Friday, July 16, 2010

Eweful Acres Potluck and Skit

So, I am finally getting caught up from the June trials and the last piece is the Eweful Acres Potluck and Skit. George and Sue have been hosting this trial well over ten years and it has the BEST POTLUCK EVER!! Word of advice, do not wear tight pants as it is very bad. I wore loose pants, based on years of experience.

First of all, this is a potluck but Sue and George provide tons of clams, oysters, pork roasts, drinks and side dishes. The handler all bring a dish and I brought my Asia Salad. It has been a hit over the years and now I am expected to bring it each time. That makes it fun for me as I plot how to make it for each time. I don't have a recipe but it based loosely from what I have learned from my mom. See, I did listen to my mother after all when I was growing up.

Chef Ron had slaved all day cooking the pork roasts and he had several with special rubs. The grills were covered with the clams and oysters and had hot butter on the side. The tables groaned under the weight of all the food: meats, salads, side dishes, wine, beer and the dessert tables was loaded with fattening desserts.

Ruedi's plate

Of course, my plate was filled to the brim and I went back for seconds. My tummy hurt so I had some dessert. Make that desserts. And I had my  Mike's Hard Black Cherry Ade. It's a new flavor and my favorite so far.  I brought a case of the assorted Mike's Hard Lemonade and people sampled them and I converted some more people. The Black Cherry was a BIG HIT!!

Yum, Yum!!

This was Fiona first time to try oysters and it was her last. Apparently the Scots don't relish oysters as much as we do. Well, that left more for the rest of us. Ruedi and I shared a couple of plates of oysters and clams.  Tess was next to me, getting her share of my dinner. She has been my potluck buddy for eleven years and it is a tradition. The other dogs were jealous, including Nan but this is my special time with Tess.

One of the many plates of clams

There was a raffle and everyone got all sort of goodies. Suzanne won the coveted crook. I got the seat belt covers that I had been eyeing all week. There was a draw for a "Bobby Dalziel's Joe" painting and you had to answer three questions correctly to get it. Janet's name was drawn so I called her on my phone and you  could hear her scream of excitement.

So after we had stuffed ourselves, then it was skit time. Sue does this skit every three or so years (I think she should do ti each years as it is a riot). Ken Johnson and Ruedi were picked as the guys and Karen C and Jeanne  were the women.

Easing Ruedi and Ken into it. Looks harmless so far.

Oh, Oh, they start to realize what is going to happened. Too late now.

They go behind a curtain and their arms are now their legs. The women are behind them and their arms are the guy's arms, however they can not see what is going on. The arms have to dress them by putting the underwear and a shirt on. Talk about dressing blind!

Sometimes the arms misjudge a wee bit. The audience is dying from laughing  so hard.

Some dressing issues occur. Ken and Ruedi are being great sports about this and laughing too. They provide all sorts of witty comments. Usually Ruedi is quiet but he had us rolling!

Almost dressed and now time to brush your teeth and shave and comb your hair.

Shoes on and the crook in the hands and we are done.

The skit was a great way to end the evening. We all enjoyed ourselves immensely and once again, George and Sue outdid themselves in providing not only a top notch FIVE STAR trial but a superb potluck and entertainment. Thanks to them for hosting such a stellar event.

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