Sunday, July 25, 2010

Highland Games - Nan's run on Sunday

Again, I failed to edit all of the pixs today. I left before 8 this morning and walked back into the house at 10:30, so needless to say, the blog tonight will be a short one. I need about 5 more hours in the days to do all the stuff that I want to. If I won the lotto, then I could blog a whole lot more, but I think that would involve maybe buying a lotto ticket?

So since I do not posses the winning lotto ticket, and not even a lotto ticket for that matter, you are going to get whatever I feel like posting tonight. And that is Nan's run on Sunday morning.

Nan loves to gaze deeply into my eyes at the post, well all fine and dandy, but she needs to perhaps look in the general area of the sheep. The sheep are being pushed out of the setout pen and is she looking at them? No, she is gazing into my eyes!

"Look Nan, see the sheep? Over there and not on my head. That is the cute hat that my personal shopper- Janet got for me at Nordstrom! It is not the setout post for the sheep"

I point to them as guidance. Notice she still is looking at me. I sent her and she shot off like a bullet. She knew where the sheep were but rather stare at me. Silly dog!!

You can see the sheep on the other side of the t-post. You have to look really hard to see the post. The sheep have to pass it then do a 90 degree turn to you to the Maltese Cross.

We all can say, "We love the Maltese Cross so much that we rather have a root canal with no painkillers and be drug through hot coals upside down!"

Nan got the sheep through it. Nan never practices the Maltese Cross, except at the trials.

The sheep thought they were going to run past to the setout pens. Fat chance! Nan stood between them and the pens and they (wisely) marched backed to me. Nan has learned how to grip now and will not back down. At this trial a grip is a DQ, however I told Nan to walk on and the sheep saw the threat of Nan and her flashy teeth and ran back to me.

Oh, Joy, back through the Maltese Cross again, except the other way. OK, Nan marches them through again. She has two speeds at this trial, FAST and STOP.

Perfect penning dog. She held her ground. She has a very strong walk up.

What a fine job. Perfect score and qualified for the Finals. She ran her heart out for me, a bit FAAASSSSSTTTT but right on the money. She really enjoyed her run and strutted her stuff off the field. After she got part of my lunch, she took a long nap under the tent.

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