Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Nappy day......

Last night was very humid. I hardly slept at all. I tossed and turned all night. I took my med and went back to sleep but couldn’t. I took only have of my pain med and I think it made a difference. I hurt but not bad enough to take another pill but enough to feel it. Do I take another one or try to see if I could ride it out. I am trying to wean myself off the pain pills. In the end, I tried to see if I could ride it out for a bit. I figure than taking another full Oxycontin I could take a ½ perco. I ate cereal for breakfast. My favorite of course, Frosted Flakes!!

I watched TV and nothing good was on. I strolled about the house for my walks. I was still tired from the lack of sleep so I decided to take a nap. It’s been a while since I had a nap. I went to the bedroom as I was tired of sleeping on the couch. Tess and Nan were so happy that they leaped upon the bed and made themselves at home. Thanks goodness, they left me some space to sleep on!!

We all fell into a deep sleep. Tess made sure that she was touching all during this time. I would wake up and her paw would be on my arm. I would shift and then she would move so her back would be touching me. Each time I woke up, some part of her would be touching me. Nan was at my feet and if possible, she would lick my leg. It was nice to have two devoted Nursemaids.

I would wake up now and then and towards the end I was feeling the chest pain. Finally, I got up and took a ½ perco. It finally worked and I felt better. We had a late lunch of potatoes and carrots. We all then went and watched some Animal Planet show. We lounged around until Jeff came home.

We went for a walk to the barn. Emma saw Jeff and came dashing up. She loves Jeff. He put her into the lower pasture. She was well behaved for him as he led her out. He is really gentle with her. Considering he is not an animal person, all the animals have a genuine affection for him. He not only feeds them but pets them and makes them feel loved.

It was nice to do the barn walk. I look forward to them. I get to see the animals and it is part of the healing process. Mr. McGoo is all healed up now. I think I will let him out soon. I really like him and hope he stays ok. We sure would like to know what killed the ducks. We are also missing some Muscovy ducks. I wonder if it is an owl.

We moved some lambs yesterday to the pond pasture. Jeff put Kodi with the lambs. The ducks are also with the lambs and Kodi. Maybe by having Kodi with the ducks and lambs might scare away the duck killer.

The last few days it has been raining. We are trying to hay our field and then it rains!! Murphy’s Law!! After it, it is the middle of summer!!

You know about simple things in life? Like taking a shower? You hop in and turn on the water, scrub and *poof*….you just took a shower. I was able to do that tonight. I remember a few weeks ago that I had to sit in a chair, have my mom wash my hair and back. I was barely able to wash myself and I couldn’t use my arms above my shoulder or below my waist. I was weak and had to have my mom wash me. So I took a hot shower, washed my hair and just relaxed in the hot shower. It felt good. Simple things make you feel good.

All in all, today was a relaxing day. We didn’t do much aside from our walks. We adjusted the meds and still need to do some adjusting. Took naps and watched TV. I feel better and my breathing is fine. I get hungry and have hunger pangs. I inhale my meals. I get feisty. Little things like that make me know that I am on the road to healing.

Other times make me feel good. Last night, I talked to Lora. She filled me in on some of the runs at Lucama’s. She has done well with Sally. She got Coll, known as Nell as of now. Coll aka, Nell, was one of the Aled Owens’s pups that I brought back from Wales. They are intense pups and I am glad she got Nell. Nell has fallen in love with Dave, her husband. She steals his sandals and decorates them!! She is going to do well with Nell!!

Rochelle Stanford and Koko made it to the LaCamas Double Lift Finals. Rochelle got Koko from me a few years ago. Koko is Tess x Pleat and from the first litter. She is a dynamic red female that loves Rochelle. They are a good fit. Koko needed her own handler as she would be second string here. With Rochelle, she is her main Open dog and it made me so proud to see that see made it to the double lift. What a great team and I am so proud of them!! Congratulations to them!!

Tonight for dinner we are going to have the leftover Flank Steak that Jeff cooked yesterday. In addition, we are going to have the pasta that Audrey made for us. She dropped it off on Sunday. It looks delicious!!

Mom and Kimiko are going to come over tomorrow. I am sure that they will make sure that I am well fed. Tess has been on a diet for a few days so I am sure she will be pleased to see my mom. After all, we finally got her thin enough to see her waist line!!

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