Saturday, July 24, 2010

Highland Games - Roo's run on Sunday

I am going to post Roo's run today, then on Sunday I will post Nan's run and hopefully the others soon after. I've been gone all weekend so no time to edit the photos but I will have time in the next few days.  It's been crazy at work so that has been keeping me hopping as well as training my dogs.

Telling Roo to settle before his run.  I am saying to Roo, be good and stay here.

OK, off he goes in a burst of power. But at least, he was not shaking all over.
Doing the drive away to the first post. Listening quite well.

Sheep turn and face him. They decided that going forth was a much better idea than trying to fight him. Roo has no issues with a good nose bite. He has a great walk up.
The Maltese Cross and it went great.

Now we have to go back the other way and I am keeping him off the sheep. He is being pushy and I have to handle him right on or the sheep will bolt. He is being a good boy.l

Successful so far and he is doing well. We are partnering up quite well.

OK, tucking them into the pen. He had wonderful  square flanks and then slowly walked in and he had to inch them in one step at a time. finally they turned and went into the pen. He got a perfect score and was under the time limit. So Roo then qualified for the Finals.

I was very pleased on how he ran and how he tried for me. I am glad that we are working as a team and there is teamwork now and more thoughtfulness on his part.

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