Monday, August 11, 2008

Much better today

This week started off right. I woke up feeling much better and had an appetite. Jeff made me a bowl of strawberries and banana and I gobbled them up quickly. I didn’t wake up at 6ish or so for my ½ pain pill. That’s great news to me. It means the pain has lessened for me. I am not ready to stop the 9:00 pills yet. I am happy that I didn’t have to take the additional pills.

My chest area itches and somewhat hurts but not the full raging chest pain that I had before. I do get a painful twinge now and then but now it doesn’t drop me to my knees. I am still weak as a new borne kitten and am only good for my short daily walks. But I am glad that I can walk about. It has been a few weeks since the surgery but it seems like it was a long time ago.

My memory is still weird as I remember some stuff and not others. I hardly remember being in the hospital. I was pretty drugged up and couldn’t even use the bathroom with out any help. When I ate, the spoon or fork was very hard to use and it was awkward. It was like learning how to use the spoon again. Everything was in slow motion.

Today nothing was in slow motion. I finally recovered from the over extended walks from Friday. My walks today was shorter and I felt good. I made sure that I didn’t over do it.

I lost three pounds since Friday. Today I think I gained some of it back.
My mom came over in the mid morning. As usual, Tess and Nan ran to the front door and greeted her. They escorted her to the kitchen and they got a treat. This is a routine for them.

We had Japanese rice balls for lunch and then some “Flat peaches”. I think that is what they are called. They looked flat. I ate two of them. They had lots of taste and were soft and juicy. Matter of fact, I inhaled them. Mom was surprised to see me eat them so quickly.

For lunch mom made me grilled Dober Sole. She had made that for me the last time she was here. It was delicious last time and just as delicious this time. I ate two large pieces and was happy.

Mom was very happy to see that I was doing better. Last time she saw me in Saturday, I was feeling so bad that I didn’t even move off the couch and had no appetite. Today, I was active and hungry and she was glad to see that.

My brother also called to see how I was doing. He saw me crash on Friday and was concerned. I was happy to talk to him today and he was relived. Last night, when he called I was not well. Today was a good day to talk to him. It’s good to have such a caring family. Mom raised us right. I am glad she is my mom and Nelson is my brother. My mom did a lot of sacrifices for us as kids so we could go to college and be good people.

Mom raised us the “Japanese way”…making sure we had good grades and studying hard. She worked at night so we would not lack for anything. She was very supportive for us. I had my horses and animals and Nelson had his. All she wanted from us was good grades and be respectful. She bought saving bonds for us so we had college funds. She was very happy when Nelson and I went to college and got our degrees. She took care of my brother when he got into a head-on car accident a few years ago and now she is taking care of me. Nelson and I take care of her when she needs help but she is very self sufficient. She walks around Greenlake at a fast clip several times a week. She is truly a wonderful mom.

Of course, what visit would not be complete unless Rigby came around. He came to the front door and mom fed him can of cat food. He gobbled it up and then he went for his nap on mom’s lap. The dogs all were near here the entire time she was here. And they got a treat every time she went into the kitchen. Nan has gotten good where she carefully takes the food from her hand than snatching it.

Most of the day I felt pretty good and was able to go about without my mom’s help. When I get up I am not as wobbly and when I walk I am much steadier. I check my email more often and try to reply. I haven’t been able to reply to all of my email but I try. If you sent me email and I haven’t answered that is why. I am good for a few minutes and then my energy dies down.

We watched the Olympics and enjoyed watching the swim meets. We rooted for Team USA and Japan. My mom knows more of the swimmers and how they fared than me. She is more tuned into the Olympics than me. We had a good time cheering the swimmers on. We decided that Team Volleyball was boring. It is good to watch for a bit then we lost interest. We were hoping they would have Judo or the Horse events.

Mom went home in late afternoon. Tess and Nan stood at the door looking forlorn. They knew she was leaving. We all were sad to see her go.

The rest of the afternoon I watched TV and relaxed. I even took a nap and woke up to see that Tess next to me. Nan was in the dog bed across the room. I was sure they wanted a treat so I gave them a treat. They were happy then.

The rest of the night was good. I didn’t hurt and felt good. Hopefully this will be a pattern. It nice to able to sit and watch TV without pain. Or even go for a walk. I can see why the Doctor said it will take 8 weeks to heal. That’s a lot of healing your body has to do. Not only the heart has to heal but the bones that they cut through have to heal too. That is what takes a long time.

I had some more Dober Sole for dinner. I was starving and wolfed it down. That is good as normally I have to force myself to finish my meal. I was still hungry so Jeff made fruit plate. I am gone from forcing myself to eat to wanting to eat. Having no or less pain helps quite a bit.

I hope tomorrow that I feel just as good as today or better. This long recovery is driving me nuts but I have to do it. It’s well worth it since there was no other choice. Better alive than being dead.

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