Thursday, August 21, 2008

Grand Central Station

Today was a super busy day. I had tons of visitors and didn’t plan on them. I was planning on watching the Olympics and relaxing. I had taken my pain med (still on reduced medication) and trying to get used to the new level. I am taking perco as needed for the pain instead of taking another oyxcontin. It is getting better each day but I feel the pain sometimes. Just enough to hurt but not enough to take a full dose. So I am taking a half dose. I hope soon that the chest pain will go away so I won’t need so many meds. I had a huge cranberry muffin that my mom had left for me.

So Gerhard knocks on my door. He had come to give Emma a hoof trim. She was good for the front feet but was being a brat for the back feet. So I had to hold her for him. She was fine, of course. She really needed a good trim as she had a large creak in her front hoof. He did a good job. Thanks to Gerhard for doing the trim and Lisa for setting it up for me!!

I got settled back in the house to enjoy a hot grilled cheese and tuna fish sandwich. I wolfed half of it down. It was super thick as I used a full can to make one sandwich. I didn’t even share it with Tess or Nan. I then strolled about in the kitchen looking for snackies. I ate some chips and felt like I still could go for more snackies.

Chase, the neighbor from up the steer showed up. His steer had jumped the fence and was roaming the neighborhood. We checked out my pasture and no steer. His steer is somewhere around here. My calf had jumped the fence to join his herd. She decided she wanted to be with his steers. She still is there and has no intentions of being caught. I will have to sell her while she is at Chase’s place. I’ll keep a lookout for his stray steer.

Audrey and Neal came by and dropped off Kael. They are going to compete in an Ironman race this weekend. I am so impressed. Kael is looking nice and very cute. He is getting taller and is just as big as Sleat. I get to spoil him for a few days. It’s gonna be hard to spoil a dog that is already pretty spoiled. I hope that Audrey and Neal do well on their race. I posted earlier in my blog on details on the race. I’ll be looking for the standings on Sunday.

So by now, I had done three long walks to the barn. Two in the morning with Tess. One with Chase and Audrey and Neal. I was tired as the last one was a longer one. I went back up to the house intending to relax. I got to see the Olympic Show Equestrian Jumping competition. A bunch of people had tied and they had the jump off for the Bronze. There was a tie for the Gold so again, there was a jump off. The Canadian won and it was great jumping!! I love watching the horse events.

Jeff came home and brought me a ¼ pounder with cheese. I had a hunger for it and called him and asked him to bring me one. I ate it in record time and Jeff was impressed on how fast I ate it. That was just a warm up for dinner that we would have later tonight.

Last but not least, Chuck came over. He cleaned up the wood pile and worked the dogs. He worked Teddy, Clip, Rainey and Scott. I think he had fun working them. The dogs are all completely different in working styles. We chatted for a bit and it is fun talking to him about the exploits of the dogs.

Jeff made spaghetti dinner tonight and we inhaled it. My mom had made a huge batch and we have been living off that. I think with the four meals today and my nightly ice cream that I have done well in the food department.

Bet you thought I forgot about my fourth walk. Nope, I went outside with Tess and Nan and did a walk and tossed a small ball for Tess. She was so happy to chase the ball. She could hardly believe her eyes when I was tossing the ball for her. It’s has been a long time since I had done that.

Hey Nelson (brother), you didn’t give me my nightly call! WAH!!!!!!

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