Sunday, August 1, 2010

Off Duty

Sometimes the Livestock Guardians need a day off. Emmy, the Arab and Kodi the Great Pyr are a great tag team. They love each other and Emmy is Kodi's horse or is Kodi, Emmy's dog? Either way, close to ten years, these two have shared a close bond with each other and often are found next to each other. Between Emmy and Kodi, the coyotes do not stand a chance. The Bald Eagles best find prey somewhere else.

But, sometimes the hard working guardians need a day off and on this hot day, the lambs, Emmy and Kodi were all hanging out in the shade. Emmy was getting a mid day grass snack while Kodi took a short nap.  The lambs were sleeping too. All was fine and calm.

Nothing like a good snooze until I showed up. I snuck up with the camera.

Full alert...danger....

Kodi goes next to the sheep while Emmy walks up to see who is there.

OK, so it is just me. She demands a snack for her vigilant duties as guardian of the sheep. Had I been a coyote, I wold have been breaking a world speed record in getting out of the pasture or being flatten into fertilizer.

Good to see that the two off duty police force, were intend still on duty.

Note: Emmy is a 25 year old Polish Arabian. Kodi is a  ten year old Great Pyr.

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