jeff had to go and get her (tempted her with grain) and then he shut the gate.

I think this weekend I will move hr to the upper pasture and see if she will stay there. She has gotten really friendly and we hope she will stay put. That way if she stays, then I can open the lower marsh gate so the horse and sheep can get the new lush grass on the other side.

I fixed the gate and wanted to see if the sheep could slip through it. I brought Tess and Nan with me and they had been good dogs during this and staying next to me. I sent them both and Nan got the flock that was near me and Tess swept out and got the ones that were spread out. You could tell that Tess was used to doing a full sweep and Nan wasn’t. That’s fine as Nan will be seasoned in time.

Tess also wanted to bring the cow but I told her to leave it. Reluctantly she did and you could see the disappointment in her eyes. I saw that on the far side of the pond that there were two lambs hanging out. They were hidden to the dogs. I made Tess stay next to me and sent Nan. Nan wanted to jump the ditch to get the sheep that she had put in the marsh and I made her look back. She was trying really hard to do as I asked. She finally did and got the hidden sheep. She was so pleased with herself. The two lambs wanted to go different direction so she had to work hard to keep them together and keep them to me. But she did it and we got them to join their buddies in the marsh.

I praised both dogs and we all walked back to the barn. Tess and Nan walked or I should say, danced all the way back to the barn. They were very happy and so was I. We didn’t do more that ten minute or so but it was fun.

Tess and Nan were my feet warmers while I caught up on email. I had entered Tess, Nan and Lucy in a trial that will be in three weeks. It is Judy Norris’ trial and it is challenging and fun. Last year, Tess won Open and Lucy won ProNovice. This year, I am happy just to be able to go to the post. Judy has really nice trials and has been one of my first friends since I started trialing. I love her trials and she has a Winter Series. Judy is a good caring friend too!! I am blessed to have her as a friend.

Speaking of that trial, Lora Withnell generously offered me a bed in her RV on Saturday during the trial. That will make life easier for me as I can crash during the day. I know I will not have the stamina to be awake and social all day so having a place to stay makes the trial do-able.

While I am on the subject of Lora, I want to point out that she is doing a great job in training her new female, “Nell”. Nell used to be called Coll and was one of the Aled Owen’s pups that I brought back last August. Lora is doing a great job and I expect her to be kicking my *butt* with Nell. They are a good team and I am pleased they are working so well together.

True to form, about 7ish my chest started to hurt so I took my ½ perco. It did the trick and I was able to eat dinner with Jeff. I love Arby’s so Jeff stopped and got me some Arby’s beef and cheddar. I ate two rather quickly but made sure Tess and Nan got a tiny bite. They love Arby’s too. Arby’s is not on Jeff’s top list but he humored me. For tomorrow, I am soaking chicken legs in a Sesame Seed/Ginger sauce so we will have a real meal then.

I think I will go to bed early tonight. I am still tired from yesterday. Normally I do four 15-20 walks but yesterday, I was on my feet or going for 4.5 hours and not taking a nap. Then I did a walk when I got home. I just wore myself out but the nap today helped. As the Dr Austin said….”Don’t over do it” I remember a few weeks ago when I did the Dr appt then I would be in bed for 2 days, so having to take a 4 hr nap today wasn’t that bad in the grand scheme.

I talked to Nelson and he is going on a mini vacation to Montana. I am sure he will have fun and he said he will call me. You know, he has to keep me in line!!

Jeff just informed me that LSU has a game tomorrow. Due to the hurricane, the game time has been moved from 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m……Hello, EIGHT O’CLOCK in the morning? Guess I better go to bed since I will be watching LSU play early tomorrow. Tess loves football games as she gets to lie in Jeff’s lap and help him cheer his teams on. I guess Nan will learn to like LSU and New Orleans too!! Nan adores Jeff so that should not be a problem.

OK so I have a trial in three weeks and I am going to start getting in condition by working the dogs each day. Since I have a time limit, I will have to use it judiciously. And I am going to start lifting weights, first starting with five pounds. My arms are flabby and I need to tone them up. One step at a time and I have a goal to work towards.

Oh, I hear ice cream calling so I guess I better go. I’ll try to take some pictures tomorrow to post. None will be of me though. I don’t want to scare you!!

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