Thursday, August 7, 2008

What a great day

It sure is nice to be able to wake up and not be in pain. I take a short nap after my morning meds so they will have time to kick in. Then I am ready for the day. Nelson arrived and had breakfast ready for me when I woke up. He made a pancake, a grilled egg and also cut up some fresh melon. I managed to eat all of it except for half of my egg. It is great not having to eat cream of wheat. I even broke down and had a ½ cup of coffee (caffeinated). It’s been 3 weeks since I had caffeinated coffee and I thought I would really miss it but I ended up drinking about 2/3 of my coffee and was not interested in any more. I haven’t had any caffeine since the surgery and don’t miss it.

We went for our walk this morning down to the barn. I was lamenting about that my duck flock had decreased by half……something has been taking them and not leaving any evidence. We take the ducks out of the duck coop and put them in the pond pasture during the day and at dusk, we put the ducks back in the duck coop. The last several nights, Jeff came home too late to put them away and that is when the flock began to decrease. One of my favorite Muscovy male duck named Mr. McGoo was in the pond pasture. He was gone and I thought he was part of the *missing ducks*

Nelson said he saw a white Muscovy the day before at the back lawn pasture and I was hoping it was Mr. McGoo. We walked to the north side of the barn towards the back lawn and Nelson spotted Mr. McGoo. He was in the back lawn pasture. Nelson noticed the he was lame and he went and caught him. He bled all over his shirt and both of his wings were bloody. His foot was broken too,

Nelson put him into the duck coop and set it up so he had lots of easy access water and food. Mr. McGoo will be staying in the coop until he heals. The other ducks will have to housed with the chickens until Mr. McGoo heals. I am glad that Nelson found Mr. McGoo because Mr. McGoo is one of my favorite ducks. He was borne last year and is a very friendly duck. He spends a lot of time in the barn and is one of the first ducks to greet you in the morning when it is feeding time.

We need to figure out what is stealing/killing the ducks, We have no idea but will try to set a live trap in the pond pasture since that is where they all have been disappearing from the last few days.

Nelson fed the animals their bread and they all came running up to him. Everyone looks good and after they ate, they all went back to shade. It’s hot today and will get hotter.

After our walk Nelson made me lunch. I tell you that I scored with my mom and brother in the food department. He made homemade fresh shrimp rolls. It is like the spring rolls you get at a Vietnamese restaurant. It is not deep fried but fresh. Inside was white thin rice noodles and grilled shrimp, The wrapping is thin rice paper wrap. He made some home fresh peanut sauce. This meal was far better than any spring rolls that I had ever had at a restaurant.

I gobbled up most of my lunch and rate it a 5 star meal. With such tasty meals in front of me, how can I not resist to eat as much as I can? I weighed myself this morning and am at 111 lbs, no doubt due to all the food that I have eaten. I am eating about twice as I was before, Pretty soon I will be as fat as Tess and Nan. Then all three of us can go on a diet program.

I can’t wait for dinner as I know it will be good. ;-)

I notice my healing is doing well. Before it was hard for me to read anything as my eyes sight was hazy. When I would type my blog before today, I would have to increase the word size so I could type. I also noticed that I had grammar and spelling mistakes in my prior blogs but am not going back to fix it as it shows my condition at that time. Sometimes it was very hard to think and then type the words. You will be able to see the difference between when I first started and now. It will very interesting for me when I am totally healed to go back and see what I wrote. It’s a Journal of Healing.

Today is my Birthday and I celebrate turning 50. The best gift is my brother taking time to take care of me. My mom wanted to do something for my birthday and my suggestion is that in September we have a “Thank you BBQ” for everyone who was involved one way or another and a Birthday Party as well as the very belated “Barn Signing Party”. Plan to attend and have a good time. We all look forward to it.

It’s been a busy day so far. In the afternoon, my alfalfa guy called and told me that my alfalfa would be delivered tomorrow. Last time I had talked to him he was going to bring the alfalfa on Saturday. I am scrambling to sell the extra grass hay that I have. It is sitting in the spot where the alfalfa hay is going to be. I have 44 grass bales to get rid off and I need to move it before my hay arrives. I put it on “craigslist” and sold it quickly but the buyer won’t be able to pick it up until next week. So my barn will be crammed full of hay, both grass and alfalfa. Oh well…..

Tomorrow I will have 27 tons of super grade alfalfa delivered. It is the Japanese export hay and my guy managed to snap it for me. I am selling 7 tons of it so I hope I have it sold. I am trying to reduce my feed bill as the hay is almost twice what I paid last year. I might sell more alfalfa if I reduce my flock more.

I am glad I got my grass and alfalfa hay. It’s a lot better than waiting until the last minute and scrambling and getting lower quality hay at a exorbitant price.

Dinner was organic tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. It’s been years since we had that. Nothing is better than hot cheese sandwich dipped in tomato soup. My mom would be appalled at our dinner manners. We enjoyed it and I felt like a child again.

This day was super busy and I didn’t take a nap which is good. That means I am getting much better. Nelson noticed that I am no longer *chalky looking”. He sees the difference when I first came home where I was really weak and could hardly eat and almost fell asleep at dinner. This time I am much more alert and polished up his meals. He is making extra appealing meals so I will eat them and it shows since I have gained a few pounds since he has been here. My arms are no longer rail thin but getting some meat on them. They are flabby but at least I am getting there!!

Tomorrow is the last day he will be here. My mom will be here part of the weekend with her best friend, Kimiko. I bet my mom will take great delight in showing Kimiko the farm and feeding everyone. Not to mention, spoiling Tess and Nan.

Speaking of Nan….she adores Nelson. He fusses over her and she only has eyes for him. She nuzzles him and does the “dog talk” to him while her tail is going 100 mpg. When we walk down to the barn, she dances in front of him. He stops and she sits in front of him. She ignores me. I am so tempted to have Nelson take Nan and have him work the sheep. That would be cool. I think he will enjoy it.

I am glad that each day I am feeling better and better. I am making sure that I do not push the envelope but go at the pace the Doctor set for me. I see the progress and soon I will be back at full speed. But it will be worth it.

It has been three weeks since the surgery. It’s been two weeks since I have been home. Time sure flies.

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