Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sleat - For Sale

Sleat, a talented PN female is now offered for sale. She is 4.5 yrs old and very go forward. She ran successfully in Nursery and just started to run in PN. At her first PN trial, she was ran excellent and held first for most of the day. She is very biddable and has nice flanks.

Sleat's dam, Miah is a full sibling to Joni Swanke's Lew. . Miah's sire is Imp Spot (Joni Swanke and now owned by Michelle Howard).

Her sire is Imp Ben, who is a full sibling to Jim Croppers's Sid.  Alen Owen's Ben is the grandsire on the  Imp Ben side. Imp Ben's sire is Bwlch Hemp.

Sleat is very intense and not for a novice handler. She is trained on voice and whistles.

She rides loose in the truck, kennels and crates well. She gets along with the other dogs and cats and is a very loving dog.

email me for more info

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pick up your poop!

Two neighbours drew weapons and fired at each other after an argument about dog 'poop' got out of control.

Jerry Blasingame, 60, has been charged with assault for shooting Terry Tehnet, 52, with a shotgun, reports the BBC.

Mr Tehnet was angry because he thought Mr Blasingame's dog had defecated on his lawn, in a rural part of the Mississippi.

Mr Tehnet, whose injuries are not life-threatening, may also be charged. He told police he visited his neighbour to complain about dog "poop" on his property.

The two men confronted one another with each claimed the other produced a weapon first.

"He shot twice, I returned fire," said Mr Blasingame.

Mr Tehnet said Mr Blasingame opened fire first with his shotgun so he took his pistol from his car and fired back.

He said he was hit in both hands, the shoulder, chest and side by shotgun pellets.

Chief Deputy Sheriff Billy Barber said: "Homeowners and property owners need to respect each other's property... If a dog did that in your yard, call the law. Don't take matters into your own hands."


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Flash is available

Flash is available to the right home. He is current on his shots. He is outgoing, friendly and very sweet. He is 10 weeks old.


He is a happy puppy.

Baby picture

Mom in Nan and Roo is the sire.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Lap Pups

I love pups! I especially love pups on my lap when it is cold outside. They keep my lap warm and me entertained.

Billie at 10 weeks. She learned if she came quickly she got a piece of chicken jerky....soon her recalls were at warp speed.

Billie soon passed out after this was taken

Bessie passed out. Her little legs kept twitching as if she was chasing a sheep.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ewe gives birth to a puppy

A sheep gave birth to a dog on a farm in China, claims its owner Liu Naiying, who has had people flocking to see the woolly 'lamb-puppy'.
Liu says he came across the lamb-dog in one of his fields shortly after it was born. And by 'born', he means his sheep was licking the creature and therefore it was sporting that moist, 'fresh from the womb' look. 'I was herding the sheep, and saw a sheep licking her newborn lamb on the grassland. The lamb was still wet,' he said.
'When I went up close to check on the lamb I was shocked because it looked so weird, like a cross between a sheep and a dog. 'I was a bit frightened, as I've been raising sheep for 20 years and had never seen such a creature.' Though it has wool like a lamb's, the creature's mouth, nose, eyes, paws and tail are most definitely dog-like.
Liu says the creature even plays like a puppy. Vets, oddly enough, have stepped in and pointed out that it's impossible for a sheep to give birth to a dog, but that hasn't stopped the lamb-dog tourists rocking up to the farm in Fugu County, Shaanxi Province, in their droves.

According to people at Xi'an City Animal Husbandry Technology Centre who know about these sorts of things, it's most likely that Liu's animal is simply an abnormal lamb.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Milk Bar Time

We started lambing and the first wave is done. The second wave should start in about another week. I didn't bred all of the flock and kept some back so we would have some to work the dogs.  The lambs came out quite cute this year and last weekend, we turned the flock loose to graze on the front lawn.

One of the older ewes. She has nice, well built lambs.

She has a huge bag and her lambs takes full advantage of it. Notice she hasn't missed a meal either. She is a Clun Forest and was born here. I think she is the third generation born here. We  had five generations of ewes last year.

Another senior Katahdin ewe and her ewe twins.

Time to hit the Milk Bar!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Back in OKC

For those of you that don't know by now, I have been back in Oklahoma City this last week. I go back home on Saturday and look forward to it. I am at the FAA Academy for  training. I had to fly out on Sunday and then come back on Saturday, which pretty much messed up both weekends.

The bright side is that the weather has been great with 80 degrees and sunny. A far cry from when I was here in January. I moved to a better hotel (Wyndham) and it has been stellar. I had dinner with Susan Abrams and Bonnie Daley at the Cattleman's restaurant. I had the Filet Mignon  and was  able to eat only half of it. It was delicious! Susan and Bonnie are super cool and just fun people. Down to earth and the type of friends one would be honored to have. I am so happy that I got to be friends with them as they are such good people. It makes the visit to OKC much more fun and be able to talks dogs, sheep and non-work.  That night was the best night that I had here!

I did manage to shopping at Shelper's western store and got a pair of jean with fancy rhinestones on the back end. The jeans are cute and are a size 3/4...which make me happy as in the beginning of the year, I could barely squeeze into my size 8 jeans.  And I got anotehr cookbook for Getty. It's a Salsa Cookbook that has some cool recipes for salsa that I can't wait to try. I looked for another type of gift but didn't see anything that really suited him.

Other than that, I've been studying hard for class so I can pass the test on Friday. I can't wait to get home on late Saturday. OKC time is two hours ahead of Seattle time and it means I get up at 4:00 Seattle time....6:00 OKC time....that is so not me!

On the home front, there was the second go round of lamb births  explosions. I had most of the expectant ewes sorted in the stalls or the back lawn, Then, one ewe had given birth in the lower pasture but a friend could not find the lamb.  But she found a lost lamb in the back lawn  so we didn't know if this lamb was her or if hers was eaten by a coyote.  We didn't know if that lamb belong to "Melanie" (the ewe mentioned above) or was a lamb from one of the expectant ewe that was in the back lawn pasture.

My friend and I figured it out over the phone since I had my sheep spreadsheet of who had   lambs. The issue was couple of expectant ewes that were in the back lawn we had to make sure the lamb did not belong to one of them. Once we eliminated the back lawn sheep,  then she reunited the ewe with the lamb BUT the ewe decided she didn't want anything to do with the lamb. My friend tied her up in the stall and convinced to "remember" her lamb and she did.

We figured out that  the lamb crawled through the panel opening in the fence between the two pastures and got into the back lawn pasture but we didn't know this until later. We have no idea why she crawled through the opening but she did. But "Melanie" and the little ewe lamb are together and she is a loving mom now.

Apparently Tess, Rainey and Nan have not missed me at all. Tess quickly took over my spot on the bed by acquiring my pillow. Gee, nice to know that. At least, Getty has texted and called me so I am not so crushed!

I brought my camera with the grand idea of taking sightseeing pictures but since I really haven't gone anywhere, it has been unused, aside from the pictures I got of Susan, Bonnie and me. I was going to post the pictures but forgot the cable so those pictures will have to wait until I get back.

You never know how much you miss home until you have been alone in a hotel room, with no spouse, dog and sounds of bleating lambs. I'll be glad to sleep in my own bed on Saturday, snuggle with Getty and the girls and hear the farm sounds.

Of course, I'll be singing a different tune when it come to weaning time.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Zenspirations - the power of PAWsitive thinking

Zenspirations - the power of PAWsitive thinking is a light-hearted, inspirational and often funny collection of quotes and sayings juxtaposed with great photos of border collies. The quotations give gentle reminders of what’s most important in life and simple truths that change the way we think about the challenges life presents.

More info here KINLOCH

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Glock's debut

Glock is our newest LGD. He has been here for about 2 weeks. He has settled in quite well and loves his ewes and lambs. He sleeps with the lambs and watches over them. The ewes have accepted him and Kodi is his mentor.

Janet is happy that her ears are being cleaned by Glock

Next, he is trying to kiss her face.

Ok, a cute pix together. He finally settled down and let Janet snuggle with him.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dad and Daughter

Time for a Family Portrait

Dad "ROO"

Daughter "Bessie"

Roo was just as cute as Bessie when he was a pup.

Monday, March 21, 2011

A Bright and Shiny Penny

Last week found a shining Penny on the farm. She is a Katahdin ewe lamb and very cute. She will be staying with us as part of the hair sheep flock.

By the well house

Oh, look she found a branch.

A Calendar girl pose.

See how cute he white is on her face.

Her mom has attitude and needless to say, Penny has the same.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cat in a Box

Lexi in a Ice box....she is a Manx and very sweet.

She was a former show cat but now is retired and a farm cat. She is very quiet and loves to follow you everywhere. She loves boxes...any sizes and shapes. We had just cleaned out this ice box and was letting is sun dry when she decided it would suit her.

If I have any open cardboard boxes in the barn, she will be in it quick as a flash. Then, when a dog walks by, her paw sneaks out and tags the dog and the paw disappears back in. Then the dog is confused on what just happened as they seen nothing. None of them have figured it out yet.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tiger Cub Water Therapy

Vets at a German zoo have got a partially paralysed tiger cub back on her feet - thanks to water therapy sessions.

Rana is learning to overcome a cat's natural fear of water by learning to walk again while her weight is supported in a water tank.

But her therapists are now anxious to complete the treatment - before the tiger is too big for them to work with safely.

Rana was born completely healthy at Halle Zoo 18 weeks ago but suddenly collapsed unable to walk.

Keepers believe her mother Cindy may have unknowingly crushed her cub's lower back.

Zoo vets have been using water tanks and special harnesses to take the Malayan tiger cub's weight while she learns to move her legs again.

"She has improved enormously with better reflex reactions and greater control of her legs. The therapy is really working," said vet Jens Thielebein.

Rana currently weights just 25lbs - but will soon start growing up to her adult weight of 264lbs.

"We have to work quickly before she starts to grow up too much and becomes a danger to her therapists so we have to do as much as we can as quickly as we can," he added.

Malay tigers are endangered and found only on the Malay peninsular where experts believe as few as 600 are now living in the wild.


Friday, March 18, 2011

Cute Guide Dog story

A Suffolk man was devastated when his faithful guide dog lost his sight - so he got a new dog to act as eyes for both of them.

Edward had given Graham Waspe, 60, six years of loyal service until he had to have both eyes removed after developing inoperable cataracts.

Mr Waspe, from Stowmarket, couldn't bear to be parted from his canine companion - so he got a new guide dog to look after them both.

Now two-year-old Opal acts as the eyes for both Graham and Edward, who is now living out a well deserved retirement.

"My wife and I cried when we heard Edward had glaucoma and would be losing his sight but we were determined to keep caring for him," said Mr Waspe.

"Since losing his sight last October, he has just adapted incredibly well. He and Opal are very affectionate and just love to lie down together."

Despite being unable to see, eight-year-old Edward, who is otherwise healthy, has shown no sign of slowing down.

Graham, who is registered blind, has only limited vision in one of his eyes due to two separate incidents earlier in his life.

Now Graham, Edward and Opal raise awareness of the Guide Dogs charity by visiting local schools and community groups.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ringo...the high rise Kitty

Ringo was a barn kitten, for maybe less than a day. I got Sarah, Simon and Ringo from Vicki when they were just tiny kittens. They were feral and Vicki worked on making them tame. When I first got them, I put them in a covered dog run so they could get used to the barn. My mom came and I showed her the kittens. She scooped up one tiny Siamese male kitten and told me that he was not a barn cat and that he needed to go into the house (meaning my house while we had lunch). One thing I learned is to never argue with your mother and certainly not a Japanese mother.

I grabbed a crate and the kitten went up to the house. He sat on her lap until we had dinner and was in the  crate for a short time. As soon as dinner was over, he was back on my mom's lap. She kept telling me that he was not a barn cat and I told her that he could not be a house cat......which lead to the barn kitty going home with her that night.

I am sure she planned it that way but I am not going to let her know that I figured it out...

Ringo in the lap of luxury....fed several times a day, brushed and plays with my mom.

He has his own couch, chair and bedroom. quite spoiled, I would say.

He has another cat, "Tama", who is his best friend. Ironically enough, ten years ago, Tama was a kitten that I got as a feral kitten for the barn. Mom came over for dinner, went to the barn, saw the kitten and just borrowed her for the weekend, since it was raining and she was cold. She promised to bring her back in a couple of days but that was ten years ago and I am not holding my breath for Tama to return.

Life has been good for Ringo...I guess he went from barn cat to condo cat....what a great move!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Wooden Spoon trick

This is non dog realated but funny nevertheless!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How I picked Harvey

This dog tempts me......what a cutie!

This is well done!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Our newest member

We recently added a new member to our team. He doesn't have a name yet so we are open for suggestions. His breed is Maremma/Tatra /Spanish Mastiff and he came from Oregon. He was born on Dec 10, 2010.

Puppy pixs
Chow time

Our pup walking

Our pup as he looks like now.

He will be filling Kodi paws as the sheep protector. Kodi and pup are friends already. He has fit in with the ewes and the lambs. He is a sweet and loving pup and already barks when anyone enters the barn.  I'll try to get more pixs and post more info on him.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Taff (aka Rags)

I have decided to sell Taff as he is related to most of my females and I can not use him as a foundation male. He is a very powerful dog that is best suit for a experienced handler. He is a willing and biddable dog. He has a nice outrun, lift and fetch and is good on the drive. He is fine at the pen and getting better at the shed. He is also learning a lookback.

Click to enlarge

He is very well bred and willing to learn. His hips are fine, CERF passed, DNA CEA Normal and BAER fine. He is good with other dog,s cats and poultry, He will take sheep off horses and llamas. He is a one person dog and will bend over backwards for you. He is on verbal and whistles. I have not worked him yet on cattle. He has no interest in working chickens or ducks.

Taff has a good blend from both of his parents, his biddabilty from Nan and his tremendous courage from Tweed. He is fearless on the field and will stand up and never back down , a trait from Tweed. His go forwardness is from both parents as well as one of the best work ethics.  since both of his parents are such powerful dogs, Taff has inherited this trait and is not suited for a soft handler. However, he does everything I ask of him on the field and I have to realize that he is one of the most talented and pushiest dog that I own.  When I view the video of Ralph running  Tweed at the Finals, I see that in Taff. He has his mom goofy and loving nature and loves to play toss with me, when not on the field. He is a one person dog and will only work for me so he is committed to you. He is a very talented dog and he will go to a home that can showcase his talent and he can have a permanent home.

Crate, kennel trained and was a former house dog. Contact me for details.

Taff- a video

Here is a quick video of Taff. He was working sheep at my neighbor's place. They were feeding them so there was the heavy draw plus the draw to the ewes and lambs. There is a creek in the middle and the sheep didn't want to cross it. The outrun is about 250 yards and he drove about 200 yards up the field. It was also raining and cold and no one wanted to out in the field!

Taff (formerly known as Rags) is a five year old son. (L&M Nana and Ralph Pulfer's Tweed). rough tri male with lots of power and tough to run. I've been widening his flanks and making him feel his sheep and he is doing quite well.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Japan Earthquake Update from our family

We have been worried sick over here trying to find out how my mother's side of the family is faring in Japan. Today she was able to get in touch with her second sister.  Yesterday she got in touch with her first sister.The first sister's house was hit by the earthquake but can be fixed and everyone is OK. My cousin was stranded in the train and he had to sleep on the floor and finally made his way home. The power was out in Tokyo for 24 hours, telephones were down and general mayhem.

The telephones and power are slowly coming back online and it still is a mess. Tokyo is stalled and trying to get back to some sort of semblance. They got hit with another aftershock today. People are numb and confused. Families are torn apart and people don't know if their loved one are dead or lost. It's like a war zone.

The second sister house is fine and all is OK there. They are still trying to get in touch with my cousin who lives in Nagano. No word yet. They got hit with a 6.6 earthquake yesterday.

My mother dear friend sister and family lives in Sendai. They are not able to find them. Sendai was hit by the tsunami, then fire finished off the rest of the city. Other cities are wiped out.

Now there was one nuclear explosion and fears of a second. The photos and videos are mind numbing and full of despair. I want to hop on a plane and help but my mother vetoed that idea.

Instead I am going to donate to the AMERICAN RED CROSS. Please donate and her is the info. If everyone donates just $10 it would be wonderful

AMERICAN RED CROSS - U.S. mobile phone users can text REDCROSS to 90999 to add $10 automatically to your phone bill. Or visit or call 1-800-RED-CROSS.

My mother will update me and I will post it to the blog. Please keep Japan in your prayers and donate to help those who are in need now.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Major Earthquake and Tsunami hits Japan

Most of you probably don't know that I am half Japanese. My mother is from Tokyo and all of her relatives live there or the northern surrounding area. As of tonight, all communication is non-existent. I hope that my relatives are okay and hope to hear from them soon. I lived in Japan when I was a small child on the Island of Okinawa and then in my early 20's as a English teacher on the Island of Kyushu.  Getty and I went to Japan when we played on the World Ultimate Team and visited my relatives. So needless to say, Japan is near and dear to my heart.

I sit in shock as I watch the newscast and see the level of destruction. Lives are lost and people are stunned by the upheaval. This will require a huge rebuilding of their lives and it will have an impact on them for their rest of their lives

Please keep them in your prayers and thoughts. If I hear anything, I will update this blog. I am at a loss for words for how I feel right now.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011 and some more pixs

I did a quick video of Eifion shearing...he was doing a sheep in less than TWO minutes.....We had a big assembly line to do the hooves, shots and worming and we still were behind! It was fun watching Eifion do the shearing and we look forward to next year.

Here are a couple of more pixs. Not the best pixs as I was using my point and shoot camera.

Eifion shearing.

The Tilt Table in action with Wayne and Nancy. Nancy has been helping with the shearing for five years! I think Kathleen and Nancy hold the record. They are true friends and make time each year to help out.

More of the  Tilt Table crew...., Janet, Kathleen,  Nancy and Wayne.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

HorseLoverZ Free Wormer Special

HorseLoverZ has a "Get a FREE Wormer" when you buy $20 of product. If you have horses, this is a good deal.

Receive a FREE Duramectin Wormer  with the purchase of every $20.00  *Limit 10 per customer, offer good while supplies last.

Since I have three horses, I will be ordering some supplies and getting my free wormer.

Shearing Day

We shear the flock just before they lamb. It makes is easier for the lamb to find the milk bar and for me too see if their is any health issues that I need to be aware of such as mastitis.  And since it is very muddy at this time of year, it helps the ewe but not having mud balls on their wool.

Each year, my students and friends all gather for this even. Everyone has one job that they do so it is an assembly line. People work their dogs in close quarters and learn how to sort or hold sheep. We have people sort the wool, one pile for the bad wool and one pile is the wool for sale. In addition, the sheep get wormed and their vaccinations for the year. Lastly, they get their hooves trimmed.  We also take notes on any sheep that may lamb soon or need to keep on eye on for various reasons.

Eifion is our shearer that comes from Wales. He can shear a sheep in about three or four minutes. He has been coming here for over six years.

Jean was the sheep wrangler. Sam and Diane were the wool crew.

Sara was the sheep loader. At the tilt table, Deborah was showing Finley the show. Kathleen was the record keeper and vaccinated the sheep. Janet did the worming and Wayne handled the tilt table. Nancy was on the hoof trimming team.

Kathleen  did the sheep sorting.

This ewe is getting a pedicure from  Nancy.

Sometimes the ewes didn't want to load so Sara would step in and help. This ewe was no match for  Sara.

The ewe in position for her beauty treatment.

We took a break for lunch and had spagetti.  We only had about 20 sheep left and it went quickly. Again, Lady Luck looked fondly upon us and provided sunshine.

After we were done, we all hung out and enjoyed the afternoon sun. Thanks to a great shearing team, we got done by 1:00 and had the rest of the day to hang out. We sheared 60 sheep and I really appreciated everyone's help.

Photos by Wayne Seward.