Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Some setback news

I had a sleeping pill last night and it helped me quite a bit. I slept good and hard. I woke up to Jeff sitting next to me and it was good to wake up and see him. He got me set up for the day with my food and pills. Right after he left, my mom showed up. Tess and Nan couldn’t dance enough around her when she walked through the door. They even barked with excitement.

I felt much better today and was alert and able to visit with my mom. I had fruit for breakfast and then rice balls and more fruit. I ate quite a bit and had a good appetite. My mom was very concerned since the day before I was not doing well and last night when I talked to her on the phone, I sounded horrible. I felt horrible when I talked to her.

Mom and I went for a walk today down to the barn. She feed a bunch of bread to the sheep and cow. They all came running up to her and she enjoys feeding them. I got to feed only a couple of loaves. I feed them to the geese and some sheep. It was nice to be able to walk about and not feel weak.

I talked to my Cardiologist today about the chest x-ray results. I’ve had a hard time breathing into the Air Puffer for my goal of 1500. I usually can do about 1000-1100. The results from the x-ray showed that I had fluid in my right lung and it was about 500-1000 ml. They will have to do a tap more than likely. I can’t do any deep breathes since it hurts. I remember when I had the tap at the hospital that drew about 1L of blood from each lung. After they did the tap, I felt much better. It hurt when they did the tap last time so I expect if they do a tap, it will hurt again.

In addition, my right and left atrium still have a leak. The ratio is 1.7. They had hoped it would be completely sealed but it is not. That is a real setback for me. When I first went in, the ratio was 2.8. Anyone with the ratio above 1.8 (?) will have surgery to fix the hole. Now, I am under the 1.8 ratio but not much. I asked my Dr if they will do surgery to fix the hole and they will not do it since it is 1.7

Tomorrow I will ask Dr. Austin if the patch will seal over time or if what I have now (1.7) is what I have to live with. I just don’t know.

I had some visitors today. Joan and Deborah whom I have know for many years. It was good to see them. That perked up my day. I am glad they came by this week than last week. I have known them for over 25 years. It’s amazing how fast time goes by. We talked about stuff we did when we were younger. Those were fun times and now we all have settled down and are just happy to be alive. Deborah brought some sushi and Jeff and I ate it for dinner and it was delicious.

Jeff and I hung out and watched TV and relaxed. We watched a lot of swimming. Tess and Nan also watched TV with us. It was nice to sit and relax and just enjoy each others company.

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