Saturday, July 31, 2010

Buckskin Babe

So I need another horse like I need a hole in my head, BUT I have seen this mare at Sue/George's place when I was there at trials and fell in love with her. I have always wanted a buckskin but the ones that I looked at had bad conformation or ill tempered.

So when this mare came up for sale. I had to think...."Hum, Tina the llama is useless as a guardian and a coyote carried off the lambs when she was in the pasture. And this mare has given dogs an evil eye when they were in her pasture and is good with sheep. Plus she is cowy. And as a bonus, she has nice conformation and well bred"

I didn't have to think long.

So flash forward to this morning, and Magali arrived. She was quiet in the trailer and was easy to lead. She settled in nicely in the lower pasture and the sheep were fine with her. She is a well built QH and totally opposite from my refined Emma, the Arab (Desperado V daughter) and Emmy (Bask Granddaughter)

Plus I need someone to go trail riding with as Emma is my trail horse and I don't want to go alone. She was used as a trail horse by her former owner, Betsy and she had raised her from when she was a foal. So, I knew of her background and that she was well loved and she shows it in her attitude. She is quite sensible.

Her Reg. name (AQHA) is BC Amy Blackburn. Born March 7, 2004 in Richland, Missouri. Breeder is Bob and/or Cheri Warner.

Sire is Jaz Blue Steel Dust by Pocos Gray Comet. Sires dam is Jaz Ebon Doll who is by Little Steel Dust and out of Poco Miss Dimple The dam is Blackburn 970 who is by Mr Poco Blackburn 007. Dam of Blackburn 970 is Pretty lady Georgina who is by Mr Blackburn 38 and out of Sheilcut. I don't know much about QH lines aside from Doc Bar so if you recognize anything on her lines, let  me know.  She does have a lot of Poco and further back Hollywood breeding.

Janet who normally is a little bit afraid of horse, fell in love with her. So much that she haltered her and led her around to eat grass. If you know Janet, you will realize she really loves this mare. She fussed over her and oooh/ahhh all over her. They had to pose for photos and of course, you see she is still eating the grass.

Her name is Magali but Kathleen, Janet and I had a hard time pronouncing it so she is now "Maggi". It's close enough to Magali and she responded to that.

I told Janet that I still need to get a saddle for her and she was excited, so much that she wants to get a saddle to fit her so she can ride her. I fell out of my chair (luckily no broken bones or concussion) when she said that. Janet, on a horse ride, is like me winning the 100 Million lotto. I guess I better buy a lotto ticket at this rate!

I know if Janet had some land, she would has whisked her away in two seconds flat but she will have to settle being her God-Mother and spoiling her when she comes down here.

Maggi loved all the fussing about and is very gentle. She has a very kind eye and wants to please. You can tell she had some great ground manners put on her.

OK so, we had to do a posed photo of her. Not the best but it is what we got. Janet finally pried herself away from Maggi and went home. Later that night, I went out and brushed her while she stood in the pasture. She didn't move an inch and nuzzled me.

I, too, am in love. Isn't love a wonderful thing!!


ijsymmes said...

Well, I have a pony that is safe for Janet to ride if she is a new rider and a 3 horse trailer so lets set a date and be off for a RIDE!.. ;)

Michele said...
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Michele said...

congratulations! Always wanted a buckskin too! I know back in the 70's and 80's that Poco was a well respected line of Quarter horse. I had friends who were into western pleasure and other western activity. I had a quarter horse off Hancock lines.Joe Hancock was his grand sire. I did three phase eventing back then with him. Lost him this past Jan at 32. March bought a five year old mare. Seems I always bays.

JaderBug said...

Wow! She is STUNNING!! Congrats on the new addition :-)

MaskedMan said...

Lovely lady. Not a personal fan of buckskin, but she's still quite lovely.

Hope she's hell on the coyotes. :)