Monday, July 12, 2010

Callie RIP 1999-2010

Callie was one of the first ewe that I owed. She was the first Clun Forest ewe that I owned. She came from the Port Townsend area and was bottle raised.. She had a wonderful, loving personality and was everyone's favorite. She knew her name and loves to follow you everywhere and eat from your hands. Sometimes I would turn her loose and we would hang out near the barn. If I was eating or drinking, she felt she needed her share.

2008 in the fall.

Letting me know she needs to be fed!

In 2009. She was loose in the barn area and saw me drinking a coke. She licked the coke off the top of the can. As you can, I let her do as she pleased. She was my pet and got special privileges. I really love this ewe!

We would gaze into each others eyes and feel a special connection. She would give me a kiss and expect a pet or too. She loved to have her chest and ears rubbed and massage her face. We had a unique friendship. She loves to chat and we would hold conversations.

She has many generations of her lines on the farm. Last I counted, there was five generations of her lines. All gentle, good mothers and friendly

Here I am telling her that sheep do not drink Coke and she ignores me. Callie did as she pleased and we let her.

So it was a sad day at the farm when she went to the big sheep pasture in the sky. She still is here in spirit, greeting me at the gate and whispering in my ear at night.

We will miss you Callie. You brought joy to everyone. Rest in Peace, wise, old ewe.


Michele said...

nice to read I am not the only one who keeps a few of the oldies but goodies around .

Beth said...

Aw, how sad. I'm sorry, Diane.

Donna Brinkworth said...

I am sorry, and also can relate. I had a ewe named Patch who was a lot like Callie. She taught me a lot about sheep and died around the same age...and did I cry! Callie clearly had a great life. Thanks for sharing.

Karen said...

Your post caught my eye on BCx4's blogroll, because we have a Calli, but she is a dog, born a year later than your Callie. But, we also have an old ewe, April, 14 this year,and still doing okay, who was our first ever bottle lamb. So I enjoyed reading about your oldie. Always so sad to see them go though:(