Saturday, June 30, 2012

Eweful Saturday Open and Nursery runs

Woke up at 4:30 am to the screeching of low batteries, so I had to go outside, turn off propane and try to find out what caused the drain. Did not, so needless to say, I've been up for more than my alloted hours so I am not going to blog tonight. So below is all what you are going to get for today.

Friday, June 29, 2012

PN, Ranch, Nursery and Novice at Eweful Acres

It's late and I am pretty tired to do much of a write up but I can say, some days you are the bug and someday you are the, we were the bug.

I ran Jude first in Nursery and only had him five days prior so we didnt have much work time under our belt before we went to the post. He cast out nice, then stopped as if to cut in, so I blew him out and wide and he took it and went nice behind the sheep. He had a nice lift, we were offline and missed the panels on the way down as I could not get him to hold the pressure. Nice turn and the drive started off wiht a bit of lack of confidence and I had to help him on the drive but we got the panels and then we got the pen. He got a score of 72 and got 4th place but with only 13 dogs running, he didn't get a leg. He only lost four on his drive and it was the second best drive in Nursery today.

Bevis Jordan was the judge again and he judged the classes quite fairly and consistenlty. It's nice to have a good judge that is fair across all the board and be able to adjust his judging on the sheep, time, place and dogs and  so forth. I highly recommend him.

Ranch Class. 

ProNovice Class

In the PN class, I ran Sava first. She went out nice and had a nice lift but cast out wide but on the  comebye side and wouldn't hold the pressure so as a result, we missed the fetch panels and were offline. Nice turn and the drive was pretty decent, a few wobbles and a nice set up at the crossdrive panel. I gave her a comebye flank, several times in fact, and she didn't move and let the sheep run to the exhaust. She got them off the fence and we marched them back online and got the pen.  I was disappointed on her not holding or wanting to get into the pressure so that is our homework in July.

Rainey went out nice but eyed up at the top so I flanked her and she came on very slowly! A very slow and cautious lift and she didnt hold the fetch pressure and since this has been consistent recently with my PN dogs, it is something that I am lacking on my training so it will be fixed.  The sheep stood the ground and wanted to run to the exhaust and I had to work her hard to get them moving, She didnt have the gumption to walk hard into them so as a result, one ewe gave her grief all during the run. We got halfway on the drive and time ran out as she was struggling to push the sheep.

Nursery Class

There were some very nice runs today and I never took out my camera. It was dumping rain so we all huddled under the tent and drank coffee. for dinner, I made chicken and vegie shish kabobs with coconut curry and for dessert, Kathleen brought Lemon cake.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Whidbey Island Sunday Trial write up

Sorry this is a wee bit late busy I was busy this week.......

Bevis Jordan, from Northumberland, England, was the judge for the Whidbey and Eweful Acres and he is a fine judge. His canny eyes never missed a beat and should you slip slideways on the drive as many did, you gave up some points. He was a fair and very consistent judge and the consensus under the handler’s tent, was “a darn good judge.” I enjoyed his wit and good humor and hope he comes back again as he is an excellent judge.

The Open course was switched on the second day to have a Maltese Cross as first part of the drive,. You had to do one leg of the cross, then turn 90 degrees and then do another leg, then start your drive. The draw was hard to the exhaust but if you placed your dog in the right place and settled the sheep on the fetch, it was a lot easier. The drive was a right hand drive up a hill, then it slid sideways into a flat area that caught many handlers on the low side. The a pen which the sheep could hear the exhaust sheep, however, if you worked the sheep proper and had your dog in the right place, it was doable. Bevis was kept busy with 57 Open runs and 14 Nursery runs.

Four hair sheep were set on a knoll and the outrun was about 350 yards, a nice sweeping slope then the last third, up a steep hill. Most people sent to the come-bye side.

Nan was hyped up so we sat side by side and watched the run before our. I stroked her head and plotted my run. We strolled up to the post and she gave me a soft look in her eyes and somehow I knew we were in harmony.

She cast out, then flared out again at the last third and came out deep behind the sheep. I stopped her and asked her softy for a walk-up. The sheep began to bolt to the right so I flanked her and she turned them back online. I slowed her down, giving her small flanks to keep the sheep online and slow down the field. They walked up to the mouth of the cross and we waited, I gave her a small flank and they went in. They came out quickly on the other side and I let them burst out about 20 feet so I would have a nice turn to the second leg of the cross. Nan flanked wide and we held them at the mouth and they marched in. Luckily for me, I was clutching my crook or I would have fallen down in shock at this point.

She had to wear around the cross to line them up and she got a nice line. She held the pressure on the should and had a nice turn and then down the crossdrive. The line was good and I thought at the last part I was a wee bit off so I gave her a small flank, realized it was in error, then got them back online. The spectators said I had a dead on crossdrive until I blew the misguided flank. (Ok, so I hit myself on the head for that dumb flank!). That error cost me four points and we only had lost one point to that time!

She got them through the panels and then to the pen where they stalled in the mouth. Time stood still, I patiently worked them in, and we lost one point. The run just felt great and we were working as a team. I haven’t had this feeling since running Tess and it’s nice to be in tune with Nan. She works her heart out for me and it was a wonderful feeling. She got 104 out of 110 and I have never been so happy in my life.

Part of this was also that I finally recovered (mostly) from the last two heart surgeries. The heart rate doubled and having oxygen to the brain is amazing. Having normal blood pressure is a great feeling too. I can see and think a lot clearer on the field and all I can I say is “WOW”

Maid was my second dog to run. She cast out nice and went wide then landed squarely behind the sheep. She stopped as I asked and had a gentle lift and her fetch was amazing. She was soft, supple and just willing to please. She brought the sheep strait to the cross and they ambled in. We had the turn for the second cross but one ewe decided she wanted to be next to me and not in the cross. I got the other three in the cross and one wanted to slip out the side near me.

So I am standing there, thinking, three in the cross and one wants to bolt out to my side and one ewe next to me…what is the plan? So I slowly gave Maid small comebye flanks until the one in the cross had turned back in correctly, then had Maid do some more small flank and inch the ewe off my leg, then around to the mouth of the cross. I got her tucked in and then pushed them all through. It was one of the toughest maneuvers that I have ever done and Maid was willing and soft and kept the sheep calm.

She had a nice first leg, holding the should pressure and I steadied her as needed and she had the sheep turn so tight, they scraped the side of the panel. She only lost a couple of points on the drive up to this point. As we approached the crossdrive panel, I saw we were low so I tried to call her off the pressure to do a big comebye to tuck them high. She did not, we slipped past the panel, and she was on the “drive mode”. I had to scold her to get her to do an away and I could see some tension in her body. We marched them back online and then did the last leg to the pen. He held the pressure at the pen like a champion and they went in. The extra long leg and missed panel cost us about 12 point or so and kicked us down to 12th place with a score of 93. Regardless of the error, she worked her heart out and was soft and willing for me. This partnership is going great and I just love this dog. Thanks again to Scott and Jenn Glen for selling this superstar to me.

The top two dogs of each day got to run in the Double Lift at the end of the day. Since Nan had won on this day, she was in. We drew up 2ndspot out of four dogs. Ian and Kate, me, Noelle and Lad and then Bob and Mojo.

Nan cast out o the comebye side and got the first set, a wee bit off at the first part but we got them through the panel at the drop point. I gave her a turn back and she turned back to go to the same spot. She crossed but did not go on the outrun. It was a long minute or so, until I was able to get her to look in the proper way, as she was sure the sheep were in the trailer area on the hill. Once I got her going the correct direction, she cast out properly on the away side and got behind the sheep. Meanwhile the first set had drifted to the away side, well past the drop point. The second sheep saw the first set and came down the hill and I was unable to do the dog leg to the fetch panels and so missed them.

We had four sheep per set so then Nan began to drive the flock of eight up the hill to the panel. She had a tidy drive, nice turn and excellent drive and I was determined not to miss the panels low as I did with Maid. So guess what I did? Yep, missed them high!

Putting the negative thought away, we had a nice line to the shed ring. We were to spilt the back half and then take the last four to the pen. Well, the eight sheep were a lot tougher to shed that the four sheep we had on Saturday. I tried to line them up….no success. I tried to move them about to make a hole… success. I tried to have Nan push on them to make a hole, again, no success. Then, I stood and waited until I saw a tiny hole, called Nan in and she came in like a jet. The sheep had no idea, the two sets split and the set she held, was so surprised that one ewe fell. She held the group and we worked them to the pen. We had pushed the other set towards the first drive panel but they decided to meander back and I saw a flash of brown out of my right eye.

This could be bad if they both joined them, my set saw them and wanted to go and I waggled the rope in their face to stop them. I got them to turn into the pen and we worked our hearts out and got them penned. It was one of the toughest runs and certainly one of the toughest shed that I ever have done. We landed in second place, only nine points behind Noelle and Lad. I was very happy with Nan and guess I will be working on the proper turn back for her. She usually does a great turn back but today she left it back at the farm

Ron had left earlier with the trailer and so I got a ride back with Janet. She had run Jude in Nursery where had struggled at the top. She was very patient with him and got the sheep to her feet, then had a drive and timed out at the pen. Jude is still young and needs more miles but he ran his heart out for her and soon he will be a fine trial dog. He trusted her when he could not see his sheep which is huge and she helped him when he needed help. This team will be a good team so be on the look out for them

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Eweful Acres Run Order


1.   Lora Withnell and Gyp
2.   Diane Pagel and Jude
3.   Chris Soderstrom and Playa
4.   Jenni Coleman and Mac
5.   Noelle Williams and Zach
6.   Ian Caldicott and Goose
7.   Kathleen Torkelson and Josh
8.   Jeanne B  and Secret
9.   Jorgen  and Bender
10. Ken Erion and Clint
11. Noelle Williams and Dusty
12. Ian and Maxine

Pro Novice
1.   Sue Wessels and Skid
2.   Dan Williams and Nap
3.    Karen Child and Doug
4.   Ursula and Wyle
5.   Nora and Joe
6.   Karen Combs and Fleet
7.   Christie True and Shep
8.   Sue M and Avie
9.   Alison D and Socket
10. Vicki R and Skye
11. Norm and Lana
12. T and Taw
13. Kathleen and Gael
14. Audrey B and Dan
15. Diane P and Sava
16. Dave L and Denali
17. Heidi and Bruce
18. Noelle and Dusty
19. Chris and Rankin
20. Kathy R and Lucy
21. Steve McLean and Tess
22. Lynne G and Lexy
23. Karen C and Cam
24. Mary H and Moss
25. Ron F and Steve
26. Karen and Maverick
27. Ernesta and Floss
28. Lisa L and Iris
29. Lisa C and Lad
30. Fran and Ok Jud
31. Vicki R and Blitz
32. Bonnie and Bob
33. Norm W and Caleigh
34. Norm R and Scotia
35. Karen C and Ben
36. Diane and Rainey
37. Mary H and Toss
38. Jeanne B and Moses
39. Lisa L and Sage
1.   Jane H and Rachel
2.   Susan C and Cedar
3.   Sally D and Tyke
4.   Vicki R and Jess
5.   Norm and Nova
6.   Paul and Lexi
7.   Kendall and Charm
8.  Anna G and Jean
9.   Susan and Nevi
10. Lorrie and Ryder
11. Hope and Dutch
12. Debbie and Strkder
13. Kylo and Mike
1.   Audrey and Kate
2.   Valerie and Fionn
3.   Sarah and Mica


1.   Noelle Williams and Copper
2.   Brian Nelson and Pleat
3.   Dave Imas and Cap
4.   Patricia Pedersen and Tessa
5.   Lora Withnell and Nell
6.   Bob Hickman and CBK Mojo
7.   George MacDonald and Nap
8.   Heidi Hanson and Pete
9.   Linda DeJong and Pooka
10. Diane Pagel and Maid
11. Ray Coapman and Jill
12. Ian Caldicott and Joe Kid
13. Sue MacDonald and Jackie
14. Hope Harris and Tigr
15. Laura Vishoot and Tucker
16. Ron Green and Ruby
17. Judy Norris and Glee
18. Monique Ferychilde and Lucy
19. Bonnie Block and Gull
20. J.B. Brick and Scamp
21. Brian Ricards and Belle
22. Chris Soderstrom and Tarn
23. Dick Wilson and Raygan
24. Patricia Pedersen and Patch
25. Jorgen Persson and Merckx
26. Sue Wessels and Lexy
27. Jeanne Boudrieau  and Rocky
28. Karen Mohney and Grit
29. T Yamamoto and Sweep the Broom
30. Ian Caldicott and Bear
31. Bob Hickman and Trooper
32. Noelle Williams and Lad
33. Susan Crocker and Rani
34. Sue MacDonald and Jan
35. Lora Withnell and Bella
36. Lasoya Lermre  Blazin' Beau
37. Fran Macpherson and Mirk
38. Brian Nelson and Beau
39. Brian Ricards and Doc
40. Lynne Green and Kurt
41. Diane Pagel and Nan
42. Wendy LeGare and Towie
43. Laura Vishoot and Brynn
44. Ron Green and KiKi
45. Karen Child and Rock
46. Patricia Pedersen and jenny
47. Ursula Petyjohn and Pete
48. Bob Hickman and CBK Ryder
49. Tim Ballard and Nell
50. Brian Nelson and Sweep
51. Sue Wessels and Kate
52. Ian Caldicott and Kate

1.   Bonnie and Bob
2.   Kathleen and Josh
3.   Noelle and Dusty
4.   Ian and Maxine
5.   Jenni  and Mac
6.   Ken and Clint
7.   Janet and Jude
8.   Lora and Gyp
9.   Chris and Playa
10. Laura and Piper
11. Dave and Tipp
12. Jeanne and Secret
13. Jorgen and Bender
14. Noelle and Zach
15. Ian and Goose
16. Sue and Avie


1.   Dave Imas and Tipp
2.   Noelle and Dusty
3.   Jorgen and Bender
4.   Chris and Playa
5.   Ian and Maxine
6.   Sue and Avie
7.   Janet and Jude
8.   Lora and Gyp
9.   Bonnie and Bob
10. Kathleen and Josh
11. Jeanne and Secret
12. Ian and Goose
13. Laura and Piper
14. ken and Clint
15. Noelle and Zach
16. Jenni and Mac
1.   Lora and Bella
2.   Laura and Brynn
3.   Ron Green and KiKi
4.   Sue W and Kate
5.   Susan and Rani
6.   Noelle and Lad
7.   George and Nap
8.   Patricia and Jenny
9.   Wendy and Towie
10. Monique and Lucy
11. Bob and Trooper
12. Ursula and Pete
13. Fran and Mirk
14. Karen and Grit
15. Sue and Jan
16. Hope and Tigr
17. JB and Scamp
18. Diane and Nan
19. Linda and Pooka
20. Jo and Slider
21. Karen C and Rock
22. Brian R and Doc
23. Jorgen and Merckx
24. Lasoya and Blazin' Beau
25. Brian N and Sweep
26. Bob and CBK Ryder
27. Patricia  and Patch
28. Laura and Tucker
29. Ray and Jill
30. T and Sweep the Broom
31. Jeanne and Rocky
32. Ian and Bear
33. Chris and Tarn
34. Brian and Beau
35. Lora and Nell
36. Dick and Raygan
37. Sue and Jackie
38. Dave I and Cap
39. Bonnie and Gull
40. Karen Combs and Buddy
41. Patricia and Tessa
42. Jo and Steam
43. Sue W and Lexy
44. Judy and Glee
45. Ian and Joe Kid
46. Noelle and Copper
47. Bob and CBK Mojo
48. Brian and Pleat
49. Tim B and Nell
50. Ron Green and Ruby
51. Brian R and Belle
52. Diane and Maid
53. Ian and Kate

Double Lift Final will be the top two teams from each day.  If there is a double up, we will go to the next team.  Total of 4 teams to the post.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Caller ID

Maybe I should rename some of my contacts after seeing this....

Monday, June 25, 2012

Whidbey Island PN, Nursery and Ranch Scores

Kathleen sent these to me as I had to work today. I didn't get the Novice scores.
ProNovice Class. Way to go, Kathleen. She has worked her behind off to be a top contender again and again. Erica and Tater did well...she is one of my fav handler from eastern WA.


Kathleen did great again with Josh. Chris and Playa did well and Playa is a Maid's daughter.

Four Coopworth ewes and lambs for sale

Four Coopworth ewes. Three have single lambs by their side and the fourth maybe bred, but not sure. Lamb are up to seven weeks old.

All healthy and up to date on shots, worming and sheared in March. Proven producers. Reducing my sheep flock. Four years old. Twinned every year prior.

$1100 for flock price. $350 per ewe/lamb. $250 for the one ewe with no lamb if you want to buy separately.

Cash ONLY, no trades. Will NOT sell lambs separately. The sire of the lamb was a registered North Country Cheviot.
These gals are very kind and friendly. They are dog broke and great for young dogs. They move nicely but are not heavy. I am reducing my flock so they are for sale.

the coop ewe in in the middle

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Whidbey Island - Sunday Open and Nursery

The Open course drive was reversed as well as adding a Maltese Cross. When the fetch would end,  you had to put the sheep through one side of the cross then the other side, and then the drive. The drive was reversed and the first leg was up a hill then down a sloping hill on a angle to the cross drive and the draw was hard at the panel. Many dogs got caught there including Maid. Then the last element was a pen and the sheep had to be worked to go in that. Many swirled around or just bolted for the exhaust at the last leg.

I just got home and am too tired to write about the blog so will do that tomorrow. Below are the score.

Nan and I got into the Double Lift and got second.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Whidbey Island Open and Nursery- Saturday

Well, it was a comedy of errors when Ron and I pulled in yesterday night. (Getty was happy that ron showed up to help and so he got to stay home) We set up and camp and he tried to start the generator when the cord broke. So we borrowed Bonnie's truck and dashed into town to rent a generator and leave mine over night to get fixed  The Ace Honda Dealer in Freeland went way out of their way to fix it first thing on Saturday morning. Chuck Kniest- Manager fixed it for us and we give them 5 STARS for their outstanding service. I highly recommend them and they did an excellent job. KUDOS to Chuck as he saved our weekend.

The second comedy was trying to find a level spot to park in under the tree. First spot was very tilted and we gave up and moved down farther and still were not level. We put a bunch of levelers under the wheels and called it good enough.

Open was first and I ran Nan. On her set, there was one brown ewe that bolted three times to the far side and then her three white buddies followed her. She wanted no part of the adventure and I was just thinking, Oh hell..." and then sent Nan. They squeezed the set tight until Nan got to the top and did a nice lift. Since she was a problem maker, I held Nan far off them so she could relax. It worked and even though she still was high headed and looking to run, she stayed with her buddies. We had a nice fetch, hit the panels, had a nice turn and the ewes started booking. I got Nan behind them slowly and then she slowed down and we had a nice first leg, hit the panels, had a nice turn, then swung wide then low then straighted out on the last half of the drive and hit the cross drive panels smartly. She had a nice turn to the pen and we had them in the mouth and the brown ewe kept trying to dash off. We had to work her to have her go in and she finally did. We took them out for the shed, and she was heading the ewes to go North then South. I got the tiniest of gaps and called Nan in and she darted in and held the ewes.  She landed 6th out of 57 dogs and I was very pleased with her run.

Normally on hair sheep, she is in their bubble and quite pushy so we have been working on feeling the edge and it paid off.

Maid was the next dog and then the skies opened up and dumped rain. It was horrible and I got totally soaked. Maid ran out nice and deep and stopped at the top when I asked her. She lifted nice and was a bit pushy so I tried to down her but she was not slowing down until I yelled her name, then she dropped. She was very pliable to me after that and hit the fetch panels and had a nice turn. Her first leg was tough as they wanted to run and I kept her on them so they could slow down at the drive panel and they did and she had a very nice turn there. She was very willing to work and we had a tiny bobble but straightened it when I noticed we were drifting up so I flanked her come bye but not far enough so they were high. She was high on the last part of her drive and missed the panels but I was trying got get her to push them back online but we missed that connection and had a pull through. She was trying hard on her part and we just were not clear with each other. She  had a nice line to the gate, tucked them in and we took them out for the shed. On the shed, she began to lean on the sheep so I got her to back out a bit and she came in for a sweet shed. She got 8th place, only 4 points behind Nan. Had I not screwed up on her flanks on the drive, she would have done much, much better but I was over the moon on her run.

People commented on soft she was for me and how well we jelled together. We really had a good time with each other and she is giving me her all and trying to please me. I was very happy with the two runs my Open dogs had given me today. They both knew they did well after their runs and we just gave each other the "team look" to each other and it was a good feeling.

Kathleen ran a great run with Josh. A bit of an echo from the hills caused a bobbled on her drive but the work this Kelpie did was wonderful. He handled the flight sheep with ease. Janet ran Jude, and had to help him on the outrun but he had no issues on the lift.  A bit offline on the fetch and the sheep ran here and there on the drive but she kept her cool and helped Jude and had a smart pen.

The weather was horrible and it dumped hard all day. I got chilled and had to lay down to warm up as I was not feeling well. Taking a nap was huge and I got my second wind to watch the Nursery classes.

Susan Crocker hosted the potluck dinner. She had two huge butterfly lamb roast with her daughter, Allison. The crust on the lamb was super so I had to track them down for their recipe.  Much thanks to Susan and Allison for  the lamb and hosting. It was very good and I will be trying this recipe when I get home.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Whidbey Island Run Orders

On Saturday, we run Open then Nursery. On Sunday, Nursery and then Open. On Monday, I do not know the order.

Sat - Open
  1. Lynn Johnston   Jessie
  2. Judy Norris   Glee
  3. Brian Nelson    Pleat
  4. Sue MacDonald   Jan
  5. Lorne Landry  Jace
  6. Sandy Johnson    Joe
  7. Dick Wilson    Raygan
  8. Bob Stephens    RMS Pat
  9. Lynn Johnston    Anna
  10. Charmaine Henderson   Reo
  11. Noelle Williams   Lad
  12. Dawn Pucci   Bran
  13. Donna D.   Kate
  14. Bob Stephens  Jess
  15. Ian Ripley  ??
  16. Bob Hickman   CBK Ryder
  17. Gayle Cochlan   Meg
  18. Lorne Landry   Cassie
  19. Brian Ricards    Belle
  20. T Yamamoto   Sweep
  21. Sue MacDonald   Jackie
  22. Fran Macpherson    Mirk
  23. Gayle Cochlan   Leah
  24. Nancy Stephens    RMS Tweed
  25. Bob Hickman     Trooper
  26. Ian Coldicott    Joe Kidd                   
  27. Hope Harris    Tigr
  28. Brian Nelson    Beau
  29. George Macdonald    Nap
  30. Jeannie B    Rocky
  31. Bob Stephens    Pete
  32. Karen Mohney    Grit
  33. Ian Coldicott    Kate
  34. Diane Pagel    Nan
  35. Brian Nelson    Sweep
  36. Bob Hickman    CBK Mojo
  37. Susan Crocker    Rani
  38. Nancy Stephens    RMS Ike
  39. Gael Gann    Chili
  40. Donna D.   Taff
  41. Jo Roach    Steam
  42. JB Brick    Scamp
  43. Ron Green    Ruby
  44. Diane Pagel    Maid
  45. Corinne Berg   Tay
  46. Gayle Cochlan    Cap
  47. Lasoya Lerma     Blazin Beau
  48. Jo Roach    Slider
  49. Noelle Williams   Cooper
  50. Jorgen Persson    Merckx
  51. Linda DeJong    Pooka
  52. Tim Ballard    Nell
  53. Bonnie Block    Gull
  54. Brian Ricards    Doc
  55. Jeff  Maroni    Carmen
  56. Ron Green    Kiki
  57. Monique Feyrecilde    Lucy
  58. Nancy Stephens    Jenn
Sat - Nursery 
1.       Bob Stephens    RMS Black Lux
2.       Ian Coldicott    Goose
3.       Jeannie B    Secret
4.       Kathleen Torkelson    Josh
5.       Janet Thorpe    Jude
6.       Lora Withnell   Gyp
7.       Bonnie Block    Bob
8.       Sue MacDonald    Avie
9.       Noelle Williams    Dusty
10.    Corinne Berg    Bea
11.    Ian Caldicott    Maxine
12.    Jorgen Persson    Bender
13.    Noelle Williams    Zach
14.    Ian Caldicott   Clint
Sunday - Open
  1. Lorne Landry   Cassie
  2. Bob Stephens   RMS Pat
  3. Ron Green   Kiki
  4. Sue MacDonald   Jackie
  5. Noelle Williams   Lad
  6. Corinne Berg   Tay
  7. Jeff Maroni   Carmen
  8. Brian Nelson   Pleat
  9. Bob Stephens    Jess
  10. Gael Gann   Chili
  11. Gayle Cochlan   Cap
  12. Ian Ripley   JoJo
  13. Charmaine Henderson   Reo
  14. Ian Caldicott    Kate
  15. Lynn Johnston    Jessie
  16. Nancy Stephens    Jenn
  17. Monique Feyrecilde    Lucy
  18. Susan Crocker   Rani
  19. Diane Pagel   Nan
  20. Gayle Cochlan   Leah
  21. Bob Stephens   RMS Tweed
  22. Brian Ricards   Doc
  23. Jo Roach   Steam
  24. Ron Green    Ruby
  25. George MacDonald   Nap
  26. JB Brick   Scamp
  27. Karen Mohney   Grit
  28. Jeannie B   Rocky
  29. Dick Wilson   Raygan
  30. Bob Hickman   CBK Mojo
  31. Lasoya Lerma   Blazin Beau
  32. Sandy Johnson   Joe
  33. Lorne Landry   Jace
  34. Diane Pagel   Maid
  35. Sue MacDonald   Jan
  36. Donna D.   Taff
  37. Judy Norris   Glee
  38. Linda DeJong   Pooka
  39. Tim Ballard   Nell
  40. T Yamamoto   Sweep
  41. Brian Nelson   Beau
  42. Noelle Williams   Cooper
  43. Donna D.    Kate
  44. Jo Roach    Slider
  45. Bob Stephens   Pete
  46. Jorgen Persson   Merckx
  47. Bonnie Block  Gull
  48. Brian Ricards   Belle
  49. Lynn Johnston   Anna
  50. Dawn Pucci   Bran
  51. Bob Hickman   CBK Ryder
  52. Hope Harris   Tigr
  53. Brian Nelson   Sweep
  54. Wendy Lagare   Towie
  55. Nancy Stephens   RMS Ike
  56. Fran Macpherson    Mirk
  57. Gayle Cochlan  Meg
  58. Ian Caldicott    Joe Kidd
  59. Bob Hickman   Trooper
Sunday- Nursery
  1. Noelle Williams    Zach
  2. Corrine Berg    Bea
  3. Ian Coldicott    Goose
  4. Sue MacDonald    Avie
  5. Bonnie Block    Bob
  6. Linda DeJong    Gyp
  7. Noelle Williams    Dusty
  8. Janet Thorpe    Jude
  9. Ian Coldicott    Maxine
  10. Jeanne B    Secret
  11. Kathleen Torkelson    Josh
  12. Ian Coldicott    Goose
  13. Bob Stephens    RMS Black Lux
  14. Jorgen Persson    Bender
Monday- Nursery
1.       Jeanne B    Secret
2.       Chris Soderstrom    Playa
3.       Ian Coldicott    Goose
4.       Jorgen Persson    Bender
5.       Noelle Williams    Dusty
6.       Bob Stephens    RMS Black Lux
7.       Ian Coldicott    Clint
8.       Corrine Berg    Bea
9.       Kathleen Torkelson   Josh
10.    Sue MacDonald    Avie
11.    Ian Coldicott    Maxine
12.    Noelle Williams    Zach

Monday - ProNovice
1.       Dave Larson  Denali
2.       Norm Rivers   Lana
3.       Bob Otterson   Kaylee
4.       Fran Macpherson   OK Jud
5.       Charmaine Henderson   Fling
6.       Erica Gordon   Tater
7.       Karen Mohney  Maverick
8.       Judy Norris   Britt
9.       Norm Rivers   Scotia
10.    Lynda Little   Try
11.    Susan Meagher   Peggy
12.    Alison Deilke   Socket
13.    Ernesta Ballard   Floss
14.    Lisa Lugan   Iris
15.    Jody Raubenheimer   Reggie
16.    Kathy Rivers   Lucy
17.    Christie True   Shep
18.    Bob Stephens   RMS Dirk
19.    Sandy Johnson   Nell
20.    Bonnie Block   Bob
21.    Bob Otterson   Moss
22.    Mary Hamilton   Toss
23.    Jeanne B   Moses
24.    Lisa Lugan   Sage
25.    Kathleen Torkelson   Gael
26.    Chris Soderstrom   Rankin
27.    Noelle Williams   Dusty
28.    Mary Hamilton  Moss
29.    Judy Norris   Kasey
30.    Lynda Little   Lark

Ranch run Order
  1. Paul Murrey   Lexi
  2. Susan Crocker   Cedar
  3. Lorrie Crumpler   Ryder
  4. Hope Harris   Dutch
  5. Susan Risner   Nevi
  6. Debbie Dunne   Spyder
  7. Kylo Murrary-Gann    Mike
  8. Audrey Baldessari   Dan
  9. T Yamamoto   Taw
  10. Sara Jo Gahm   XP Boss
  11. Judy Norris   Bert
  12. Jane Hickman   Rachel
  13. Norm Rivers   Nova
  14. Kendall Hougland   Charm
  15. Paulette Smith   Ali
Novice run order
  1. Jennifer McInnis   Elsa
  2. Mary Gutknet   Dohlia “D”
  3. Kendall Hougland   Fionn
  4. Jennifer McInnis   Jean
  5. Audrey Baldessari   Kate
  6. Paulette Smith   Ali