Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Highland Games- Misc pixs

Jerill took a bunch of pixs, well over 300 of them. I picked a few to wrap up the Highland Games photo series. We didn't pixs of everyone so here is what we did get. We have a lot more and if you want your pixs series, email me and we can work on it.

Brian Ricard and Mig show off at the Maltese Cross. Mig lives up to her name.

Lani and Blair. Blair is off his sheep while Lani takes a stroll through the Maltese Cross.

The ever so cute Janey and the super adorable Scott. Did I fail to mention that he won a Beauty Contest?

JB and Dodge. Dodge is the brother to Lucy. JB has the cutest dog shirt items for sale. I have the softest Border Collie purple sweatshirt from her. I love it. Contact her if you want the worlds cutest Border Collie clothing!

Susan and Kyu. I love how well this dog works. Susan is one of the nicest people ever and certainly has the nicest smile. I enjoy watching this team run!

Brian Nelson and Pleat Jr.  He is also a very nice guy. At two trials he got me ice cream cones and as a result, he is a God in my book. He is also a superb handler. He is married to Wendy. Wendy is very kind and funny. Brian and Wendy are some of my favorite people.

Susan Crocker and her Kelpie. They had a nice quiet run and made this Maltese Cross look easy. It wasn't by the way!

Brian Ricard and Clark. I think Brian is paying homage to the sheep.

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