Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Can't eat ART!!!

You can’t eat Art!!

This day was great. This makes two good days in a row. I took my pains as needed for pain so that got the day going well. The new routine works just fine.

My brother came over in the morning about 8:30 a.m. and he started the day with cooking me some grilled Yukon Gold Potatoes and an egg. He made it very tasty and I just wolfed it down. He is a great cook. Later he made me some cream of wheat but enhanced it so it was tasty.

It sure is nice to not be so groggy and in pain. Mind you, I am not totally pain free but to the point where it is manageable. I am not as groggy as before but still not fully alert. It sure is nice to be this way and I hope that I continue as such.

It was nice to hang with my brother for a day. He is going to be my baby-sitter until Friday. I just enjoyed sitting and talking with him. It seems like our lives get so busy we forget to sit and relax and enjoy your family. I look up to my brother for his knowledge on plants and trees. He got me some fruit trees and we checked them out. He knows what was wrong with them and how to fit it. I love his cooking as he is an excellent chef and invents his meals.

We walked to the barn today and he feed the animals. Part of our childhood we had 10 acres and tons of farm animals. He loves animals and it shows. Last year he had given me some chickens and as he feed them he was wondering if any were his. Three are left from the batch that he had given me. He feed the chickens, ducks, geese, horse, cow and sheep. The sheep are looking quite well and some are chunky. Emma, the horse kept running up and down the fence line begging for food. He fed her and now he has a fast friend. I had a good time watching him feeding the animals and relaxing in the barn. I sat down in the barn until I felt good enough for the walk back. The day was very hot so it wore me out on the walk. I took a short nap after my first walk.

The rest of the day we went for more walks and feeding the animals. It picks up my spirits and no doubt aids in the healing factor. Getting out of the house and just enjoying the outside is relaxing to me. Hanging out with my brother is a big bonus.
A few years ago, Nelson got into a bad car accident. He was a passenger. He suffered a broken sternum, collar bone, ribs and an ankle. They had to re-inflate a lung too. It took him a long time to mend. So now, he knows the pain that I am going through and is a great comfort to me. He compared our injuries and gave me an idea of what to expect.

I am gaining weight now and today I was 110 lbs. It’s good to reverse the weight loss. I’ll be happy to be at least 120 lbs and at this rate it shouldn’t take so long. All the delicious meals that I have eaten have helped quite a bit

A couple of sheep got out and Nelson went outside with Tess and got them back in. They got out through the electric fence on the back lawn. Tess also adores Nelson. When she was young he used to play with her. Today he played ball with her and Nan. The dogs really like him as he fusses over them. He is an animal lover and it shows.

Tonight he made a work of art for dinner. He made mashed potatoes/gravy, broccoli and sirloin steak. The presentation was a art. Served on a white plate, carefully arranged and very artsy. Gosh, it’s hard to eat a work of art but I was hungry. I inhaled it and it was superb.

We did our last walk and put away the ducks and chickens. He did the nightly feeding and as we walked up to the house, I thanked God for such a good brother.

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