Sunday, August 3, 2008

A so-so day

August 3, 2008

I slept well until and then back to sleep until 9:00 a.m. I usually don’t sleep that late but Tess and I watched TV until 2:00 a.m. She curled up on end of the couch and I took the other end. She let me know that some of shows were not worth staying awake for. A couple managed to keep her interest and she would put her head in my lap and expect me to pet her. Of course, I did.

Today was a so-so day as I had no energy. My walks were slow and I tired easily. I managed to get my second wind around lunch time.

Mike, Nancy and Courtney came over at noon to work their dogs and unload bread. They came up to the house to visit and it was fun chatting with them. They are some of the nicest people in the world, They have been training their Border Collies here for that time and it shows. They got a couple of pups from me about 20 months ago. They have been training the dogs (Logan and Jack) since they got them and those pups are doing very well. They have nice wide outruns and listen very well. Both have great stock sense and don’t spook the sheep. They also have Blaze and Meg. Blaze is a very determined dog that doesn’t quit. Meg is a young pup that just turned one yr a few months ago. She is very keen but Courtney is training her and has done a good job with her. They also run their dogs in agility.

After the visit they went to work their dogs. They also had sorted some sheep for me. I wish I could have gone down and watched them but since I am still not feeling well so I stayed up at the house. I enjoy watching them work their dogs. Logan worships Courtney and it is a very special bond. He is her heart dog and will do anything for her. I have a heart dog too and her name is Tess. Everyone should have a heart dog. It is like the dog is part of you.

I didn’t wear my anti-nausea patch today and paid for it. My lunch upset my stomach so I had to lay down to rest of the afternoon. I did finally got a new one on and it lasts for 3 days. The drugs play havoc on your body and the patch helps with my nausea.

When the Rollers went to work their dogs, I sent Tess and Nan out to get a workout. Nan, no doubt, ran back to the house and I hope Tess went with the Rollers.

Later Monique came by and took Tess for a lesson. Apparently Tess decided it was her day off and made sure her outruns were nice and slow. So much for her helping today. She did manage to get something smelly on her so my mom gave her a quick bath before she was let back into the house. We made her stay in her dog bed until she dried off. She was not amused.

I finally felt better in the evening and able to eat some watermelon and some Korean BBQ beef. I didn’t have much of an appetite.

Tess was the assistance chef in t he kitchen with my mom. She managed to weasel some rice and beef broth and then several dog biscuits and to end it, she got the leftovers from dinner. Nan got some but most of the time, Tess would not let her into the kitchen. Tess did the same thing when the Rollers came by. She ran up to greet them and gave Nan the evil eye. Upon receiving the evil eye, Nan ran back to the office. Later, Tess wandered to me and hopped on t he couch and Nan came out and got petted. Nan also did her doggie-talk (woooooo woooooo) when the Rollers were petting her.

Dinner was some of mom’s Korean BBQ, seaweed salad, tofu with garlic, and grilled eggplant. I only ate only the BBQ meat. Jeff ate everything on his plate. Tess was waiting for her share and I am sure my mom made sure Tess got some in the kitchen. I could hear her talking to Tess in Japanese and I even heard her sing to Tess. In Japanese, of course.

Tonight we watched a bunch of “Law and Order” I was even alert when I watched the episodes.

If you find errors in my blog, my disclaimer is that I am on heavy pain pills. They make you feel like you are in LaLa land. I am so anxious to be working dogs again so for now I have to settled via my students sessions!!

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