Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Highland Games - Part One

Last weekend we went to the Highland Games. I took Tess, Roo and Nan. Janet took Scott. Kathleen took Emma and Pam took Colin. We were hoping all of our hard practice chute work would pay off.  Jerill Thorpe took pixs and took bunches!!

The trails was one run on Saturday and one run on Sunday. Then the top ten handlers made the Finals on Sunday afternoon. If you qualified with more than one dog, you only got to go with one dog.

Here is our handler's tanet. Janet brought the tent and got there early and snagged a prime spot. As you can tell, Tess is quite at home and has been coming to the games for years.  It was quite hot and we were thankful for the shade.

Scott is practicing for his run as you can tell. I first saw Scott here many years ago and tried to buy him then. It took a few years and I got him. Now he has come full circle and with a new handler.  He is a great dog that takes great care of his handler.  Janet LOVES Scott and recently they finally got the "ZONE" and are a hard team to beat. Thanks to Chris and Terri  Hanson for selling me Scott...we all adore him. He also loves being quite spoiled by Janet.

Last but not least, the sheep. Fast and spooky Katahdins.

Tomorrow , the first day with tons of pixs!