Thursday, July 31, 2008

Each day, getting better - YEAH

Today was mostly good day. I woke up at 7:30 a.m. and felt a little pain so I took an Advil. The pain got worse so at 8:30 a.m. I took a ½ Perco. This is actually good news since I am not getting up at 2-3:00 a.m. and 7:00 am to take full pills of Perco. Now, I only need a ½ Perco at the end of the 12 hours long time pain pill cycle. I take a long term pain pill at 9:00 a.m. and then at 9:00 p.m. and Perco as needed between the 12 hr cycle. So my pain is much less now and I am not taking as much as Perco as last week.

We had the cream of wheat for breakfast. That seems to suit me well so I have been eating everyday and will do so, until I am well. I also add some fruit to top it off. I drink decaf coffee- one cup a day.

Tess, as usual left her duty post when I took my 9:00 a.m. pills but quickly returned when breakfast was served. After she got a nibble, she went to visit Jeff. Apparently, I am much better today as she hardly clung to me all day, only bits and pieces.

Today I felt very good and it was the second day that I had energy. It was all I could do not to dance a few steps. Instead, I went for the loops around the house. Dr Austin wants us to follow his walking schedule so I am. I plan my walks….first walk is looping around the house. Second is around lunch time, again a loop around the house. Third one is down to the barn and back. The fourth loop is how I feel, either a walk around the house or the barn walk. The barn walk is much better since I go outside and see nature, talk to the animals and just enjoy the fact that I can walk and enjoy it.

Today was the visit to Dr Austin. As I said before, he is one of the top notch surgeons in the nation. He is quite nice and makes you like he cares about you….which he does. I am blessed to have him as my Surgeon

Usually he is dressed very formally but today he was wearing his cowboy boots and a cool salmon colored shirt….much less formal. It made me more relaxed. He knew I was felling better as I sassed him back and he sassed me back. The checkout was fine except I was not doing a high enough volume in the air puffer. My scar is healing up well….it’s amazing how tiny the long scar is. He did such meticulous work so there will hardly a scar. If you want the best, be sure to have Dr Austin as your surgeon. The team that did the work on me was exceptional. Both physically and emotional.

My upper jaw was hurting so I called my Dentist. It might be an infection or just sore gums/teeth. She called in a prescription for me and then Deb and I headed off to Safeway to get it.

Safeway didn’t have my antibiotics ready so we had to wait for am hour. It was called in and they had the order for over an hour and hadn’t filled it.

Up to this point, I was doing quite well; I walked to Dr Austin from the parking garage, and then back. Then we had a 40 minute drive each way. So by the time we got to Safeway, it was a long day for me. We had to wait and when we actually got the antibiotics, we had waited for an hour. So by this point I was worn out. I think if they had the antibiotics, I would have been fine.

I got home and was hurting so I took a ½ Perco and took a long deep nap. It was a couple of hours and I needed it. When I did wake up I felt much better.

We had some company, Claire T. who is a friend of mine and Daryle, my college lab partner. When Daryle and I graduated from college, we kept in touch. He is a very dear friend and we had a blast in college. Mind you, we went to a private Engineering College together and we had a blast, He is the only person that I kept in touch with from college.

We all sat around and chatted and we took a bunch of pixs. Hopefully I can post them soon. I am the one who looks like heck.

I got a cute pink toy animal from Audrey and Neal. It is called a Pugly. Which means it is an ugly toy. I named my toy “Pinky” ( it is a pink toy) and Pinky has turned out to be very useful.

When I lie down, get up, walk etc….I have to have my heart pillow or Pinky with me. I wrapped my arms around it and hold it to my chest. That way, if you cough, the cushion will help you by the padding.

So I walk either with my heart pillow or Pinky. When I lay down I use Pinky to support my head. Pinky is thin so I can flex Pinky as needed for support. It’s perfect and Audrey and Neal did great on getting Pinky for me. Neal is a PT and knows about what I have to do and they got just the perfect pillow.

Chuck stopped by after dinner and filled me on the wood story. He cut down two trees and today he used my truck to haul a load home, He has a lot of wood to haul. It will be used with his new fireplace insert. It is good when he comes up to the house after he is done cutting the wood. He is keeping an eye on my sheep and updates me each night. That takes a lot of worry off my shoulders,

Dinner was salmon and pasta. The pasta was delicious so gobbled it up. I also gobbled up some raspberries. I think before I go to bed, I will have some more fruit.

I feel the progression towards feeling better and must not try to push myself. I do not want a set back. Each day, a little piece. At least I am not in pain all the time and now want to go for my walks and be active.

Deb and I have been watching TV some afternoons and we decided there is nothing good on TV. The only time, we see something we like to watch is after dinner. We have been watching CSI, Cold Case, Forensics Files and Without A Trace. I take short cat naps during the day and that seems to rejuvenate me.

Tomorrow my mom is coming over to relieve Deb. She told us she will make us Japanese Dinner. We all dance for joy (I danced in my head as you know I can’t do that quite yet on the floor). My mom’s is the best cook in the world. When I first came home, I had no appetite but when she made me her special Japanese meals, I woke up from my groggy state and ate.

I came home from the hospital weighing 135 lbs (water weight) and dropped down to 104 lbs. I need to start gaining weight back. I am up to 106 lbs today. I would like to get back to my ideal weight of 125-130 lbs but it will take a while.

Jeff has been great in support by making sure I take my pills on time, sitting up late to chat with me and doing all sorts of stuff. Having a surgery like this can take a toll on relationships as he is carrying all of my share of the work at the farm. Have someone like my mom or Deb stay during the day makes it possible for Jeff to go to work. We all have had enjoyable dinners together and it is just relaxing. It has been two weeks since the surgery and I am glad it was done. Even though it hurts now, in the long run it will be great for me. I look forward to the day that I can run my dogs in a trial. By keeping this goal in my mind, I pace myself and not overdo it. I do the 4 walks a day and just try to heal. So far, so good.

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Rebecca and Molly the Border Collie said...

I know about the strains health problems put on relationships. It isn't easy, but it just takes a lot of work from both sides. I hope you and Jeff will work things out without problems. Just take care of yourself and keep getting better!