Monday, July 26, 2010

Highland Games - Tess's run on Sunday

Tess was the last of my dogs to run in the second round on Sunday. Prior to her run, she was mooching food off people (burgers, chips, pepperoni, etc) then fell fast asleep. I had to prod her with my foot to get her up.

However the midday snacks didn't slow her down one bit as she busted out on  her outrun. The sheep saw her and bolted to the exhaust,  sticking their noses in the gate, trying to figure out to escape.
Hot on their heels...oh, I guess the proper term would be hooves.

She slid them off the exhaust. She is great at getting sheep off the fence or tight areas.

She held them on line and around the post with ease. I just gave her easy walk ups.

OK, my role at the Maltese Cross is to keep my mouth shut while she puts them through.

I did and she tucked them in and them out. She knows exactly where to hold the pressure.

Holding them off the set out pen. Check out the white around her muzzle and in her ears. She may look old but sure ran like a two year old colt. Click on the pix for a larger view.

Of course, we had to put them through the Maltese Cross after we took them around the handler's post. I just had to walk and look cute while Tess did all the work.

The sheep tried to hide next to the Cross. I was thinking what commands should I tell her....away, come bye, walk up ....then all I said was "Bring them" and so she did it. Notice I am casually holding the gate open. Let the seasoned dog bring the sheep to the pen than open your mouth and screw it up.

We were almost done but we timed out. She got 20 points out of 24 points but overall had enough to advance to the Finals Round. Tess, Nan and Roo made  it to the Finals round. I chose Tess as it would be her last year at this trial.

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