Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Happy Birthday, DeltaBluez Tess

Happy Birthday to a grand ole dog. She turns twelve today, although you wouldn't know it. She has taught me so much over the years and has been my best friend.

She came to us as a scared puppy, hours from death. We bought her for a $100 to save her from being shot. Little did we know, we would embark on a new journey. A fun journey, filled with joy and laughter and pride, love and growth. Of healing.

I remember when we got her that I said that I wanted a puppy with papers. She had none. I thought a papered puppy would make me a top Open Handler. She showed me that I need to take off my prejudiced glasses and see the little diamond in front of me. She made me a top Open handler and got her paper on merit.  She has the biggest heart and will do anything for me. She loves us unconditionally.

She has left her mark in the trialing community, with her pups as top Open dogs, with her grandpups as top Open dogs. In sheep and cattle venues. Last year, she qualified for the Finals with her pups and grandpups.  She went as the official dog blogger at the Finals.

Working Lambs in 2009

At 11 years old. See the intensity in her eyes.

Look of love.

The last time she went through a gate as an Open dog...her last Open run.

Watching runs in retirement.

My lapwarmer at trials.

Snow dog.

Here is a poem that I wrote for her. I published it last year.

The Last Dance

Sometimes you lead
And sometimes I do
We dance

In the afternoon rays of sun
Or the misty morning fog
We dance

Country western, of course
“Save a horse, ride a Cowboy”
We dance

For many years we do
The dance before the run
We dance

Our steps are in sync
Our minds as one
We dance

We laugh and cry
As we spin around and around
We dance

Tradition, it has become
Fast or slow, we just go
We dance

People look at us and laugh
Point fingers and smirk
We dance

We come off the field in victory
They don’t smirk anymore
We dance

Together your paws and my hands
Are joined in love and laughter
We dance

But now, we dance one last dance
Your eyes are dim and I cry
We dance

Our last dance together
You won a quilt with honors
We dance

Now we dance together in our dreams
Partners on and off the field
We dance

I love how you have led the dance
Proud and strong you carried me
We dance

I will miss our dance
And you by my side
We dance

Farewell my friend
I will miss our steps
We dance

No one else will dance with me
It’s our traditional, our bond of love
We dance

Happy Birthday and may you have many more. We love you dearly.


Monique said...

Happy birthday Tessie.

fairywhisper said...
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fairywhisper said...

Haley says Happy Birthday to her sister Tess.

Jeanne said...

What a great journey, Diane. Lots of lessons there! And a great legacy to boot. Happy B-Day, Tess.

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Beth said...

Happy Birthday Tess!

Donna Brinkworth said...

I have not met her or you but feel I know you both through your blog, so Happy Birthday to dear Tess from Jet and Ted in Alberta! and from me too. Your post is so touching! She is a special girl.

G. M. Atwater said...

Your poem makes me weep. What a grand old dog Tess is. Much love to you, sweet Tess. Happy birthday, there's a very, very good girl.
Cheers ~


G. M. Atwater said...
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