Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cosmo the cat

It has been a few days since we lost our beloved Shiro. This weekend we did landscaping and put gravel on the paths. We just needed to stay home and keep busy. It helped us heal, I think.

The Border Collies were more than helpful (READ: getting in the way!!) so we put them in the pond pasture to swim after a ball. Actually, it was more like Tess carrying the ball and tossing it in the pond and then swimming after it with her entourage following her (at a safe distance). any one who got in her *bubble* got a good roll. She loves to lead the pack with her ball and her tail high.

Just outside of the pond pasture (which is fenced) is the hay barn. It has pallets stacked next to it and the cats like to lay on the pallets and soak up the sun.

Most of you have heard about Rigby, the wee black/white cat who has raised the Border Collies litters, has taught the dogs to fear his paws and is the King of the barn. He likes the dogs and they all play together.

We got another cat a bit ago. Our good vet, sometimes has cats and he rehomes them. Eric, his tech, had gotten a cat that was *tossed away* by the owner since he had a UTI (bladder infection). So instead of putting the cat on meds, they got rid of the cat. Lucky for the cat, he was fixed up by the vet clinic. They called me and asked me if I wanted a barn cat. I always need a good barn cat and Cosmo turned out to be an excellent mouser

I got him and he is a small black and white cat but full of attitude. He picks the times and place when YOU get to pet him. You dare not touch him unless he lets you. Over the last 2 years or so, he has mellowed out and now seeks attention.

He is not fond of the dogs like Rigby is and ignores them. He thinks the dogs are beneath him in the food chain and if a dog approaches him and doesn't retreat fast enough, his claws will carve furrows in the nose.

So Cosmo was wandering about when I put the dogs into the pond pasture. he turned his nose up at the dogs and went to lay on his pallets and you can tell just what he thinks of all shenanigans.

Have the dogs no pride? Guess not!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

"Shiro" April 26, 1993 - June 20, 2008

Shiro at 12 years old

Today marked a sad day at our farm.

Jeff and I took Shiro to the vet to put her to sleep. She had not been doing well the last few weeks and yesterday Jeff found her in the laundry room and unable to get up. Last night, we gave her some drugs and it didn't help and she didn't eat. She drank lots of water and panted a lot. We knew it was time.

The vet examined her and said she had water in her lungs(pneumonia), her heart was failing and probably had kidney issues. As it was, you could tell she was fading fast. Jeff and I cried like babies as she was our first dog, our first child- so to say, since we do not have children.

She was Jeff's pride and joy. He loved her deeply and she loved him as much. The bond between them was magic.

She was my first herding dog and was the one who got me started. She was not afraid of anything.

She was the Ringbearer at our Wedding. Jeff and Shiro were Freestyle Frisbee Champions.

We will be getting her ashes back soon and planting a white Rose Bush in her memory.

Shiro, we love you very much. We were blessed to have you in our lives

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

IRS allows you to claim your pets ;-)

Sent to me by a friend.....some humour
(click to see this full size)

Monday, June 16, 2008

"The Age of Innocence"

The pups are growing up now. Rainey is still Jeff's little Princess. She knows it too. She just had to bat her eyes at Jeff and she is forgiven. That doesn't work too well with me. I guess I am the rule enforcer around these parts and Jeff is the benevolent dad.

I just got two new Pet Nest dog Beds. They replaced the two worn out ones that I had for a few years. Tess and Nan each picked their beds and had been hanging out in their respective beds. Tess also lets the pups share her bed. She is very tolerant of her pups still and lets them get away with a lot.

So this weekend, the dogs were all tucked in their dog beds and I was reading a newspaper online. I turn around and see that Rainey has taken over Tess's bed and Tess is on the hard wooden floor. She doesn't seem to mind. I go back to reading the newspaper.

Rainey looking innocent!!

Every have one of those moments when you know something is not quite right?

I had that feeling and turned around.

Nan was asleep in her bed. Check-Good!!

Tess is asleep on the floor. Check-Good!!

Rainey has flipped her new dog bed over and shredded the bottom into about a million pieces BUT has not shredded the cover. Check- NOT GOOD!!

I can't get mad at her as she was quite proud of her handiwork.

Ah, the Age of Innocence

Monday, June 9, 2008

Introducing Kuro....

Introducing Imported Kuro...actually he has been here for a bit...I have been slow to put his blog up.

I got Kuro from the UK. Angie Driscoll, my good pal, did all the work to get me this wonderful pup. He is the son of Bobby Dalziel Jamie. On his dam side, he is heavily bred Dalziel lines too. Angie knew that I love Jamie and got me Kuro. I so owe her!! Angie just rocks!!

He was born in Dec and has grown into a leggy guy. He LOVES people and is very sweet and loving.

He will be on stock soon but now, he is just growing up and enjoying being a puppy.

Jamie- Sire

Bess - dam

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

We got DSL and some music videos

Ok, we broke down and got DSL...Jeff does a lot of music videos and puts them on youtube so the old dial-up was not happening.....so we bit the bullet and got DSL. Guess who had to install it....YEP, me. Guess the days working at Microsoft paid off as I did it quickly.

Here are some music videos of him when he was in Baton Rouge at Phil Brady's. He is also playing with Larry Garner.




Monday, June 2, 2008

Key Penisula Trial

I was at a three day trial (May 24-26) at George and Sue MacDonalds. I arrived on Friday, the day before the trial. George and Sue let me stay at their house so I didn't have to drive to a hotel. I knew at the end of the day, my brain would hurt and driving would put me over the edge. Thanks Goodness there are kind people like Sue and George.

They kept an eagle eye on me and made sure that I was ok all the weekend. I just LOVE them. In fact, nine years ago, Sue and George took me under their wing and got me to take a lesson with Scott Glen and let me enter the trial and was super nice. They have been my trial parents ever since.

We went out to dinner at the local restaurant in Home and I got a T-bone steak which I manage to eat about a third of it. It was two weeks since the accident and I really hadn't eaten much so my stomach had shrunk but I wanted to eat red meat and was darn tired of pudding and rice that I had been eating. At dinner, I was having a hard time speaking in complete sentences and it was frustrating. A few years ago, George had a brain tumor removed and had some of the same symptoms that I had and he said it took a bit for him to talk normally etc. It sure was nice talking to them since they had experience with brain injuries and how long to expect for stuff to clear up and so forth. It made me feel much better.

Saturday, I ran Nan first...let's say, "running Nan while brain is slow and injured is not a good idea." My jaw still really hurt and I was able to only blow about 10 whistles then had to switch to voice. The run sucked. Tess was much better and she laid down the best run of her life...91 points. Needless to say, her daughter, Kate did even a better run with 106 out of 110 and Pete, her son got a 98. Tess was in 8th place. Lucy ran very well and got 3rd in PN...I have not run her in 8 months and was very happy with her.

We had a delicious potluck and great company....it was a small trial and everyone just had a blast. The MacDonald's are famous for their potlucks. It was good seeing everyone. Alistair MacLean was the judge and he is very nice.

Sunday, I woke to a killer migraine and told George that I was hurting so he let me run later when I got better. I took some meds and later about mid morning ran Nan and Tess. That was very kind of George to let me do that. I was hurting bad all day and had the killer migraine from Hell. I could hardly use my whistle and my "brain to mouth function was not working" ....words would be in my brain but they would get stuck or I would stutter them. Tess and Nan got 9th and 10th place but they ran well. I then helped scribe which helped me relax. After the trial we went to Mexican and finally my headache went away. I was so tempted to get a drink but have to wait for a few weeks.

Monday, I only ran Lucy and she was slow to cover on the fetch and the sheep drifted so we place mid pack. regardless, I was happy with Lucy as it has been a while since I ran her. I had a great time at the trial and really appreciated George and Sue taking care of me.

All in all, I had a blast and the dogs did well in spite of their handicapped handler!!