Saturday, August 2, 2008

Mom and her entourage....

What a nice weekend. Mom and I hung out all day and ate well. Those of you that know my mom, know she is an awesome cook. Again, I wolfed down her meals. For Lunch she made Yaki-Udon from scratch. It had veggies and thinly sliced pork belly. I ate so much that I had to take a nap. Reminds me of Thanksgiving when you eat so much Turkey, that you have to take a nap after dinner.

So far, the pain level is not as bad. I still feel it but it is not as long or as intense. Taking meds on time helps too. I only woke up once and felt Tess's nose on my arm and then quickly fell asleep again. I did not have to take a pain pill.

Deb went home early this morning and I am grateful she came over to baby-sit me. We caught up on news and just enjoyed ourselves. She moved to California about 4 years ago and I miss her. We keep in touch via email and ph and we usually see each other once a year. We met many yearsago when we worked at Boeing on the same project.

In the afternoon, mom and I took a walk to the barn. Mom loved feeding the cow and sheep. They all came running up to her and she tossed the bread over the fence. I think she had a good time.

We saw Rigby, the barn cat and she quickly scooped him up to bring back to the house. She loves that cat. I was walking slow behind her as we made our way to the house and this is what I saw. On one side was Nan and the other side was Tess, both of them staring at mom. In her arms was Rigby, purring very loudly and his paws wrapped around her neck. Mom was very happy.

We sat down to watch TV and she had Rigby in her lap and Tess and Nan at her feet. I was not part of the program. It's quite cute to see her being loved by the animals. She was in the kitchen and all the critters followed her. I could hear her speak to them in Japanese. She has been speaking to them in Japanese so I guess Tess and Nan are bi-lingual dogs now.

I took a long hard nap prior to dinner and that seems to perk me up. We had some more of her awesome food and watched TV. Mainly stuff like Forensic Files and so forth.

I told me mom tonight that she is the best mom and I am very lucky. My brother says the same thing. Having her stay with me seems to help me recover faster. We just enjoy hanging out and doing stuff together.

I feel more alert for a longer period of time and not as much pain. I will be glad when I am 100% healed but for the time being, I am doing what the Dr tells me too.

Not much new today, just enjoying hanging out with mom and going for barn walks. The best thing is seeing Tess, Nana and Rigby with her and how much they adore her.

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