Monday, August 18, 2008


I wasn’t to sure if we were going to have another Thunderstorm so I crated Nan. Since I did that, there was no thunderstorm. Oh well. Jeff let her out and she came running to me. Next thing, I know Tess has hopped on the couch and Nan has taken the spot on the floor. I think they are working as a Brace now.

I woke up at 7:30 a.m. with hunger pangs. So much, that I snagged a couple of cookies that were near me to settle my stomach. That’s good as I have not had hunger pangs since the operation. I had to give my watchdogs a tiny piece of the cookie too…..hard to say no when you have two sets of eyes staring at you in the morning light…..;-)

I had my morning pills and my can of Ensure. I was slow since I had slept past my morning pill time by an hour. When I got up, I felt pretty good. I waltzed about in the house and almost felt feisty again.

I got hungry at lunchtime and polished off my Mexican dinner from the night before. It is about the amount that I would normally eat. That is key to see that my appetite is returning to normal or almost normal. I am hungry and have a good appetite. And I am putting on more weight.

Jeff and I wandered down to the barn. I saw that one pasture needed a break and needed to move some sheep. I had Jeff open gates so all I had to do was give Nan some commands. Nan was so happy to work that she worked at warp speed but took her stops when asked. She moved the lambs from the back lawn to the pond pasture. She was very happy after it was down and just pranced around me, knowing that I was pleased. Tess, on the other hand, was not pleased as we put her in the kennel so I could work Nan.

I got to feed the cow and sheep and finished my daily walk. It felt good to have energy and enjoy my walks again. Nan and Tess just danced around me as we went back to the house. It had rained earlier so it was a pleasant walk. Not blazing hot like this weekend. I was not tired when I got back to the house.

Nan has opened up so much since this has happened. We are a lot more in tune and I felt more connected to her. She has taken a role as a nursemaid also is very loving and concerned. It has helped our relationship. I could see it when I worked her today….yes, she was fast but she did everything I asked of her and I could see the trust and willingness in her eyes. And when we were done, she was prancing around me, just pleased with herself.

You know, sometimes we take these dogs for granted. Tess and I have a long term close relationship and we do well on the trial field; sometimes she knows what to do before I tell her. It’s a special bond we have developed over the years and sometimes I think we are as “one” on the trial field.

Tess just turned ten years last month and we have done really well….it’s that special magic you have. Tess is pretty much retired now but the magic still is there. She is my soul mate.

You don’t have that special magic with each dog. I don’t know why you have it with some dogs and not others. The dogs also have to open themselves up to it also. When you have it, it’s a great feeling.

I think I got it now with Nan. It has taken over a year since I have had her plus the six weeks off for the surgery. She watches Tess and tries to do as Tess does. Tess has been devoted to me and Nan has also stepped up to the plate. Instead of me telling them what to do (such as in herding) they have taken the role of just doing it; they have been next to me when I hurt and give me comfort; they walk with me to the bathroom in the middle of the night. They lick me when my chest hurts and at night when I wake up in pain, they are nudging me with love. We have gotten very close in the last few weeks and my bond with Nan has deepened. Nan has gone from the role of a trial dog to a heart dog. She knows she is family now and her role has gotten deeper. She knows this is her home and she is part of the family.

Today, I realize that I am a very lucky person. I have a great husband, Jeff, a wonderful family, caring friends and my dogs, my soul mates. Life is good and don’t let it rush you by. Don’t take thing for granted and kiss the ones you love each day. You only live once.

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