Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Faye and Taff at Eweful Acres- Ranch and PN - June 25

Again, I have been remiss in my trial writes up. So, this will be the quick version. I had signed up Faye and Taff for Ranch and PN. Nan and Roo for Open. Tess was assigned for setout and bed warmer. Also she had the Pillow Thief Role, in which she did quite well.

I left on Thursday at noonish so I could miss the traffic. That was a wise move as right after I had arrived, it got hellish. I am still getting used to my new trailer, as it is wider and harder to judge distances with. I also had no patience for folks who cut in front of me and slowed down or stopped, so instead of killing myself trying not to hit them, I LAID on the horn and they quickly hit the gas pedal and got out of my way. I am sure next time they will not whip in front of a truck with a trailer as I scared the bejeebies out of the two folks who did that.

Sue had to back my trailer up for me as I got the Deer in Headlights Look when I thought about it. I managed to set most of it up but did need some help where my bad arm couldn’t reach. Bonny Daley was next to me and I chatted with her. Bonnie was my other neighbor. I had the good neighbor section.

Friday was Novice, Ranch, PN and Nursery. The weather was great and the sheep were good. I had just gotten Faye from Tony on Wed so only got a short two works on her before the trial. I had worked the heck out of Taff, so that he would behave himself. The Ranch was a 175 yd or so fetch, around the post, to a drive panel, half of a cross drive, turn at a cone and then to the pen. Fiona from Scotland was the judge.

I was ecstatic with Faye. She took my whistles and was pushy. She was a wee tight at the top and that just needs to be polished up. Lovely fetch and turn and a sweet drive and then to the pen. It was a great run and she reminded me a lot of her mother. Many people asked if she was for sale (sorry, Tony will not part with her) and compliments on how well she ran. Taff was actually good, a bit on the muscle but he listened. He really pushed the bubble but did as I asked. I was sweating when I got off the field but pleased with his performance. Faye got 5th and Taff got 6th out of 39 dogs. Looking at their points off, it was very close in the same areas, which mean to me, that I need to fix those areas since it was consistent.

Taff was a muscle bound beach boy in PN. Tight on the outrun, bullying on the fetch and decided he wanted to bring them back on the first leg of the drive. At that time, I turned it into a training issue and made him do the proper drive. He finally did and off to the pen. The sheep, wise old ewes, decided that the pen was far safer than being out in the field with Taff and bolted in. He was leaning on them as he has a real effect on the sheep. He has to learn to control his power and ease up. His pen was perfect and he placed 21 out of 52 dogs. This was much better than last time he was on this field as I pulled him from PN since he was a real butt in Ranch. We really worked hard on him teaming up with me. Now, I see that he is trying a little more to team with me, than work on his own. We are not totally there yet but slowly working on it.

Faye ran out tight as her eye drew her in and you know what I will be working on with her for the next trial. She had a sweet lift and fetch and a tight turn at the post. Her first leg was fine and we got the turn, THEN the sheep saw the next group of sheep at the let-out gate. They bolted across the field and Faye couldn’t get to their heads in time. The setout crew heard to let out the next packet of sheep so they did. Faye’s sheep were nuzzling through the fence with the next set, I eased Faye to the high come-bye side, slowly and quietly, and she scooped them off the fence. It took a bit to get them back on line and we didn’t get the second panel as they bolted past it. I was very happy on well Faye handled it and especially proud of the fact, she was clam to lift the sheep of their friends. She tucked them into the pen and got a 68 for her efforts and 15th place. I was very happy on how well both dogs ran and saw areas that I need to improve upon and areas that I was pleased with.

Janet ran Scott and Tess and I will make sure she posts to her blog on that but I will say, she ran both dogs great and handled Tess the best I have ever seen her. Tess ran like a million bucks and Janet did her proud. They looked like they have been a team forever. With Scott, the areas she had struggled with were no longer there and they ran very well. It was by far, the best handling she has done.

Tomorrow- Open with Roo and Nan

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