Sunday, August 17, 2008

Busy but fun day!!!

We had thunderstorms in the middle of the night. Nan was so scared she jumped on the bed and peed. Jeff let her out and she came running to me. It was very loud and lit up the sky in white brilliance. I put Nan in a crate and covered it in heavy blankets. It calmed her down and she was fine. While I was dealing with Nan, Tess snuck onto the couch and took over my spot. She was not worried about the thunderstorm. She could care less. She just wanted to steal the prime location on the couch. So we compromised and shared the couch.

I was awake over half the night and so in the morning was groggy. When Kathleen came over I was barely awake. It took me a while to get started but I did. I had my Cream of Wheat and a can of Ensure. By then, Pam and Nancy and Courtney had arrived. They all came up to the house and we chatted. They all had worked their dogs but for a limited time since it was so hot and humid. Kathleen had sorted a wild bunch of lambs so that made it more challenging for the dogs. Blaze was good for Nancy too.

I managed to get motivated and wandered down to the barn. There was a Calif Red ewe that needed an antibiotic shot and some sheep sorted. I see that they are very efficient in their work as well as being good stockmen. I am very impressed on how far they all have come.

Pam worked Tess who was very slow. Then she worked Scott. That will be good for her to work with an Open dog. Scott was more eager to work for her. Pam has a nice Kelpie named Colin. He is a nice working male with a good heart. He is honest and good to the sheep. I have always been impressed with him.

Emma worked well for Kathleen. She is her pride and joy and I can see why. Today, she did her sheep chores well and with confidence. For a young pup, she has stepped up to the plate.

Courtney worked Mig. What a pistol. She was doing some nice clean outruns and is listening well to Courtney. Courtney has done an amazing job wit her.

Nancy sometimes worries about Blaze but today I saw she handled him quite well. Her corrections were on and Blaze had nice, deep outruns and thoughtful fetches. It was looking nice from my view from the barn.

I was starting to fade so I headed up to the house knowing that the gang was doing quite well. They have come a long way and I pleased to see how well they have progressed.

I took a long hard nap downstairs in the cool basement. It felt great. Monique showed up to say hi and then she went to work dogs. I was still tired from my morning walk and was slow to move. Audrey came over and then Monique came back in from working the dogs. We all sat around chatting about the four huge wolf spiders that were in the bedroom. Then we chatted about dogs of course!! Monique is taking care of Lucy for me. In Sept, Monique will be running Lucy in PN and is working on polishing her up.

Audrey and Monique went out to give Emma her horse shots and then I followed them. Lucy ran up to me and is still the sweet loving dog. She is looking really nice and lean now. Monique has been doing a great job in keeping her fit and getting her to work the sheep correctly. Monique is her god-bitch after all!!

I was feeling pretty darn good and sat in the barn with Audrey after Monique left. Audrey worked Dan and he worked nice and smooth. He is settling down and looking good. They make a nice team. She did a quick sort and put some sheep in the round pen. It was one of the fastest sorts ever done.

She worked Kael and he was a dream to watch. Nice balance went both ways and had tons of presence on the sheep. It was enjoyable to watch. He is one nice pup!!

I go for my four daily walks a day. They are 12-15 minutes each. That just wipes me out.

Audrey, on the other hand, goes for 100 plus bike ride, over 2 mile swim and a marathon run…..she is training for the Iron man. She will be running in the Iron man next weekend in Canada. It’s all I can do for my total ONE hour exercise each day and yet next week, Audrey is going to do an Iron man!! She is one awesome athlete. She will be going for about 10 hours straight next weekend!!! Her arms are super buff. We compared her buff arms to my kindling arms. Last year she qualified and was invited to Kona.

We all wish her well as she is a tremendous athlete and a super nice person to boot! We will be keeping our fingers and paws crossed for her.

I am into taking naps today as when I went back to the house, I took another short nap. Jeff went and got some Mexican food and I ate quite a bit. So this is good that I still have an appetite and have energy. If I keep this up, then I expect it will be soon!!

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