Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Highland Games - Tess - Finals

Kathleen, Janet and I made the Finals. I had to pick one of my three dogs, so I picked Tess. She is older and will be her last run with me in this venue. Beside, her eyes glowed with joy, as she has been a finalist many times and only fitting that she be once more.

Kathleen ran Emma, Janet ran Scott and I ran the "old bat"...aka "Monkey".....first of all, Tess had to take yet another nap in the hot sun but came alive when I mentioned cookies.

Janet/Scott, Kathleen/Emma and Diane/Tess.

The group photo before our runs.  I adore Janet and Kathleen. They are good, honest and caring people. They have gone from being students to being some of best friends.

On a side note, Janet got Scott from me as well as Kathleen got Emma from me. Scott came from Chris and Terri Hanson and I first saw him at this venue many years ago. Talk about going full circle!

I swear everyone of our post photos looks the same. Tess is shaking with excitement and now I know where her son, Roo gets it from!!

This is a repeat of the earlier run. Nice, smooth drive on the first part. She handled the sheep with ease and was a joy to run. I had forgotten how much that I love to run her. It still is a hole in my heart when I go to the Open post and she is not by by my side.

We had a nice turn around the post and then off to the go-around the pen part. Tess is holding the pressure quite well.

After a bit of a fuss, we got the first Maltese Cross. The sheep wanted to stick with me and not go into the cross. It took a bit of doing. You were not allowed to go into the cross.

We had a hard time on the second part as the sheep hung out at  my knees. We got one through and then as we getting it going, the time ran out. It was blazing hot and Tess was getting tired. Also, no doubt being tired of me not holding up my end by not giving the sheep a boot in the butt or something to get them into the cross.

All done now and she is quite happy with what work she had done. we got 7th overall and you had to get a perfect score to win. We did not, but nevertheless, had a great time.

Tomorrow- Kathleen run and other assorted pixs

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