Sunday, August 10, 2008

Another slow day......

Today I still was not feeling well so I slept most of the day. I figure by tomorrow I should be ok. I was very tired but not as bad as the day before. The overdoing it cost me a couple of days. I had tried to be careful but obviously not enough.

Kathleen came over today and visited. She has done so well with her Emma. Emma’s coat look fabulous. The red in the coat was shiny and thick. Her coat is a rough coat and she has grown up to be a gorgeous dog. Kathleen went to work with Emma on some chores and then some sheep work. I was able to peer out from the office and catch a glimpse of her working the lambs. Kathleen has done a wonderful job in training Emma. A few weeks ago, Emma was the dog that loaded the sheep onto a trailer and then sorted and set out sheep all weekend for the Mt Vernon trial. That is a tough job as the sheep did not want go down the chute to be set but she did it willingly all weekend. I am very impressed that an 18 months old pup did this hard work and never gave up. Kathleen should not only be proud of her Emma but she should be proud of herself as she did the training on her. She has done a great job and they are an awesome team.

Kathleen is also puppy-sitting Anson. She brought him up to the house and he has lost his baby fat and now looks like a dog. Anson has a white face and two different colored eyes. He is a real sweetheart. Kathleen took him until I heal up. She has done a great job in raising him. I am glad she is my friend.

Quite a few of my students/friends took a dog or pup until I recover. They are Kathleen, Audrey and Neal, Janet, Tony and Lori, Ron, Monique and Chuck. The other students help out with chores such as Irene is keeping the kennels clean. Nancy and Courtney making sure the lame sheep got treated. Tony and Lori not only took a dog but took some sheep so I would less to worry about. I hope that I didn’t miss anyone.

Tony and Lori also took Danny, the bottle baby that I raised. Their daughter loves Danny and Danny loves people. When I had to bottle feed Danny last year, I made a point of telling everyone to not to get attached to the bottle babies. Gee, so what happens? I ended up carrying Danny in my arms and feeding him and paying lots of attention to him. I remember on one Sunday, that Danny crawled out of the lambing corral and raced down to the round pen to be with people. Everyone had a good laugh at my expenses as I scooped him up and baby-talked to him. I just broke every rule on bottle babies at that point. Danny would sneak out of the lambing corral and visit students until he was too big to fit through the holes. So Danny became a pet and still loves attention. He is part of the herd but if you call him, he will race over to you for pets and a treat.

A few weeks ago a bunch of them did a work day and wormed and hoof trimmed all the sheep. Now I don’t have to worry about that. Having people do what they did takes a huge load off my shoulders and makes me just have to concentrate on my recovery. I want to thank them all for all of their support.

Tess has managed to find an old abandoned duck nest. She had been coming into the house with dirt on her head so I knew something was up. We figured out where she was going and it was at the bottom of a huge tree under the base and among the roots. Jeff found it and saw bits of broken eggs and such. Bad Tess ;-)

Chuck came to the door and knocked on it. The dogs came roaring out of the office with Nan at the front door, barking and growling while Tess planted herself between me and the door. She was also going ballistic. Once Chuck had announced himself they all settled down. They are sure taking care of me as before the surgery they wouldn’t even budge from the office if someone cam to the door.

Chuck cut more up of the two trees he had cut down the week prior. This time I heard his chainsaw. The other times I never heard it. I must have really been out. He worked some dogs and has come far since he first came here. He also brought some of his home brew beer and Jeff and Chuck drank it. I drank some apple juice and I am sure it was not as tasty as Chuck’s beer. Chuck also helps out when he comes over and we enjoy talking to him. He is a really cool guy and loves the dogs.

Finally in the evening, I felt like a human again. I ate a tuna fish sandwich and fruit. It was nice to see some of my appetite again. I am holding steady at 111 lbs but need to eat more to put on at least 10 more pounds. Mom and Nelson called and they were concerned about my appetite. It’s picking up so I am happy again. My mom is coming over for a few hours tomorrow and I hope all of appetite will return as she will be bringing her tasty food. Nelson still is worried as I crashed during his baby-sitting time. The first few days I had lots of energy and was very alert. Then on Friday, on his last day to watch me, I hardly got out of bed and ate very little. It takes about two days for me to recover so hopefully on Monday I will be much better.

I am tired of being weak, being sick, being helpless and no energy and so forth. I am used to being energetic and going non-stop. Having four walks a day and limited time is very hard for me. I will be so glad when I am well again.

Today I took quite a few naps today as the day went on, each time I woke up I felt a little bit better. Jeff has been making sure that I had food in front of me. I ate fruit, avocado, fresh tomatoes from the garden and tuna fish sandwiches. Tess was trying to beg but she got denied. She is way too fat and needs to work some of it off. Funny, isn’t it…I am too thin and she is too fat.

We watched the Olympics and we decided the commercials are far too long. I wish they would show more of the horse events. It was a big upset when Latvia beat USA in beach volleyball. I did fall asleep during parts of the Olympics but that was not surprising.

The scar on my chest doesn’t hurt as n much. It is a long thin red line and it is healing well. I’ll also have a nice scar on my chest where they had the chest tube. Finally, it isn’t ugly looking and hurts slightly. When it does hurt is when I sleep at night and turn on my side, which must put pressure on the wound and makes it ache. If I sleep on my back, then it doesn’t hurt. I never was able to sleep on my back before but now I sleep on my back all the time. I can even sleep while sitting upright on the couch. You learn to sleep in whatever position to get comfortable and not hurt.

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