Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Good Bye, my Friends

We recently lost our three cats, Cosmo, Woodie and Rigby. We are not sure what happened but they all disappeared over three night. We suspect a Great White Owl as there was one in the area and they disappeared at night. Cosmo never left his cat bed so whatever it was went into the barn and got him and did not upset the barn dogs. We would have heard a ruckus if a coyote was in the barn. Nothing else has disappeared since then, including the free range chickens so whatever it was, moved on.

Each of the cats had their own unique personality they brought to the farm. Each had their own story. Here are their stories

Cosmo was given to us by out vet. He was an owner surrender and Dr. Bowerman placed him with us. He was a one person cat and I was his person. He could care less about the dogs or chickens. He just wanted me to fuss over him. So I did. Cosmo always would be in his bed and only would leave it to be in my lap. We put his food dish next to his bed so he didn't have to go far for dinner. He also was a mouser and kept the barn clean. So I guess he did leave the bed to go to the sheep stall to get the mice.

Often I would sit outside of the barn and relax in the sun. Cosmo would follow me and sit in my lap or be petted. He ignored the dogs because in hie eyes, they were beneath him!!

If you petted Cosmo and he didn't want to be petted, he would remind you with a claw. He chose when to be petted and had me well trained.

Woodie was given to us by a family who couldn't keep him. He was great with the dogs and often would rub against them. He LOVED to sit in my lap (or any lap) and get petted. He would follow me out to the field when I worked dogs and be my sidekick. He is on my lap with Taff next to him, watching the sheep.
He quickly learned to be a great mouser and often would bring me (live) mice as a gift. He was quite proud of himself. When anyone sat down, that was a signal for him to jump into their lap. He is in Kathleen's lap here. He was a talker and quite the playful cat.

Rigby, the BOSS. I got him as a kitten as a give away kitten at the feed store. The first day, he arrived he took his 6 week old paw to Tess and the other Border Collies and let them know he was the boss. He ruled the farm with an iron  paw. When we would have puppies, he would sleep with them, eat their food and show them he was the boss. He took on the sheep if they challenged him. He made sure the LGD were well aware of his role as the BOSS. He often would play chase with the LGD in the pasture. Imagine a 150 dog running at full speed away from a 5 lb cat. Whatever Rigby wanted, he got.

Rigby was also a house cat. He would come in the evening and kick the dogs out of their beds and eat their food. He took great pride in chasing Nan. He loved to explore people's trucks or cars and nap in them when they arrived, thus resulting going for several unexpected rides to their home, such as in Sultan. He was a total character and we loved him dearly.

Rigby keeping the Arab, Emma in line!!

Getty named Rigby and he was his cat. My mother loved Rigby and when she would arrive, he would race up to the house to greet her. She would bring him canned food and feed him until he was stuffed. Then she went down to the barn and feed Cosmo and Woodie. The cats adored her.

We grieved at the loss of our cats and miss them terribly.

Rest in peace, our dear cats, "Cosmo, Woodie and Rigby"


sheepkelpie said...

I am so sorry Diane! Are you sure they are dead, and not spooked away? Terrible.

gvmama said...

Jet misses Rigby. It's a sad week to lose all your barn cats. Hopefully the predator has moved on. :0( Sorry.

Janet said...

I miss the cats a lot. All 3 had their own personalities and charm. I do miss getting Rigby's paw prints on my car now. The farm is not the same with regal Cosmo, friendly Woody, and the BOSS Rigby.

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ijsymmes said...

I'm SO sorry Diane. Gosh, the cats have always been there as long as I can remember...