Thursday, July 15, 2010

Nan and Roo at Eweful Acres- Open- Sat/Sun June 27-27

Saturday morning the first class was Nursery so I had coffee and read my email. The girls didn’t even get up until I waggled my leftovers at them, then they shot out of the bed like a rocket. Sure wish had that burst of speed in her outrun in her later year than the “old dog outrun”. I guess .she is selective on her speed and the outrun is not one of them/ Although she ran like a bat out of hell on her PN run with Janet. The weather was great for a trial, not too hot and not too cold. I had to wear long sleeves and a light jacket but soon I shed the jacket.

Roo was fourth on the run order so I eyed the course quite carefully so I would have an idea of what ot look for and any surprises. It was a standard course with a pen and shed. We ran using the Scotties and lambs. Roo went out nice and wide but before he got to his sheep, they bolted to the other end I flanked him and he got behind the sheep and they bolted down the field. They had already beat the setout dog and were thrying their best to outrun Roo. It took a bit to get them online as he had to be way out behind the sheep and the fact they had bolted when he had gotten there, didn’t; help him either. But he kept his cool and did as I asked. He got them back online at the fetch panel which was great since they were tucked up in the far corner and had bolted. I was pleased on how well he tried to work with me. He had a nice drive with a couple of wobbles, then a beautiful pen. We ran out of time in the shed and the sheep were looking for any avenue to escape and had no intention of settling in the ring. I gave Roo a big pat on the head for a job well done. He got 70 for his efforts and handled the sheep quite well, considering the start.

Nan ran out wide and deep, checking in and seeing the sheep were light, cast out wider. Nan was given the wrong packet of sheep for her run, which made it very tough. Each packet was to have two whites and two browns as the while would run and not work with the dog. The crew gave me all whites and they ran back and forth and tried to run off before Nan was sent and as soon as Nan got halfway, they raced off to the low part of the fetch gates. She went out wide to feel the bubble and tried settle the sheep but that didn’t help. They were just runners and I could see why we were supposed to get two whites and two browns. At the first leg of the drive, she was next to my feet as they raced up the hill to the first panel so she had to cast wide to try to turn them. She really couldn’t get a hold of the sheep and when she was at the first panel, as they raced off and she got closer to see if she could work them on the crossdrive. She worked really hard on sheep that just ran and didn’t care about the dog. She really never had a chance with these sheep but gave it me her all. We did make the second panel and down to the pen. She was close to the second drive panel to control the sheep and by mini flanks, managed to pen them. She had to be far off these flighty hair sheep. On to the shed with these sheep and I didn’t look forward to this. She outran them as they tried to escape and as they lined up to bolt, I called her in and she got the shed, much to the surprise of the last two that were going to run through her. She stopped them and they bolted the other way. Nan, the brave dog, did her best for me and I was proud of her. Her score doesn’t reflect the heart and try but she got 73. She was utterly exhausted by the end of her run and I could tell it was taxing to her that she was not able to control the sheep. I kissed her wee little nose and told her she was my rock star. She gave me a weak wag of her tail, then flopped to the ground, still dripping wet from soaking in the water tank and watched the next run.

Tess did her set out duties quite well. She has an easy way with the hair sheep and had the sheep settled down quickly. We sat on a rock and watched the run from the top. It was quiet, peaceful, and enjoyable to do something with Tess. I like to make Tess feel like she still is wanted and she loves to set out so that is our time together. A few times, she slept with her head in my lap and I reminisced of our runs before, of how far we have come and how much farther that I still have to go. She will be waiting in the wings for me and no doubt analyzing my run.

Sunday morning I woke up to the most painful migraine that I ever have had. I couldn’t see out of my right eye and saw white spots and could hardly stand. I took my migraine pill and it didn’t work so I didn’t run Nan. I went back to sleep and didn’t get up until 11ish where I felt better but still has some vision issues. I wondered if I was able to run Roo. I took another pill, drank lots of water and relaxed. I get these bad migraines once in a while but it has been a long time since I had one this bad.

Lucky for me, Roo was at the end of the day. I ate lunch, relaxed some more and felt better, although weak. Roo and I had some down time before the run and I played with him to relax. His happy, joyful face was just the healing that I needed. I tossed a stick for him and he danced as he brought it back.

We went to the post and off he went. He ran out nice, lifted well and as usual, pushy on the fetch but controlled the sheep well. His drive was decent as I had to ratchet him back from these sheep. He lined them up for his shed, popped them in for his pen and we timed out as we were setting up for the single. He ran well and at each trial, we seem to connect better and better. His score was 75.

Right after his run, I packed up to miss the Sunday traffic and while my migraine was in remission, wanted to hit the road. I didn’t want it to come back and not be able to drive. Tess and Nan took the co-pilot position and we drove off, hearing the whistles of an Open run, sweet sound that it was.

Tomorrow: Pixs from Saturday Night Potluck dinner and skit

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