Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pinky and Pillows

In some of my blogs, I have talked about "Pinky" Pinky is the toy that Audrey and Neal gave me. Pinky is a good pillow and "heart cushion". When I need to cushion my heart, I would use Pinky....such as when you are trying to get up and not use your arms. You are supposed to cushion your heart with a pillow to protect it. I would use Pinky as a pillow also. Pinky is great!!

Tess also likes to use Pinky as a pillow. Here she is on the couch where I sleep. When I would watch TV late at night, Tess would be on the couch with me. Often, she would snooze. She sleeps with her head on the pillow. After all, isn't that how dogs are supposed to sleep?

Ok this is my bed at night. It is our leather couch. This is how it is setup so I can sleep. This is how Tess sleeps too. You would think she was raised like a human. She sleeps on the bed or couch and puts her head on the pillow. And she snores too. So during my recovery Tess either used Pinky or the pillow as a head rest and would stretch out.

If there is no Pinky or pillow then Tess will use my lap as a head rest. Clever dog!!

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