Saturday, August 9, 2008

A slow day....

Today I was not feeling well so I slept most of the day. I was wore out from yesterday when I overdid it on my walks.

I woke up just in time to take my pills. I was slow moving and hardly awake when my mom and her friend, Kimiko came over to visit. Kimiko is my mom best friend for years. As my mom approached the door, Tess and Nan ran to the door and their whole back ends were wagging. Mom and Kimiko came in and the dogs did the happy dance around them. It was all my mom and Kimiko could do to get to the kitchen as the dogs were in their way dancing about.

Mom then put her bags inside and then went back out to the car to get more stuff. Tess was panicked stricken as mom walked out. Tess leapt upon the couch that was by the window, her back legs on the couch and her front legs on the back of the couch and she barked. She never jumps on the couch and only if invited to lay next to me. It was wild to see her jump on a couch and act like that. She stayed on the couch looking for my mom until my mom returned and then leapt to the floor to greet her again.

For the entire visit Tess was next to my mom. Nan found that Kimiko was a dog lover and stuck next to her. I was dogless.

They made a delicious lunch and we ate and watched the Olympics. I still was not feeling well and was not much company. Rigby showed up and mom let him in and fed him the usual can of cat food and then he slept in the dog bed. Kimiko took tons of pictures and we all had a good time

Later, Jeff, Kimiko and mom went out to feed the animals. Mom fed the sheep, horse, cow, geese, ducks and pretty much any animal that was hungry. Again, Kimiko took pictures and they had a blast. Of courses, the day would not be complete until my mom tossed the ball for Tess.

It started to rain here and it was a nice change from the hot days we have had. Mom and Kimiko headed home while it was light outside and left me tons of food. We will all miss them and they will back in a few days.

For the rest of the day I slept and was hoping I would feel better (not much) and watched the Olympics. I still had no appetite and I hope tomorrow that I will feel better.

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Anonymous said...

my prayers are with you for a speedy recovery...
may God bless and watch over you
Debi Howe
DGH Arabians
Groton, NY
(Fire N' Ice from Arabian Horse World)